Nodaway County Missouri. News items in Hopkins Journal, Hopkins, Missouri 1881

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[this newspaper has been in a fire and was so damaged that it is not always possible to determine the issue date]

Mr E.C. Van O'Linda, who has been living east of Hopkins a few miles during the last year or two, left on Thursday for his old home at Sandwich, Illinois. He will be absent a year. [January?]

On Tuesday next Mr G.E. Eaton and family will start for Illinois to be absent about a year. He has rented his farm during the interval.

Mr Elder, of Ringgold county, Iowa, a brother of Mrs John McFarland and Mrs Andrew McFarland, was in the city the latter part of last week.

Mr Samuel Monroe, Sr., of Bur Oak, Jewell county, Kansas, was in the city the latter part of last week, visiting the family of his son, Mr A.C. Monroe. Mr Monroe, Sr., was formerly an old citizen of Andrew county, where he settled at an early day and was the owner of one of the finest farms in the county.

[most of this article is gone, but the jist of it is] ...Mr S. McFarland visited friends and relatives at old home in Coshocton county, Ohio...

Everybody remarks upon the unusual stream of immigration which is pouring into the vicinity of Hopkins this spring, and we are glad to observe that the immigrants are, as a rule, a kind of men who make valuable citizens. We note the arrival, last week, of Mr Isaac Thornton, of Elmwood, Peoria county, Illinois, who has purchased the Hantz farm, eight miles southwest of town. Among the new arrivals is also Mr John Raybourn, of Warren county, Illinois, who also reached here last week, and who has rented the Hamilton farm, four miles northeast of Hopkins, paying therefore a cash rent of three dollars per acre.

Mrs Allen, of DeKalb county [Missouri], who has been in the city for the past two weeks visiting her parents, Rev and Mrs E.V. Roof, will return home on Saturday morning. Mrs Allen is accompanied by her two little daughters.

Mr Alexander Grant, of Stratford, Canada, who has been in the city for several weeks past, has purchased the interest of M.G. Roseberry, Esq., in the Hopkins Town Company. Mr Roseberry's interest was one-third, and the capital stock of the company is $18,000. Mr Grant is to be congratulated upon having secured a good investment.

A new postoffice has been established at Calla, the first station east of Maryville, on the Wabash. The postoffice is named Valentine, and Mr John F. Partridge is postmaster.

Mr S.A. Iden left the city on Monday evening for Freeport, Ills., where for a time, at least, his JOURNAL follows him. He has rented his farm to Mr John Chisolm, and has sold his stock which netted him about $3800. Mr Iden is one of our substantial farmers and most valued citizens and we regret to lose him even temporarily. He will be back though. They always come back.

J.B. Kildow, of Barnard, was married at Meadville, Pennsylvania, on the 31st of March, to Miss Allie S. Moore, of that place. Mr Kildow is an old time journalist of this locality to whom we extend our heartiest congratulations.

Mr C.C. Jacox, of Sandwich, Ill., has been in the city for several days past, visiting relatives and looking at the country. Mr Jacox is a nephew of Mr George Pierce, the conductor on the dining car, and it is not improbable that he may decide to locate in Hopkins.

The Minneapolis (Ks) Sentinel says, "...Mr J. Stouder and family will move to Hopkins, Mo." The Ottawa county Index of Minneapolis (Ks) says, "Our former well-known merchant, Mr John Stouder, is about to removed to Hopkins, Missouri....."

The Rockville [paper gone] Tribune says, "Rockville lost one of its best families, last week, in the departure of Mrs B.W. Shackelford, her son Frank and Miss Effie and Noel, who went to join Mr S. and Warrie, at Hopkins, Missouri....."

The post office at Eudora has been discontinued and the books of the office have been turned over to the post master at Burlington Junction. Hopkins Journal, Hopkins, Missouri May 1881

The injuries of County Surveyor J.T. Paquin, received in the railroad accident on the Nodaway Valley road, on the 20th ult., are reported serious but, it is hoped, not fatal. The left side of his face is bruised badly, his shoulder dislocated and several ribs are broken. The Nodaway Democrat says: "At the time of the accident the train was running at a fast rate of speed, probably 30 miles an hour, which made Mr Paquin remark to a fellow passenger as the cars swayed to and fro on the soft and new road bed, that they would either be crippled or killed before they reached Quitman if they continued at that rate of speed. He had hardly uttered the words when the caboose and all the other cars, save the engine and tender, jumped the track and run on the ties 150 yards, then leaving the road bed, run with fearful velocity into the ground, where the cars were more or less mashed, making a frightful wreck."

A rumor has been in circulation for some days past to the effect that George Cox had killed a man at St Joseph recently. We have been requested to say that the report has not the slightest foundation, and that George is now at Centralia, Kas., quietly working on the section.

