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Shelby County Missouri
File Name Description Size Date Submitted by:
anderson270gob.txt Anderson, James M. January 29, 1849 1Kb Dec2007 Sharon Hamilton
b6350000.txt Barton, Elias & Elijah 3Kb Feb2003 Sharon Hamilton
b6350004.txt Barton, Daniel 1Kb Feb2003 Sharon Hamilton
fugate55gob.txt Fugate, Celia Ann February 28, 1901 2Kb May2006 Ginger Donohue
h1600005.txt Hopper, Gillum, Mrs. 1Kb Feb2003 Sharon Hamilton
maddex266gob.txt Maddex, Aquila December 8, 1848 1Kb Dec2007 Sharon Hamilton
m2160001.txt McBroom, Andrew 1Kb Feb2003 Sharon Hamilton
nesbit269gob.txt Nesbit, Robert January 22, 1849 1Kb Dec2007 Sharon Hamilton
pollard318gob.txt Pollard, Elijah January 2, 1840 1Kb Jan2008 Sharon Hamilton
mel001.txt Thomas Melson 1Kb 2004 Fay Collins
thur001.txt Thurman, B. W. Sr 1Kb 2004 Fay Collins

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