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Henry County Missouri
File Name Description Size
adkicl.txtAdkins Cemetery, Clinton Twp5K
andesh.txtAnderson Cemetery, Shawnee Twp3K
antifc.txtAntioch Cemetery, Fields Creek Twp44K
askite.txtAskins Cemetery, Tebo Twp3K
averte.txtAvery Cemetery, Tebo Twp5K
bantsp.txtBanta Cemetery, Springfield Twp2K
barksh.txtBarker Cemetery, Shawnee Twp2K
baugsp.txtBaugh Cemetery, Springfield Twp1K
baylte.txtBaylis Cemetery, Tebo Twp2K
bearbe.txtBear Creek Cemetery, Bear Creek Twp58K
beatdc.txtBeaty Cemetery, Deer Creek Twp3K
bethbe.txtBethlehem Cemetery, Bethlehem Twp54K
blaibc.txtBlairstown Cemetery, Big Creek Twp68K
blizde.txtBlizzard Cemetery, Deepwater Twp2K
boleos.txtBoles Cemetery, Osage Twp2K
bozafc.txtBozarth Cemetery, Fields Creek Twp5K
willcl.txtWilliam Bozarth Cemetery, Clinton Twp2K
brondc.txtBronaugh Cemetery, Deer Creek Twp2K
browte.txtBrown Cemetery, Tebo Twp7K
browos.txtBrownington Cemetery, Osage Twp15K
bysocl.txtBysor Cemetery, Clinton Twp2K
calhte.txtCalhoun Cemetery, Tebo Twp150K
carlle.txtCarleton Cemetery, Leesville Twp3K
carfbc.txtCarr Family Cemetery, Big Creek Twp2K
carrbc.txtCarrsville Cemetery, Big Creek Twp96K
cecisp.txtCecil Cemetery, Springfield Twp2K
cherte.txtCherry Grove Cemetery, Tebo Twp1K
chipwi.txtChipman-Berry Cemetery, Windsor Twp4K
chitbc.txtChitwood Cemetery, Big Creek Twp2K
clinfc.txtClinton Memory Garden Cemetery, Fields Creek Twp42K
collfc.txtCollins Cemetery, Fields Creek Twp2K
combdc.txtCombs Cemetery, Deer Creek Twp24K
counfc.txtCounty Farm Cemetery, Fields Creek Twp5K
cruccl.txtCruce-Vail Cemetery, Clinton Twp2K
curtfc.txtCurtis Cemetery, Fields Creek Twp2K
deepfa.txtDeepwater Cemetery, Fairview Twp47K
deerde.txtDeer Creek Cemetery, Deer Creek Twp12K
drafdc.txtDrake Family Cemetery, Deer Creek Twp3K
drakdc.txtDrakes Chapel Cemetery, Deer Creek Twp19K
dunnfa.txt Billie Dunning Cemetery, Fairview Twp42K
shadfa.txtShadrach Dunning Cemetery, Fairview Twp4K
earhfa.txtEarhart-Rhodes Cemetery, Fairview Twp1K
eng01.txtEnglewood: ABERNATHY to AVERY66K
eng02.txtEnglewood: BABB to BOZART103K
eng03.txtEnglewood: BRADFIELD to BYSOR81K
eng04.txtEnglewood: CALDWELL to COCKRUM83K
eng05.txtEnglewood: CODDINGTON to CUTHRELL71K
eng06.txtEnglewood: DAEHNKE to DYSART100K
eng07.txtEnglewood: EADES to FUSSILL97K
eng08.txtEnglewood: GADBERRY to GUYNN95K
eng09.txtEnglewood: HAASE to HEYLE93K
eng10.txtEnglewood: HIBBS to HYDE98K
eng11.txtEnglewood: IIAMS to JUSTIS65K
eng12.txtEnglewood: KAIRNS to KYTLE83K
eng13.txtEnglewood: LABADIE to LYTTERS92K
eng14.txtEnglewood: MACHATA to McWILLIAMS93K
eng15.txtEnglewood: MEAD to MYERS90K
eng16.txtEnglewood: NABER to PETTY83K
eng17.txtEnglewood: PFISTER to RHOADS83K
eng18.txtEnglewood: RICE to SAYLOR75K
eng19.txtEnglewood: SCHAEFER to SKAGGS82K
eng20.txtEnglewood: SLACK to STEWART94K
