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Monroe County Missouri
Land Records
File Name Description Size Date Submitted by:
capp79gdd.txt Alexander, Gabriel - Capp, Michael October 28, 1841 4.4K Nov. 2009 Linda Deppner
miller80gdd.txt Alexander, Gabreal - Miller, William B. October 15, 1846 3.6K Nov. 2009 Linda Deppner
brown82gdd.txt Brown, Willis G. - Brown, James M. May 24, 1852 1.5K Oct2010 Linda Deppner
brown83gdd.txt Brown, James M. - Brown, Willis G. May 24, 1852 3.6K Oct2010 Linda Deppner
haley77gdd.txt Brown, Willis G. - Haley, Hamilton October 9, 1845 3.2K Nov. 2009 Linda Deppner
patison75gdd.txt Brown, Willis G. - Patison, Squier February 18, 1847   Nov. 2009 Linda Deppner
d4000005.txt James Daly [Patent] 2.0K Mar. 2001 Lisa Perry
glenn103gdd.txt King, James - Glenn, Sarah March 26, 1853 2.8K Oct2010 Linda Deppner
g6500009.txt John David Green [Patent] 3.0K Apr. 1999 Linda L. Green
g6500007.txt John G. Green [Patent] 3.0K Apr. 1999 Linda L. Green
king102gdd.txt Eubank, Et Al - King, James January 1, 1854 2.5K Oct2010 Linda Deppner
king100gdd.txt Eubank, Et Al - King, James June 12, 1853 2.8K Oct2010 Linda Deppner
king101gdd.txt Eubank, Et Al - King, James January 25, 1853 2.5K Oct2010 Linda Deppner
brown105gdd.txt Palmer, William H. H. - Brown, Armsted December 20, 1867 4.1K Oct2010 Linda Deppner
ash78gdd.txt Smith, Oliver C. - Ash, Edmund March 28, 1850 3.3K Nov. 2009 Linda Deppner
smith74gdd.txt Smith, Oliver C. - Smith, Augustine September 8, 1853 3.4K Nov. 2009 Linda Deppner
smith104gdd.txt Moss, Et Al - Smith, Oliver C. November 5, 1866 5.3K Oct2010 Linda Deppner
smith106gdd.txt Wilson, Frances T. - Smith, Oliver C. June 17, 1869 3.3K Oct2010 Linda Deppner
brown76gdd.txt Snodgrass, James D. - Brown, Willis G. December 28, 1852 3.2K Nov. 2009 Linda Deppner

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