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patronref.txt Patrons' Reference Directory 47 kb 2004 Ellen Graber Cook
indexa-c.txt 1909 plot locations a-c 87 kb 2004 Ellen Graber Cook
indexd-g.txt 1909 plot locations d-g 64 kb 2004 Ellen Graber Cook
indexh-k.txt 1909 plot locations h-k 73 kb 2004 Ellen Graber Cook
indexl-n.txt 1909 plot locations l-n 86 kb 2004 Ellen Graber Cook
patronr-s.txt 1909 plot locations p-s 42 kb 2004 Ellen Graber Cook
indext-z.txt 1909 plot locations t-z 47 kb 2004 Ellen Graber Cook
cemetery.txt 1909 plot locations Cemetery 8 kb 2004 Ellen Graber Cook
company.txt 1909 plot locations MO Land Company of Scotland 7 kb 2004 Ellen Graber Cook
govt.txt 1909 plot locations Government Land 6 kb 2004 Ellen Graber Cook
school.txt Barry County, Missouri , 1909 plot locations Schools 2 kb 2004 Ellen Graber Cook
usland.txt 1909 plot locations United States Land 2 kb 2004 Ellen Graber Cook
Plot Images below
1908bctwn-med.jpg 1908bctwn-med Image 115 .kb 2004 Mary Homesley
butterfield.jpg Butterfield Plot 148 .kb 2004 Mary Homesley
butterfield-l.jpg Butterfield Plot 90 .kb 2004 Mary Homesley
butterfield-main.jpg Butterfield Plot 19 .kb 2004 Mary Homesley
butterfield-r.jpg Butterfield Plot 100 .kb 2004 Mary Homesley
cassville-dtown.jpg Cassville Downtown Image 74 .kb 2004 Mary Homesley
cassville-big.jpg Cassville Large Image 500 .kb 2004 Mary Homesley
cassville-b-r.jpg Cassville section Image 73 .kb 2004 Mary Homesley
cassville-b-l.jpg Cassville section Image 110 .kb 2004 Mary Homesley
cassville-t-l.jpg Cassville section Image 101 .kb 2004 Mary Homesley
cassville-t-l.jpg Cassville section Image 108 .kb 2004 Mary Homesley
corsicana.jpg Corsicana township 70.kb 2004 Mary Homesley
eaglerkpo.jpg Eagle Rock PO 73 .kb 2004 Mary Homesley
ewoodruff.jpg East Woodruff 87 .kb 2004 Mary Homesley
exeter-big.jpg Exeter Twnship Large Image 305 .kb 2004 Mary Homesley
exeter-b-l.jpg Exeter Twnship 70 .kb 2004 Mary Homesley
exeter-b-r.jpg Exeter Twnship 76 .kb 2004 Mary Homesley
exeter-main.jpg Exeter Twnship 22 .kb 2004 Mary Homesley
exeter-t-l.jpg Exeter Twnship 53 .kb 2004 Mary Homesley
exeter-t-r.jpg Exeter Twnship 54 .kb 2004 Mary Homesley
golden.jpg Golden Twnship 80.6 .kb 2004 Mary Homesley
jenkinscty.jpg Jenkins City Twnship 36 .kb 2004 Mary Homesley
mineralspgs.jpg Mineral Spring Twnship 160 .kb 2004 Mary Homesley
monett-big.jpg Monett Twnship Very Large image 760 .kb 2004 Mary Homesley
monett-b-l.jpg Monett 154 .kb 2004 Mary Homesley
monett-b-r.jpg Monett 128 .kb 2004 Mary Homesley
monett-dtown.jpg Monett Down Town 254 .kb 2004 Mary Homesley
monett-t-l.jpg Monett 165 .kb 2004 Mary Homesley
monett-t-r.jpg Monett 169 .kb 2004 Mary Homesley
exeter-t-r.jpg Exeter Twnship 54 .kb 2004 Mary Homesley
pioneer.jpg Pioneer Twnship 66 .kb 2004 Mary Homesley
purdy-big.jpg Purdy Twnship 254 .kb 2004 Mary Homesley
purdy-main.jpg Purdy 25 .kb 2004 Mary Homesley
purdy-l.jpg Purdy Twnship 97 .kb 2004 Mary Homesley
purdy-r.jpg Prudy Twnship 97 .kb 2004 Mary Homesley
ridgley .jpg Ridgley Twnship 97 .kb 2004 Mary Homesley
seligman-big.jpg Seligman Twnship 169 .kb 2004 Mary Homesley
seligman-bot.jpg Seligman Twnship 80 .kb 2004 Mary Homesley
seligman-main.jpg Seligman Twnship 29.3 .kb 2004 Mary Homesley
seligman-top.jpg Seligman Twnship 95.kb 2004 Mary Homesley
shellknob .jpg Shellknob Twnship 54 .kb 2004 Mary Homesley
twnshpmap-big.jpg Barry County Twnship Map 548 .kb 2004 Mary Homesley
twnshpmap-top .jpg Barry County Twnship Map TOP 254 .kb 2004 Mary Homesley
twnshpmap-bot.jpg Barry County Twnship Map Bottom 294 .kb 2004 Mary Homesley
twnshpmap-main .jpg Barry County Twnship Map 41.kb 2004 Mary Homesley
viola.jpg Viola Twnship 91 .kb 2004 Mary Homesley
washburn-big.jpg Washburn Twnship 254 .kb 2004 Mary Homesley
washburn-main .jpg Washburn Twnship 14 .kb 2004 Mary Homesley
washburn-top .jpg Washburn Twnship 154 .kb 2004 Mary Homesley
washburn-bot .jpg Washburn Twnship 94 .kb 2004 Mary Homesley
wheaton.jpg Wheaton Twnship 138 .kb 2004 Mary Homesley

