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These Newspaper Articles submitted to the MNGenWeb by Gary Revier

These articles are Obits, Marriages, Personal Stories, and Anniversaries that have been clipped from various
Newspapers from the Redwood County area:
Redwood Gazette, Redwood County Sun, Redwood Revielle, and other papers from throughout the area.
In the transcription of the articles, dates and newspaper titles have been added if available.

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Personal Stories/ Notices

apr1936.txt Tidbits April 16, 1936


abbettmb.txt ABBETT, M. B. (b.1844 d.1915)
abbottcm.txt ABBOTT, Clara M.
abbottwl.txt ABBOTT, William L. (b.1842) (Photo)
adsitmm.txt ADSIT, Miss Mabel (b.1888)
ahrensmb.txt AHRENS, Minnie (Bratsch) (b.1860 d.1925)
albertgf.txt ALBERTS, G. F. (b.1870 d.1934)
alexancj.txt ALEXANDER, Catherine (Johnson) (b.1858 d.abt 1933)
allendj.txt ALLEN, Douglas Jr
andersmn.txt ANDERSEN, Mrs. N. B. (b.1861 d.1936)

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