Trinity Lutheran Cemetery, Fairfield Township, Swift Co., MN
(Partial Transcription)

Trinity Lutheran Church

Picture of Trinity Lutheran Church

Trinity Lutheran Cemetery

KOHLER, Fred and Augusta WREGE
  Augusta: Aug 01,1841- May 11,1922
  Fred: Apr 05,1839- May 02,1926

KOHLER, Arthur Julius
  Nov 08,1905-Jan 21,1907
  Son of Fred & Anna KOHLER

KOHLER, Ernest A.
  Sep 20,1901-Mar 18,1926

KOHLER, Ella and Edna
  Ella L. T.: Nov 16,1903-Feb 24,1904
  Edna M.: Aug 08,1910-Aug 15,1910
  Children of Julius and Emma Jeske KOHLER

  Nov 21,1874-Sep 07,1910

KOHLER, Frieda Amanda
  Jul 16,1910-Jul 30,1910
  Daughter of Fred and Anna Wrege KOHLER

KOEHLER, Julius August
  Jul 16,1872-Jan 26,1917

KOEHLER, Karl Friedrick
  Oct 25,1809-May 22,1880

WREGE, Carl & Helena
  Carl Fredrich WREGE: Jan 14,1846-Jul 11,1881
  Helena Elizabeth WREGE: Apr 08,1879-Jul 11,1881
  Carl and Helena were killed in a tornado.
  Carl was a casket maker in his spare time.
  There was only one casket to bury the two of them in so they are buried together in the same casket.