Pettersson Family Pictures

These people are related to Anders Gustav  (A.G.) Petterson (1835-1927) of Deerwood, Crow Wing Co., MN. For more  family information see: peterson.txt . Use your "search/find" button.

Per Johan Pettersson - Brother to Anders Gustav Petterson - Per Johan (1832-1915) stayed in Sweden

Maja Kajsa Pettersdotter - Sister to Anders Gustav Petterson - Maja (1834-1921) married Carl Petter Abrahamsson and stayed in Sweden

August and Mathilda (Johansdotter) Petterson - Brother to Anders Gustav Petterson - August (1843-1914) stayed in Sweden (see homestead "Solhem"  for picture of their home.

          Children of  August and Mathilda (Johansdotter) Pettersson:

           Carl August Pettersson and Family - Carl (1871-1940) stayed in Sweden

           Theodor Ludvig Pettersson and Family - Theodor (1873-1928) settled in Duluth, St Louis Co., MN, USA

           Johan Viktor Pettersson - Viktor (1875-1957) stayed in Sweden

           Anna Mathilda Pettersson (Carlson) - wife to Johan Viktor Pettersson, daughter to Carl Petter Abrahamsson and Maja Kajsa Pettersson.(My grandmother).

                        Children of Johan Viktor and Anna Mathilda:

                         Bernhard Johansson -

                         Lovisa Johansson - child of  Johna Viktor and Anna Mathilda Pettersson

                (They lived in the house named Nolgården in Spethult only a 1/4 of a
mile from Solhem and about 3 miles from the school in Spethult (Spethult skola).

Ester Mathilda Johansson - child of Johna Viktor and Anna Mathilda Pettersson

                                       Son of Ester Mathilda Pettersson:
                                        Roger Agartsson Family - Submitter of this family in Sweden

Henning Pettersson - Henning (1878-1955) left Sweden for New York, USA Mar 13, 1896 and returned to Spethult, Ransberg Parish, Sweden Nov 16, 1899.

Gustav Arvid Pettersson - Arvid (1881-1921) stayed in Sweden

           Oscar Pettersson - Oscar (1884-1941) Settled in Duluth, St Louis Co., MN, USA

           Hilma Carolina Pettersson - Hilma (1886-1922) married Johan Fredrick Edgren and  stayed in Sweden

           Aron Pettersson - Aron (1889-1971) stayed in Sweden

Ludvig Pettersson -  Brother to Anders Gustav Petterson - Ludvig (1846-1909) stayed in Sweden. Another picture of Ludvig  

Augusta Pettersson - wife of Ludvig

        Children of Ludvig and Augusta:

         Ernst Pettersson

         Arvid Pettersson  

         Christina Pettersson

         Karl Pettersson

Otto (Pettersson) Engstrom - Brother to Anders Gustav Petterson- Otto (1849-1926) and wife Anna

         Some of the Children of Otto and Anna:
         Oscar, Selma, Martin and Ernest Engstrom

Mathilda Johanna Pettersson - Sister to Anders Gustav Petterson - Mathilda (1853-1924) married Karl Erik Andersson (May 31 1851-Oct.3 1944 in Fagersanna Ransberg (R) )and stayed in Sweden

Britta Lovisa Pettersson - Sister to Anders Gustav Petterson - Britta (1856-1928) married Johan   Herman Johansson (Rittfelt) and stayed in Sweden

            Anna (Johansson) Flodin - Daughter of Britta Lovisa Pettersson with husband August Flodin

Homestead Pictures:

This is the Homestead where Nils Viktor Pettersson and siblings were raised.

This is the Homestead "Solhem" of August and Mathilda Pettersson. Solhem means "Home of the Sun". The two homestead were about 1 mile apart.

A photo of the Church  in Tiveds parish where Anders Gustav Peterson was born

A photo of Ransbergs Kyrka Church

Pictures courtesy of Roger Agartsson