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Marion County Missouri
Cemetery Records
File Name Description Size Date Submitted by:
briscoe.txt Briscoe Cemetery 3.0Kb Nov2000 John F. Eisenberg
minor.txt Minor Cemetery 5.0Kb Sep1997 Margaret R. Bates
sunrise.txt Sunrise Cemetery 5.0Kb Dec2000 John F. Eisenberg
terrilcem.txt Terrill Cemetery 3.0Kb Aug1997 Fleta Aday
b2600001.txt BAKER surname, various cemeteries 2.0Kb Aug1999 Doris Hopper
dunnmary.jpg Mary Dunn...Meador Cemetery 26.0Kb Dec2004 Edd Marks
hullcleo.jpg Cleo Hull s/o William and Sarah Ellen Hull...Vernon Cemetery 38.0Kb Dec2004 Edd Marks
hull-smt-sar.jpg Sarah Ellen Goodwin Hull Smith
third wife of William David Hull
Vernon Cemetery (also was known as Tillman Cemetery)
1.0Kb Dec2004 Edd Marks
mathenyld.jpg Louise Dunn Matheny...3rd wife of James B Matheny of Fayette Co. 28.0Kb Dec2004 Edd Marks
wadkinsmat.jpg Mattie Watkins...d/o David Hull and Julia Causey...Vernon Cemetery 31.0Kb Dec2004 Edd Marks

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