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Heirs Listings
heirslist.txtHeirs Listing 1899 - 190549 kbDecember 2007Connie Perkins
A-Book-index.txtStoddard Wills Book ABook AMay 2000Connie Perkins
B-Book-index.txtStoddard Wills Book BBook BMay 2000Connie Perkins
C-Book-index.txtStoddard Wills Book CBook CMay 2000Connie Perkins
D-Book-index.txtStoddard Wills Book DBook DOctober 2000Connie Perkins
Guardians Inventory Records
guardian.htmGuardian Inventory Filestext filesAug. 2001Connie Perkins
image-guarImages of Guardian Inventory FilesimagesAug. 2001Connie Perkins

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