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St. Francois County Missouri
McGahan Cemetery
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I posted these pictures despite the fact that they used chalk on the tombstones.
This was done by the family and while it is not recommended to put ANYTHING on a tombstone
other than water, it was the family's choice.
Carrow_Rachel.jpg Rachel Carrow 104K Oct2011 linda mcgahan
Carrow_Rachel_R_Murphy.jpg Rachel R. [Murphy] Carrow 101K Oct2011 linda mcgahan
Kidd_McGahan_Louisa_E.jpg Louisa E. McGahan Kidd 104K Oct2011 linda mcgahan
McGahan_George George McGahan 103K Oct2011 linda mcgahan
McGahan_Helen.jpg Helen McGahan 112K Oct2011 linda mcgahan
McGahan_Irvin_Edward Irvin Edward McGahan 110K Oct2011 linda mcgahan
McGahan_Rachel.jpg Rachel McGahan 105K Oct2011 linda mcgahan
McGahan_Rachel_J.jpg Rachel J. McGahan 109K Oct2011 linda mcgahan
Murphy_McGahan_Mary_Ann.jpg Mary Ann McGahan Murphy 100K Oct2011 linda mcgahan

McGahan Cemetery Clean-up
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"My husband Donald McGahan, his sister Juanita McGahan-Loyed-Cooke,
and myself visit Mrs. Dixion and was allowed to clean the cemetery
and the stones then take photos.
Don also had a sign made and Mrs. Dixon was very happy to have placed
on the fence as a official naming."...Linda McGahan
mcgahan_cem_sign.jpg McGahan Cemetery Sign 155K Oct2011 linda mcgahan
mcgahan_cem_before.jpg McGahan Cemetery Cleanup 551K Oct2011 linda mcgahan
mcgahan_cem_before2.jpg McGahan Cemetery Cleanup 514K Oct2011 linda mcgahan
mcgahan_cem_1.jpg McGahan Cemetery 160K Oct2011 linda mcgahan
mcgahan_cleanup2.jpg McGahan Cemetery Cleanup 523K Oct2011 linda mcgahan

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