Col. T.W. Porter is in receipt of a letter from R.W. Riggs, formerly of this city, from which we learn that the latter is about to start a newspaper, to be called the Independent, at Selma, Cal. "Rod," as a journalist will, we hope, be a success. He expects to have his paper on its pins by the first of June. [May 14, 1881]

Fifteenth Wedding Anniversary of Mr and Mrs Harry Myers...quite a long article...who came and what presents they brought...[May 21, 1881]

Mr Wooldridge, of Moulton, Iowa, has been in the city since last week visiting the family of his son, Mr B. Wooldridge. He will probably remain for a couple of months.

Messrs. Joe and Ike Engles expect to start in a few days for the Rocky Mountains and say they intend to go through to Washington Territory with teams. It is a long stretch of road, but it can be done.

Mr Henry Linninger has removed to the western part of Ringgold county, Iowa, his new post office address being Lenox. The JOURNAL will follow him to his new abode.

Mrs John Guild, of Griswold, Iowa, arrived in the city on Monday to visit the family of her son, Mr Wm Guild. She will probably remain here for a couple of weeks.

Married, on the 12th inst., at the Tremont House, in this city, Rev John Moorhead officiating, Mr Henry O. Thiepe to Miss Millie U. McCloud, both of Orient, Iowa.

Mr David Bender started for Chicago on Wednesday intending to proceed thence to Ohio, to work in the interest of the horse collar patent controlled by himself and Mr Hepburn, of this city.

Sheriff Toel received a telegram yesterday morning from Sioux City, announcing the arrest of James A. Munson, who it will be remembered, shot one Thomas Leming in a saloon at Quitman some months ago. The sheriff left on the train yesterday morning for the purpose of bringing him back. -- Maryville Times

Married, on Thursday, the 19th inst., at the residence of Mr W.C. Herbert, in this city, John Miller, of Hopkins, Mo., to Miss Leanna Burk, of Taylor county, Iowa, A.G. Lucas, Esq., officiating.

Married, on Sunday, the 22d inst., at the residence of the bride's parents in this city, Rev Bram officiating, Mr Andrew Jackson to Miss Francis C. Hays.

Married, on Thursday, May 28th, at the M.E. parsonage in this city, Mr Theodore Benge to Miss Nancy F. Powell.

Mr and Mrs Curtis Carmean, of Hillsboro', Iowa, father and mother of Mrs S.K. Wray, arrived in the city on Wednesday night to visit the family of Mr Wray.

Mr George Downer started on Tuesday for Pueblo, where he and Mr Mat. Scanlan are engaged in the grain business.

Mr W.H. Rodgers and family started on Thursday morning for Twin Creek, Kansas, where they expect to locate.

Mr and Mrs James Kennedy, who have been recuperating at Hopkins for the past three weeks, arrived home last night accompanied by Mrs Shepardson, who will remain with her daughter through the summer. --Grant City Star

Married, on Tuesday, June 7th, at the residence of Mr Barks, one mile east of Hopkins, Rev John Moorhead officiating, Mr Joel W. Miller to Miss Sallie E. Robertshaw.

Lengthy article about a tornado that hit death was John Young...June 18, 1881 [Later issue]..John Young, who was killed in the cyclone on the 12th inst., used to live in Grant City.

Married, on the 19th inst., by Rev John Moorhead, Mr Allen E. Perkins to Mrs Nettie Cryder, at the house of the bride's mother, in Hopkins. [June 25, 1881]

Lenthy article about marriage of Chas E. Baird and Eva C. Johnson...[June 25, 1881]

Married, on the 17th inst., by Rev John Moorhead, Mr Hiram W. Aldire and Miss Nancy Roberts, both of Taylor county. The marriage took place at the M.E. parsonage in Hopkins. [June 1881]

Benjamin C. Foster, aged seventy, and Miss E. Copeland, aged sixty-five, were married in King City, Andrew county, on the 9th inst. They were sweethearts forty-five years ago, and were engaged, but became estranged. He married, but she never did. His first wife died about a year ago.

R.W. Simmons write about going to the mineral springs in Worth and Gentry counties [Missouri]...[July 2, 1881]

Married, on Friday evening, June 24th, at the Hopkins House, in this city, A.G. Lucas, Esq., officiating, Mr F.J. Brobst and Miss Mary Mulinger, both of Bedford, Iowa.

Mr James Moran started, on Thursday evening, for Lebanon, Mo., where he expects to locate permanently. For some months after his arrival he will be employed by a new railroad company to purchase the right of way for its proposed line.

Mr J.M. Flickinger writes us from Thayer, Kansas, asking us to send his paper to that post office instead of to Earlton, as heretofore. His friends here will note his change of address.

The first marriage license issued to Nodaway county was issued June 30th, granting permission to the marriage of Thos Agerto Miss Mary Frye, by Rev J.M. Parker. --Nodaway Democrat [I think this is in reference to the fact that the marriage laws just changed in Missouri]