Maps of Township and Range by Numbers showing Family Names in Map

when you locate the name from the index files above, note the MAP Name, and the Section
When you find the map name look for the section Number.
There may be more than map with the same name due to the size of the map
Once you find the correct section number, look for the Name
t21nr25w-main.jpg t21nr25w-big.jpg t21nr25w-top.jpg t21nr25w-bot.jpg
t21nr26w-main.jpg t21nr26w-big.jpg t21nr26w-b-l.jpg t21nr26w-b-r.jpg t21nr26w-t-l.jpg t21nr26w-t-r.jpg
t21nr27w-main.jpg t21nr27w-big.jpg t21nr27w-b-l.jpg t21nr27w-b-r.jpg t21nr27w-t-l.jpg t21nr27w-t-r.jpg
t21nr28w-main.jpg t21nr28w-big.jpg t21nr28w-b-l.jpg t21nr28w-b-r.jpg t21nr28w-t-l.jpg t21nr28w-t-r.jpg
t21nr29w-main.jpg t21nr29w-big.jpg t21nr29w-bot.jpg t21nr29w-top.jpg
t22nr25w-main.jpg t22nr25w-big.jpg t22nr25w-b-l.jpg t22nr25w-b-r.jpg t22nr25w-t-l.jpg t22nr25w-t-r.jpg
t22nr26w-main.jpg t22nr26w-big.jpg t22nr26w-b-l.jpg t22nr26w-b-r.jpg t22nr26w-t-l.jpg t22nr26w-t-r.jpg
t22nr27w-main.jpg t22nr27w-big.jpg t22nr27w-b-l.jpg t22nr27w-b-r.jpg t22nr27w-t-l.jpg t22nr27w-t-r.jpg
t22nr28w-main.jpg t22nr28w-big.jpg t22nr28w-b-l.jpg t22nr28w-b-r.jpg t22nr28w-t-l.jpg t22nr28w-t-r.jpg
t22nr28w-m-r.jpg t22nr28w-m-l.jpg
t22nr29w-main.jpg t22nr29w-big.jpg t22nr29w-bot.jpg t22nr29w-top.jpg
t23nr25w-main.jpg t23nr25w-big.jpg t23nr25w-b-l.jpg t23nr25w-b-r.jpg t23nr25w-t-l.jpg t23nr25w-t-r.jpg
t23nr26w-main.jpg t23nr26w-big.jpg t23nr26w-b-l.jpg t23nr26w-b-r.jpg t23nr26w-t-l.jpg t23nr26w-t-r.jpg
t23nr27w-main.jpg t23nr27w-big.jpg t23nr27w-b-l.jpg t23nr27w-b-r.jpg t23nr27w-t-l.jpg t23nr27w-t-r.jpg
t23nr28w-main.jpg t23nr28w-big.jpg t23nr28w-b-l.jpg t23nr28w-b-r.jpg t23nr28w-t-l.jpg t23nr28w-t-r.jpg
t23nr29w-main.jpg t23nr29w-big.jpg t23nr29w-bot.jpg t23nr29w-top.jpg
t24nr25w-main.jpg t24nr25w-big.jpg t24nr25w-t-r.jpg t24nr25w-t-l.jpg t24nr25w-b-r.jpg t24nr25w-b-l.jpg
t24nr26w-main.jpg t24nr26w-big.jpg t24nr26w-t-r.jpg t24nr26w-t-l.jpg t24nr26w-b-r.jpg t24nr26w-b-l.jpg
t24nr27w-main.jpg t24nr27w-big.jpg t24nr27w-t-r.jpg t24nr27w-t-l.jpg t24nr27w-b-r.jpg t24nr27w-b-l.jpg
t24nr28w-main.jpg t24nr28w-big.jpg t24nr28w-t-r.jpg t24nr28w-t-l.jpg t24nr28w-b-r.jpg t24nr28w-b-l.jpg
t24nr29w-main.jpg t24nr29w-big.jpg t24nr29w-bot.jpg t24nr29w-top.jpg
t25nr25w-main.jpg t25nr25w-big.jpg t25nr25w-t-r.jpg t25nr25w-t-l.jpg t25nr25w-b-r.jpg t25nr25w-b-l.jpg
t25nr25w-m-r.jpg t25nr25w-m-l.jpg
t25nr26-main.jpg t25nr26w-big.jpg t25nr26w-t-r.jpg t25nr26w-t-l.jpg t25nr26w-b-r.jpg t25nr26w-b-l.jpg
t25nr26w-m-r.jpg t25nr26w-m-l.jpg
t25nr27-main.jpg t25nr27w-big.jpg t25nr27w-t-r.jpg t25nr27w-t-l.jpg t25nr27w-b-r.jpg t25nr27w-b-l.jpg
t25nr27w-m-r.jpg t25nr27w-m-l.jpg
t25nr28-main.jpg t25nr28w-big.jpg t25nr28w-t-r.jpg t25nr28w-t-l.jpg t25nr28w-b-r.jpg t25nr28w-b-l.jpg
t25nr28w-m-r.jpg t25nr28w-m-l.jpg

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