eng21.txtEnglewood: STILLWELL to TYSON91K
eng22.txtEnglewood: UDO to WETZELL74K
eng23.txtEnglewood: WHEATLEY to WITZKE79K
eng24.txtEnglewood: WOERNER to ZUMWALT39K
fewewo.txtFewel-Blevins Cemetery, White Oak Twp10K
fieffc.txtFields Cemetery, Fields Creek Twp11K
fielfc.txtFields Creek Cemetery, Fields Creek Twp42K
fineos.txtFiney Church Cemetery, Osage Twp5K
foxcbc.txtFox Cemetery, Big Creek Twp3K
freesh.txtFreeman Cemetery, Shawnee Twp3K
garlhc.txtGarland Cemetery, Honey Creek Twp2K
gatewa.txtGates Cemetery, Walker Twp3K
gatewi.txtGatewood Cemetery, Windsor Twp2K
georsp.txtGeorge Cemetery, Springfield Twp2K
gillbc.txtGillett Cemetery, Big Creek Twp5K
goffdc.txtGoff Cemetery, Deer Creek Twp3K
goodbe.txtGood Hope Cemetery, Bethlehem Twp27K
goodwi.txtGoodin Cemetery, Windsor Twp2K
gutrbc.txtGutridge Cemetery, Bear Creek Twp6K
hallle.txtHall Cemetery, Leesville Twp2K
harpte.txtHarper Cemetery, Tebo Twp2K
hendbo.txtHendrick Cemetery, Bogard Twp20K
hiblwa.txtHibler Cemetery, Walker Twp3K
hickte.txtHickory Grove Cemetery, Tebo Twp12K
hickwo.txtHickory Grove Cemetery, White Oak Twp65K
hintsh.txtHinton Cemetery, Shawnee Twp2K
hobbfa.txtHobbs Cemetery, Fairview Twp2K
hopewa.txtHopewell Cemetery, Walker Twp20K
hughwi.txtHughes Cemetery, Windsor Twp3K
huntle.txtHunt Cemetery, Leesville Twp2K
jamete.txtJames Cemetery, Tebo Twp2K
jonele.txtJones Cemetery, Leesville Twp2K
kepnbo.txtKepner Cemetery, Bogard Twp8K
kindos.txtKindrick Cemetery, Osage Twp2K
kingle.txtKing Cemetery, Leesville Twp3K
laduda.txtLadue Cemetery, Davis Twp17K
lau01.txtLaurel Oak: ABINGTON to BEYER43K
lau02.txtLaurel Oak: BILDERBACK to BYRNS45K
lau03.txtLaurel Oak: CAHILL to COX48K
lau04.txtLaurel Oak: CRABTREE to DYER39K
lau05.txtLaurel Oak: EAKINS to FUNK42K
lau06.txtLaurel Oak: GALE to GUNNER37K
lau07.txtLaurel Oak: HAAS to HIX36K
lau08.txtLaurel Oak: HOBLIETZEL to JUDY45K
lau09.txtLaurel Oak: KAHMANN to LYONS34K
lau10.txtLaurel Oak: MACE to MITCHELL38K
lau11.txtLaurel Oak: MOCK to OWSLEY37K
lau12.txtLaurel Oak:PACE to QUINN31K
lau13.txtLaurel Oak: RAE to SETTLE43K
lau14.txtLaurel Oak: SHADBURNE to STURMAN41K
lau15.txtLaurel Oak: SUHR to VOUGHT43K
lau16.txtLaurel Oak: WADDILL to WHITWORTH27K
lau17.txtLaurel Oak: WICKAM to ZURN26K
lewite.txtLewis Cemetery, Tebo Twp2K
lewidc.txtLewis Station Cemetery, Deer Creek Twp7K
logale.txtLogan Cemetery, Leesville Twp13K
majowi.txtMajors Cemetery, Windsor Twp2K
maplos.txtMaplewood Cemetery, Osage Twp60K
mcnefa.txtMcNew Cemetery, Fairview Twp2K
mcnofa.txtMcNew, Old Cemetery, Fairview Twp2K
midkos.txtMidkiff Cemetery, Osage Twp2K
millte.txtMillner Cemetery, Tebo Twp5K
montde.txtMontrose Cemetery, Deepwater Twp53K
mounde.txtMontrose Mound Cemetery, Deepwater Twp3K
moorwi.txtMoore Cemetery, Windsor Twp2K
morgbc.txtAaron Morgan Cemetery, Big Creek Twp4K
