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Description - Colfax Township, Section 21



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caroline.jpg Caroline Bates, Jan 7, 1832 - Feb 12, 1903 [This is the mother of Ida Grace Bates Riley.  She is buried next to the Riley family] 151K 2004 Juli Wooten
gilson.jpg George Wiley son of J.W. & N.A.Gilson died Mar 1, 1879 aged 22y 10m 21d 34K 2002 Pat O'Dell
edgar.jpg edgar2.jpg Edgar T. Riley died July 17, 1901 aged 20y 3m 17d [This is the big marker.  It has writing on 3 sides.  You will notice that Isaac, 2 daughters and Edgar all died within 3 months of each other.] 114K 2004 Juli Wooten
isaac.jpg isaac2.jpg Isaac T. Riley, died Aug 13, 1901 aged 65y 3m 24d 93K 2004 Juli Wooten
isaac.jpg isaac2.jpg Ida G. Riley, 1856 - 1932 93K 2004 Juli Wooten

girls.jpg anna.jpg

Anna G. Riley, died May 17, 1901 age 18y 2m 21d

156K 107K

2004 Juli Wooten
girls.jpg emma.jpg Emma T. Riley, died May 8, 1901 age 22y 8m 20d 146K 107K 2004 Juli Wooten
girls.jpg Harriet C. Riley, July 28, 1886 - Nov 30, 1918 107K   Juli Wooten
wolf.jpg David A. Wolf, born July 16, 1847 died Jan 13, 1896 aged 48y 5m 28d 29K 2002 Pat O'Dell
wolf2.jpg Hannah J. wife of David A. Wolf, died Dec 30, 1877 aged 25y and 9 ms 35K 2002 Pat O'Dell


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