Miller's Creek Methodist Church
Fulton, Missouri - 1893

Submitted on 4 APR 2003 by: Linda Siekman

I thought you might enjoy a glimpse of the Miller's Creek Methodist Church back in the early 1890's. Check the date out on the photo. The side you are viewing of the church is the backside of it in the early days. Obviously there were additions or "alterations" from time to time as other needs needed to be met. The young lady located in the middle of two other women on the ground in front with the baby, and who is grinning my grandmother Anna May Comer. She was a doll!

Her handsome beau in the back row, fourth from the left and holding a hymnal, is my grandfather John Franklin "Frank" Douglas, who was born and raised in Englewood. His parents were Peter Douglas and Sarah "Sally" Adkins of Englewood. Sally was the granddaughter of John Amos Adkins and Susan Meador of Boydsville, both born in Franklin Co., VA. Sally's parents were John H. Adkins and Elizabeth Leftwich. Anna May Comer, my grandmother, was the daughter of John A. Comer and Martha Ann Davidson, who was his 2nd wife after he was widowed from Nancy E. McGary (they had 8 children). Martha gave John three more children. Hope this gives you a little history of my maternal line. My father, Charles Benson Grow, was born in Fulton, and his father taught at the Missouri School for the Deaf for 50 years. Dad graduated from Westminster College in Fulton