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St. Charles County Missouri
Deeds and Land Records
File Name Description Size Date Submitted by:
h337-338.txt Coonce, Williams, Votaw Bk H pg. 337-338 3Kb Sep2001 Gloria Miller
h338-339.txt Coonce, Williams, Votaw Bk H pg. 339-339 5Kb Sep2001 Gloria Miller
k302-303.txt Coonce, Williams, Votaw Bk K pg. 302-303 6Kb Sep2001 Gloria Miller
g6500001.txt Green, James 5Kb Mar1999 Linda L. Green
e217-218.txt Williams, James Bk E pg. 217-218 3Kb Sep2001 Gloria Miller
eoods7gwl.txt Woods, Jonathan "et Al" April 25, 1810 3Kb Jan2006 Mary Beth Marchant

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