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school1.jpg This is the Champagne Schoolhouse near Maryville, MO. Our ggrandmother (Amanda Martin) taught her first school year there in 1888. 585K Jun2005 Bev Atkinson
This is Wilcox schoolhouse near Ravenwood, MO.  Note the make of the car in the foreground.
164K Jun2005 Bev Atkinson
Here is a picture of Orrsburg Baptist Church.
177K Jun2005 Bev Atkinson
 church2.jpg  This is Harmony Methodist Church.  Is this church still active? 408K Jun2005 Bev Atkinson
 cabin1.jpg  These are pictures of Burrough's log house.  It was still occupied at the time this picture was taken.  This house was located 1/4 mile east of where our ggrandmother (Amanda Martin) lived until she got married (1892). 426K Jun2005 Bev Atkinson
This picture doesn't show much, but our ggrandmother's brother is buried here.  His name was Enos Albert Martin and they called him Bertie.  He was born 4/17/1879 and died 5/8/1883.  We have his book and two pictures of him as well as a pair of his boots.   
195K Jun2005 Bev Atkinson
evgrace.jpg This is a photo of Marion "Everett" Wagner (son of Jacob and Nancy Allen Wagner) and Zella "Grace" Dalrymple (daughter of Ezra and Martha Blevins Dalrymple)   Taken at Brighton, CO. 72K Jun2005 Elaine Lyda
4gen2.jpg The baby is my mother, Gladys Dalrymple, born 05 Aug 1919. On the right her father, "Tom" Dalrymple, on the left her grandfather, David Dalrymple, and holding her, her great-grandfather, Ezra Dalrymple. Aug 1919 Pickering, Mo 75K Jun2005 Pat O'Dell
4gen.jpg Another 4 generation photograph with Ezra Dalrymple, seated, holding Charles Everett Dalrymple Jr.   Charles Everett Dalrymple Sr. standing left and Chauncy Harrison Dalrymple to the right. About 1918 65K Jun2005 Russ Dalrymple
chauncy1.jpg This picture is labeled Lake Shawnee, Topeka, Ks summer 1952, but others at the same place have 1951 on them. I think it is '51, because Tom Holman, in the stroller, was born in 1950 and he looks just a bit over age 1. I am the girl leaning on great gpa Chauncey. Cherry Bitker 95K Jun2005 Cherry Bitker
Tombud.jpg Tom and Jack On back of picture it says: "From Tom, To Grandma. Age 22 years old. Taken Aug 27, 1917."
Martha Blevins Dalrymple would have been his grandma. Place Taken: Camp Fort Douglas. The buddy was Jack Vanuckle.
84K and 67K Jun2005 Pat O'Dell
tom1.jpg Jefferson Ezra "Tom" Dalrymple. Taken about 1915 Maryville, Missouri 57K Jun2005 Pat O'Dell
5children.jpg First five children of Chauncy H. and Minnie Bell (Clary) Dalrymple. Back row-left to right: Edyth, Charles Sr., Harry Kelley (nephew)
Front row-left to right: Eva (twin) (Elaine Rogan's grandmother), Harold (baby), Neva (twin)
Summer 1902. Maryville, MO
127K Jun2005 Elaine Rogan
50thanni.jpg Ezra Dalrymple and Martha Blevins, 50th wedding anniversary. Aug 1916 Pickering, Mo 94K Jun2005 Pat O'Dell
ezramartha.jpg Ezra Dalrymple and wife Martha Blevins 19K Jun2005 Russ Dalrymple
paullois.jpg Paul Owen (s/o Marion Everett and Zella Grace Dalrymple Wagner) and Lois (d/o John Robert and Tabitha Florence Deweese McCoy) 49K Jun2005 Lois Card
pauletc.jpg Paul Wagner (son of Everett and Grace Dalrymple Wagner), wife Lois McCoy (dau of John Robert and Tabitha Florence Deweese McCoy), their niece Hazel Yvonne Bean, and Lois' sister Hattie McCoy Bean. About 1930 Brighton Colo. 47K Jun2005 Lois Card
paullois2.jpg Paul Wagner (son of Everett and Zella Grace Dalrymple Wagner) and Lois McCoy (dau of John and Tabitha Florence Deweese McCoy) upon the event of their marriage. 1928 Littleton, Colorado 146K Jun2005 Elaine Wagner Lyda
Nancy Carrie Cooper Neal 
daughter of Enos B and Isabella M. Bartley Neal   
born March 28, 1868  Nodaway Co MO
died February 22, 1959 Marysville, KS
229K Jun2005 Bev Atkinson
neal101.jpg Charlie Neal 190K Jun2005 Bev Atkinson
Sophia Neal daughter of Thomas Bartley Neal and Ellen (Mary) Wilcox Neal born in Nodaway Co MO
182K Jun2005 Bev Atkinson
Amanda Julia Martin Rowe born Feb. 17, 1872  Nodaway Co MO married Nov 16, 1892 Parnell, MO  (to Lewis Herman Rowe) died July 19, 1954 at Marysville, KS
201K Jun2005 Bev Atkinson
This is a picture of Enos Brown Neal's stepmother.  The last name might not be correct.
466K Jun2005 Bev Atkinson
Isabella Bartley Neal
Born 6/18/1825  Putnam Co OH
married 2/17/1842  Galia Co OH

