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    1. Only virus-checked files will be accepted.
    2. Text is preferred and depending on the size, we may zip it. Also, no tables. Please use spaces and not tabs in the text. Tabs cause everything to go loopy when I post it. Non-text may be converted to text before storing. Large files may be split. We may, at our discretion, store the same data in several formats. Scanned documents will be considered, depending on their content. For some other tips on the text files check out The USGenWeb Time-To-Do
    3. All data is free to the public, the USGenWeb Archives project will not pay royalties on any submissions.
    4. Data is provided for downloading "as is" -- no guarantees of anything
    5. File contributors must use their own discretion regarding the inclusion of data on living people.
    6. We will "not accept gedcoms" due to space considerations.
    7. No executable files will be accepted.
    8. Do not send copyrighted material, unless it is your own, and you include a statement of permission to use in the document.
    Note: Public domain records cannot be copyrighted.
    9. No anonymous submissions.
    10. We cannot guarantee permanency, in the event data is lost.
    11. Any obviously false, malicious, libelous, or copyrighted data will be erased. We do not guarantee the validity of any files.
    12. These guidelines are subject to change.
    13. Once submitted, the data can't be retracted by submitter.
    14. We retain the right to refuse any submission.
    15. State archive coordinators must follow the rules established for the archives. The archive committee will have "owner" access to all state directories.

    16. Files in the USGenWeb Archives may not be copied for selling in any format.

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