morgte.txtMorgan Cemetery, Tebo Twp2K
mtolsp.txtMt. Olivet Cemetery, Springfield Twp42K
mtzios.txtMt. Zion Cemetery, Osage Twp20K
mullwo.txtMullin Cemetery, White Oak Twp76K
nashwi.txtNash Cemetery, Windsor Twp2K
norrbc.txtNorris Cemetery, Big Creek Twp61K
nortcl.txtNorth Station Cemetery, Clinton Twp2K
oneiwi.txtO'Neill Memorial, Windsor Twp2K
oakgcl.txtOak Grove Cemetery, Clinton Twp83K
owenfc.txtOwen Cemetery, Fields Creek Twp2K
pagebc.txtPage Cemetery, Big Creek Twp8K
pagebo.txtPage Cemetery, Bogard Twp21K
parksle.txtParks Chapel Cemetery, Leesville Twp48K
willos.txtWilliam Parks Cemetery, Osage Twp2K
paulsh.txtPaul Cemetery, Shawnee Twp36K
payndc.txtPayne Cemetery, Deer Creek Twp1K
peacos.txtPeaceful Home Cemetery, Osage Twp5K
pitcsh.txtPitcher Cemetery, Shawnee Twp2K
pleafa.txtPleasant Valley Cemetery, Fairview Twp7K
pruehc.txtPruett Cemetery, Honey Creek Twp2K
reidcl.txtReid Cemetery, Clinton Twp4K
renfle.txtRenfro Cemetery, Leesville Twp2K
reynwi.txtReynolds Cemetery, Windsor Twp2K
robisp.txtRobinson Cemetery, Springfield Twp3K
rossbc.txtRoss Cemetery, Big Creek Twp3K
roysos.txtRoyston Cemetery, Osage Twp2K
salebc.txtSalem Church Cemetery, Big Creek Twp11K
salete.txtSalem-Allen Cemetery, Tebo Twp3K
sarnte.txtSardis North Cemetery, Tebo Twp9K
sarste.txtSardis South Cemetery, Tebo Twp6K
scheos.txtScheer Cemetery, Osage Twp2K
sevewi.txtSeven Trees Cemetery, Windsor Twp2K
shante.txtShaner Cemetery, Tebo Twp2K
shawsh.txtShawnee Mound Cemetery, Shawnee Twp37K
sipete.txtSipe Cemetery, Tebo Twp3K
snowfa.txtSnowden Cemetery, Fairview Twp1K
spanfc.txtSpangler Cemetery, Fields Creek Twp2K
squite.txtSquires Cemetery, Tebo Twp2K
stmarysc68gcm.txtSt. Mary's Catholic Cemetery, Montrose, MO3.9K
stewos.txtStewart Cemetery, Osage Twp2K
stimte.txtStimpson Family Cemetery, Tebo Twp2K
stolfc.txtStolling Cemetery, Fields Creek Twp2K
stonwa.txtStones Chapel Cemetery, Walker Twp40K
stowbo.txtStow Cemetery, Bogard Twp2K
stubde.txtStubblefield Cemetery, Deepwater Twp2K
summbc.txtSummers Cemetery, Bear Creek Twp2K
sweecl.txtSweeny-Owen Cemetery, Clinton Twp4K
swinsh.txtSwindle Cemetery, Shawnee Twp5K
teaybc.txtTeays Chapel Cemetery, Bear Creek Twp28K
tebole.txtTebo Cemetery, Leesville Twp79K
teolle.txtTebo, Old Cemetery, Leesville Twp2K
tickle.txtTickridge Cemetery, Leesville Twp4K
timble.txtTimberlake Cemetery, Leesville Twp2K
uricbo.txtUrich Cemetery, Bogard Twp124K
vanhwa.txtVanHoy Cemetery, Walker Twp2K
vickbc.txtVickars Cemetery, Bear Creek Twp4K
wadete.txtWade Cemetery, Tebo Twp2K
walksh.txtWalker Cemetery, Shawnee Twp5K
wallte.txtWall Cemetery, Tebo Twp3K
whitfa.txtWhite Cemetery, Fairview Twp2K
whitwa.txtWhite Oak Cemetery, Walker Twp100K
willfc.txtWilliams Cemetery, Fields Creek Twp3K
withbe.txtWitherspoon Cemetery, Bethlehem Twp2K

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