died  2/28/1895  Marysville Marshall Co KS

Enos Brown Neal
Born 8/14/1822  Virginia
Died 12/20/1909 Marysville Marshall Co KS
note the picture in the background of Enos Neal--it is the same one of Isabella.


660K Jun2005 Bev Atkinson
This is four of the Martin Children
Parents are Joshua and Sarah Erminie Neal Martin
Clockwise from bottom left
Luther Thomas Martin b. 5/5/1865 in Nodaway Co MO married Elisabeth Jane Bloom 7/28/1885  he died in Inavale, NE 12/4/1915
'Lizzie' died 10/20, 1944
Jennie Florence Martin b. 9/17/1881 in Nodaway Co MO married Edd Powell 8/26/1902 she died in Washington State 8/16/1854
Rufus Lucious Martin b. 7/18/1869 in Nodaway Co MO married Effie Ouderkirk 12/24/1894 (she died 8/2/1897 in Christian Co MO) he married Aldie Benjamin 9/26/1906.   Rufus died in Imperial, NE 1/4/1951
Amanda Julia Martin b. 2/17/1872 in Nodaway Co MO married Lewis Herman Rowe 11/16/1892 died 7/19/1954 in Marysville, KS.  Lewis died 1/28/1958
Other living children at the time this picture was taken:
Mary Emma Martin b. 7/23/1867 married Elza Pierpoint 11/2/1894 died 8/19/1904 in Riverton, NE  Elzy died 1/9/1936 at Riverton, NE
Rosa Belle Martin b. 6/6/1874 married Albert Stingley 9/5/1893 died 8/25/1943 buried in Marysville, KS cemetary  Albert died 10/20/1947.
Deceased children at the time of this picture:
Enos Albert Martin b 4/17/1879 in Nodaway Co MO died 5/8/1883 buried in Wilcox or Honey Creek Cemetary, Jackson Township.
455K Jun2005 Bev Atkinson
Martin sisters clockwise from bottom left
Rosa Belle Martin Stingley
Jennie Florence Martin Powell
Mary Emma Martin Pierpoint
Amanda Julia Martin Rowe
476K Jun2005 Bev Atkinson

Joshua and Sarah Erminie (Mina) Neal Martin
Joshua, son of Thomas Jefferson and Deliah Patrum Martin b. 11/15/1844 in IL married 8/4/1864 in Nodaway Co MO died 12/11/1918 in Inavale, NE
Sarah Erminie Neal Martin, daughter of Enos Brown and Isabella M. Bartley Neal b.1/18/1843 in Galia Co OH, died 1/2/1915 in Inavale, NE

520K Jun2005 Bev Atkinson

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