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Randolph County Missouri
Obituary Records
File Name Description Size Date Submitted By:
brock.txt Brock, Harvey T. 1.16 kb Jul 2005 D. Branigan
fleming42nob.txt Fleming, G. R.
July 21, 1904
1.5 kB Jan 2014 Kathy Stinson
goodfell48nob.txt Goodfellow, Squire James, February 7, 1889 2.6K Feb2020 Debra CrosbyThe Registry
hardwick.txt Hardwick, Hester 1.58 kb Jul 2005 D Branigan
holman49nob.txt Holman, Daniel James, October 30, 1919 5.3K Feb2020 Debra CrosbyThe Registry
mason43nob.txt Mason, Hattie, July 26, 1904 1.3 kB Jan 2014 Kathy Stinson
morris.txt Morris, Clyde Lefty 1.16 kb July 2005 D Branigan
scrutchf40nob.txt Scrutchfield, Emma
July 28, 1904
1 KB Jan 2014 Kathy Stinson
stewart41nob.txt Stewart, Agnes
July 27, 1904
1.2 KB Jan 2014 Kathy Stinson
sinclair344gob.txt Sinclair, Daniel
April 27, 1870
1 KB Jan 2008 Sharon HamiltonThe Registry
w3000008.txt Wood, Archie 3 kb Feb 2003 Sharon Hamilton

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