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Pat Perrin Mackey
Joseph NADON born probably Pointe Gatineau, Quebec 1862 was in the 1900 Census St. Paul, Ramsey County with his wife Adele and children. He left Adele and children and had another family. When did he die and where? Possible date is 1917. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

judd eddy
I am looking for information about Frank M. Eddy, died January 13, 1929 in St. Paul.
He was a former congressman from the 7th district from 1895 to 1903. I have a partial copy of an obituary article in a St. Paul newspaper dated January 14, 1929 but want to obtain the whole article and do not have the newspaper name.
Judd Eddy

Elizabeth Morran
Looking for any info on St Paul Moran's, name changed to Morran after 1907. Oldest Edward Moran B;abt 1865.Married to Mary J.? Son Edward P Moran b:abt 1885 Married to Kathryn Mullaney B: Ireland abt:1882 Father Edward Mullaney B:Ireland Raised Horses in St Paul (Dray line) lived at one time on Harrison Ave.Wife:Mary O'Day Have sibling names for Edward P Moran and Kathryn Mullaney. Thank you for your time. Elizabeth Morran emmorra@adelphia.net

Ms Terry L. Thompson
I am assisting the U.S. Army Casualty Office in trying to locate family of Sgt Jean William Bruso who was killed in action in Korea. Sgt Bruso's father was Clifford V. Bruso and his mother was Catherine E. ______ Brusso.
I need to find any living family. If anyone has any information on this family, please contact me directly via my email address. Thank You

Terry Sandquist
Searching for information on my Great-Aunt, St. Paul resident Mrs. Charles E. Larson (maiden name: Anna Sandquist, born in Sweden about 1881) or her husband.
A 1912 St. Paul newspaper obituary notice for Andrew Sandquist (aged 63) noted that he was the father of "Mrs. C. E. Larson of St. Paul".
Rumor has it that Anna left Sweden at age 17, staying back with her grandmother initially while her brothers (Charles, John, Gust and Albert) forged ahead in 1888. I believe Anna would have arrived in Minnesota around 1898.
A 1944 obituary of one brother notes his sister, "Mrs. C.E. Larson", still living in St. Paul, Minnesota at that time.
Very blurry 1930 census suggests Charles and Anna lived in St. Paul, with daughters: 19-year-old Margaret and a 13-year-old Caroline?
I have to believe she died in St. Paul, but I don t know when, or where she is buried. Larson is an awfully common name, but if any of this rings a bell.
Michelle Travers
I am looking for any information of the ancestors and descendants of Albert Alich who was originally from Farmington area and worked for the Railroad. He raised his family in St Paul and died there. Would like to know of any living descendants from the Alich and Tutewohl families as they married into each other a few times.
You can reach me at mtravers12@yahoo.com   Thanks

Michelle Travers
I am looking for any ancestors of Henry Travers and his twin sister Mary who were originally from Centreville Township. Henry settled in St Paul as a young man. He was the youngest of a large family. Looking for any information of his brothers and sisters.    I can be contacted at mtravers12@yahoo.com   Thanks

William David Guiel
I am looking for any information on Jacob Guiel or Jacob Holgate Guiel. Jacob Guiel was father to Jacob Holgate Guiel, born December 25, 1882 in Saint Paul. I have sent for the birth certificate of Jacob Holgate, but would appreciate any other information or leads that may be available. I should also mention that Jacob Guiel was German and his wife was Marie.  Thanks,  W.D.Guiel    wdguiel@comcast.net

I am seeking marriage date on a Lant HANSON married to Anna C. ? in Ramasey Co., MN. around the early 1900's. I am also trying to find out what her last name is and when she died. They lived in Ramsy, MN.
If anyone has any information on this family line please write to me at the following email address:
Gwen   gwenb@wccta.net   Thankyou.

ej swanstrom
searching for the names of my great grandfather's parents. his name was william joachim brummer born on nov 24 .1890 st.paul.mn. any help would be appreciated thank you

Russ Metzger
I am trying to find my sisters husbands g. grandfather. My sister is Evelyn Abel that lives in St Paul. His name was John Frederick Abel c1950 to 1920. One of his children was Hugo Frederick Abel born 1883 and died 1953, and one of his sons was Hugo George Abel , born 1911 and died 1995.I am trying to find the g grandfather and his children's names. Thanks Russ

I am looking for info on marriage and family of Clarinda Southard and John Parker Hale Delano married 24 September 1884, St. Paul, Minn. I belive she was the same Clarinda Southard married to one of my ancestors Philander Rand. Looking also for info on her daughter Martha Rand. Any info helpful.

Angie Sabo
Looking for any information on PHILLIP HOUGH or his relatives in the St. Paul, MN area. Phillip and his family lived in Meeker County, MN according to the 1880 census. Later his son Patrick moved to Rose St.or Ave. in St. Paul in 1886. Phillip's wife had died in Meeker Co. while her children were fairly young. He married again in St. Paul Oct. 11, 1886 to BRIDGET SULLIVAN who was a resident of St. Paul. The marriage license lists Phillip as living in Mpls. I would like to find out where Phillip and Bridget lived after their marriage and where these two might be buried. Any help would be very much aprreciated. Thank you.

hi. my grandma was born in ramsey county 9/15/1907. her fathers name isearl goff and mothers name is jessie lemaster. she is listed as living at 4177woodale ave, mpls, minn in feb. of 1940.i beleive she worked as a prison gaurdor police officer. i am looking for any info on any of these releitives. thank you

Andrew Cohen
Hi looking for information (names, marriages, births, deaths) on the following families in the 1885-1900 time frame:
Thanks in advance,    Andrew

Frances Fick
The only information I have regarding my mother is a notation in an invoice book of The Children's Home Society of St. Paul, Ramsey Co., MN: "Georgia Lindsay parentage unknown, born in St. Paul 2 years of age, received on May the 26, 1890 from St. Paul. Placed May the 26th, 1890 with Irving Harris, Litchfield, Minnesota, replaced with D. B. Casady, Litchfield, and taken on contract." A researcher has found no further mention of Georgia Lindsay in their records. I have checked St. Paul and Minneapolis records available and corresponded with some of the descendants of the D. B. Casady family, but have found nothing. Georgia (Lindsay) Ferguson died February 20, 1960.

Alex Grzywacki
FIRST MINNESOTA BATTERY, LIGHT ARTILLERY: Please help me find copies of photo's of any of the Battery reunions held in Saint Paul. My Great Great Grandfather was the Battery Artificer. His name was Henry Frey.Henry joined the Battery on Oct 31, 1861 at Fort Snelling. He was honorably discharged on December 16, 1862. He was at the Battle of Shiloh. His Captain was W.Z Clayton (after Emil Munch was wounded). Henry died on August 24, 1909 and is buried at the Oakland Cemetery. I will exchange any and all of what I have collected this past ten years. