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Cedar County Missouri
Land & Deeds
File Name Description Size Date Submitted By
pyle122gdd.txt Montgomery, Et. Al.
Pyle, Thomas J.
3.3 kb Nov 2010 Linda Deppner
m6000007.txt Wm Moore Heirs to
JE Wade & Wm. Fields
8 kb Oct 2002 Shirley Gillespie Moore
swingle107gdd.txt Owen, Jeremiah R.
Swingle, Harrison
4.6 kb Oct 2010 Linda Deppner
swingle108gdd.txt Owen, Jeremiah R.
Swingle, Marion
3.o kb Oct 2010 Linda Deppner
swingle120gdd.txt Owen, Jeremiah R.
Swingle, Josiah Et Al
7.6 kb Nov 2010 Linda Deppner
cordell112gdd.txt Owen, Fleming
Cordell, Irvin
7.6 kb Oct 2010 Linda Deppner
kennedy118gdd.txt Pyle, Benjamin F.
Pyle, John E.
3.2 kb Nov 2010 Linda Deppner
pyle124gdd.txt Smith, Mitchell
Pyle, Et. Al.
3.4 kb Nov 2010 Linda Deppner
kennedy114gdd.txt Pyle, J.N.
Wilson, John T.
3.4 kb Oct 2010 Linda Deppner
wilson115gdd.txt Pyle, J.N.
Wilson, Samuel B.
3.3 kb Oct 2010 Linda Deppner
kennedy119gdd.txt Pyle, Thomas J.
Kennedy, James L.
3.3 kb Nov 2010 Linda Deppner
kennedy116gdd.txt Pyle, Thomas J.
Pyle, Lucinda
4.1 kb Oct 2010 Linda Deppner
pyle121gdd.txt Pyle, Thomas J.
Pyle, William W.
4.1 kb Nov 2010 Linda Deppner
pyle123gdd.txt Pyle, William W.
Pyle, Thomas J.
3.0 kb Nov 2010 Linda Deppner
pyle117gdd.txt Pyle, Et Al
O'Bryant, Et Al
4.0 kb Nov 2010 Linda Deppner
kirby113gdd.txt Pyle, Et Al
Kirby, Wade H.
4.0 kb Oct 2010 Linda Deppner
wilcox109gdd.txt Swingle, Harrison
Wilcox, Mary
3.2 kb Oct 2010 Linda Deppner
swingle110gdd.txt York, Thos. P.
Swingle, Josiah
2.8 kb Oct 2010 Linda Deppner

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