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Miller County Missouri
Cemetery Records
File Name Description Size Date Submitted by:
allencem.txt Allen Cemetery 31.0K November1997 Sharan Lesmeister
belk.txt Belk Cemetery, Iberia 3.9K Apr2005 Marion Miller
brockman.txt Brockman Cemetery 1.0K Apr2005 Marion Miller
curry.txt Curry Cemetery 3.0K Aug1998 Sharan Lesmeister
eldon.txt Eldon Cemetery 1.0K Apr2001 Marjorie Hoskins
jackson.txt Jackson Cemetery 4.0K Aug1998 Sharan Lesmeister
jarrett.txt Jarret Cemetery 6.0K Aug1998 Sharan Lesmeister
jeffries.txt Jeffries Cemetery 3.0K Aug1998 Sharan Lesmeister
jukescem7gcm.txt Jukes Cemetery - Complete Survey 3.0K February2006 Dr. Norma Jean Coon
1hickrypnt.txt Hickory Point Cemetery 49.0K May2005 Marion Miller
lamm01.txt Riley Lamm Cemetery 16.0K May2005 Loren and Tamara
newhope.txt New Hope Cemetery 19.0K Aug1998 Sharan Lesmeister
pleasanthill.txt Pleasant Hill Christian Church 15.0K Aug1998 Sharan Lesmeister
1spggardn.txt Spring Garden Cemetery 118.0K May2005 Marion Miller

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