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Gentry County Missouri
Cemetery Records
File Name Description Size Date Submitted By
ADAMS, Joy Rosalie
Headstone image
4 kb
173 kb
Aug 2006 L Passiglia
1berlincem.txt Berlin Cem 19.7 kb Jul 2005 Dr Linda C Ferguson
GROOM, Wade William
Headstone image
4 kb
168 kb
Aug 2006 L Passiglia
1berlinhist.txt History/Berlin Cem 1.72 kb Jul 2005 Dr Linda C Ferguson
1berlinvets.txt Vets buried in Berlin Cem 2.33 kb Jul 2005 Dr Linda C Ferguson
c1000001.txt Cemetery info: COFFEY and related surnames 2 kb Aug 2001 Susan Coffey-Wooten
ceme0008.txt Cooper 38 kb Jan 2002 Don Raymond
cooper_2 Cooper 28 kb Jun 2002 Terry Howard
ceme0005.txt Groom 4 kb Jun 2001 Ben Glick
highrdgmap.htm High Ridge Cemetery LARGE Map 369 kb Apr 2005 Don Raymond
highrdg.txt About High Ridge Cemetery other information 16.1 kb Apr 2005 Don Raymond
1berlincem.txt High Ridge Cemetery Transcript 5 kb Jul 2005 Don Raymond
a-camp.txt High Ridge Cemetery A - Camp 84.4 kb Apr 2005 Don Raymond
campbell-farr.txt High Ridge Cemetery Campbell - Farr 89.9 kb Apr 2005 Don Raymond
faubion-hoehnke.txt High Ridge Cemetery Faubion - Hoehnke 88.4 kb Apr 2005 Don Raymond
holder-long.txt High Ridge Cemetery Holder-Long 88.8 kb Apr 2005 Don Raymond
lonis-napier.txt High Ridge Cemetery Lonis-Napier 88.8kb April 2005 Don Raymond
neal-scofield.txt High Ridge Cemetery Neal-Scofield 96.7 kb Apr 2005 Don Raymond
scott-thurman.txt High Ridge Cemetery Scott-Thurman 97.4 kb Apr 2005 Don Raymond
tibbetts-z.txt High Ridge Cemetery Tibbetts-Z 77.6 kb Apr 2005 Don Raymond
List of headstone photos submitted to date High Ridge Cemetery Head stone photos Don Raymond
View High Ridge Cemetery Headstones submitted to dateGentry County Tombstone Project Don Raymond
ceme0006.txt Mise (or Mize) 5 kb Jun 2001 Ben Glick
ceme0002.txt McFall : sunames only 3 kb Nov 2000 Kathleen
ceme0001.txt Moulton : surnames only
(aka Owl Creek)
1 kb Nov 2000 Kathleen
ceme0007.txt Mt. Calvary 3 kb Dec 2001 Don Raymond
ceme0003.txt Spiers : sunames only 1 kb Nov 2000 Kathleen
ceme0004.txt Sweat 2 kb Nov 2000 Kathleen
greenrdg.txt Green Ridge Cemetery - location. 1 kb Jul 2005 Don Raymond

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