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1920 Clay Township Census Records

Clark County Missouri

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1920 Clay Township Census
File name Description Size Date Submitted by:
24-01a.gif Clay Township [ED 24],
Page 1A, Families 1-8
366 Kb   Gary E. Kelley
24-01b.gif Clay Township [ED 24],
Page 1B, Families 8-17/44
254 Kb   Gary E. Kelley
24-02a.gif Clay Township [ED 24],
Page 2A, Families 18-31
289 Kb   Gary E. Kelley
24-02b.gif Clay Township [ED 24],
Page 2B, Families 31-43
274 Kb   Gary E. Kelley
24-03a.gif Clay Township [ED 24],
page 3A, Families 43-52
270 Kb   Gary E. Kelley
24-03b.gif Clay Township [ED 24],
Page 3B, Families 52-61
272 Kb   Gary E. Kelley
24-04a.gif Clay Township [ED 24],
Page 4A, Families 61-72
263 Kb   Gary E. Kelley
24-04b.gif Clay Township [ED 24],
Page 4B, Families 72-81
291 Kb   Gary E. Kelley
24-05a.gif Clay Township [ED 24],
Page 5A, Families 81-96
270 Kb   Gary E. Kelley
24-05b.gif Clay Township [ED 24],
Page 5B, Families 97-108
277 Kb   Gary E. Kelley
24-06a.gif Clay Township [ED 24],
Page 6A, Families 108-124
277 Kb   Gary E. Kelley
24-06b.gif Clay Township [ED 24],
Page 6B, Families 124-137
269 Kb   Gary E. Kelley
24-07a.gif Clay Township [ED 24],
Page 7A, Families 137-148
272 Kb   Gary E. Kelley
24-07b.gif Clay Township [ED 24],
Page 7B, Families 148-161
261 Kb   Gary E. Kelley
24-08a.gif Clay Township [ED 24],
Page 8A, Families 161-172
266 Kb   Gary E. Kelley
24-08b.gif Clay Township [ED 24],
Page 8B, Families 172-185
262 Kb   Gary E. Kelley
24-09a.gif Clay Township [ED 24],
Page 9A, Families 185-199
268 Kb   Gary E. Kelley
24-09b.gif Clay Township [ED 24],
Page 9B, Families 199-210
264 Kb   Gary E. Kelley
24-10a.gif Clay Township [ED 24],
Page 10A, Families 211-215
231 Kb   Gary E. Kelley

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