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Clark County Missouri
File Name Description Size Date Submitted by:
fretwell59gob.txt Fretwell, Grover Cleveland 2.0Kb May 2006 Mitch Ryder
fretwell20gob.txt Fretwell, James G. 1.5Kb Sep 2005 Mitch Ryder
hartman65gob.txt Hartman, Mrs. William P. [Lucy May Black] 2.7Kb June 2006 Bob Hartman
stronghe96gob.txt Hecoc, Laura E. [Strong] 2.3Kb Oct 2006 Woody Lee Franklin
hecox92gob.txt Hecox, Miss Lura Bell 2.0Kb Oct 2006 Woody Lee Franklin
hecox93gob.txt Hecox, Mark Webster 3.3Kb Oct 2006 Woody Lee Franklinn
hecox95gob.txt Hecox, Maude A. 1.0Kb Oct 2006 Woody Lee Franklin
hecox91gob.txt Hecox, Dr. Samuel Goodsel 7.9Kb Oct 2006 Woody Lee Franklin
hecox94gob.txt Hecox, Wilber Chester 2.6Kb Oct 2006 Woody Lee Franklin
hecox98gob.txt Hecox, Wilber Chester 2.6Kb Oct 2006 Woody Lee Franklin
jinkens145gob.txt Jinkens, Sarah Ann (Armstron) 2.5Kb July 2007 Brenda Coursey
jinkens143gob.txt Jinkens, Solomon 1.2Kb July 2007 Brenda Coursey
mccoy19gob.txt McCoy, Gladys L. 1.0Kb June 2005 Bob Hartman
O'Day, Daniel Hand-written Obit 2011
June 2005 Bob Hartman
rainey66gob.txt Rainey, Ebert D. 2.0Kb June 2006 Bob Hartman
ray385gob.txt Ray, Larry 0.8kb Jul 2008 Bob Hartman
schnebly397gob.txt Schnebly, Daniel Henry Sep 21, 1924 2.3Kb Jan 2009 Chuck S. Richards
staples104gob.txt Staples, Richard S. 1.2Kb Dec 2006 Yvonne Lay Logue
wells_mf2.txt Wilson, Mrs. Mary Frances [Wells] 3.0Kb Jan 2005 Mitch Ryder
wells-mf.txt Wilson, Mary Frances: Wyaconda, Clark Co., Mo. 7.0Kb Jan 2005 Mitch Ryder
wilson-ofd.txt Wilson, Oscar F. D.: Wyaconda, Clark Co., Mo. 4.0Kb Jan 2005 Mitch Ryder

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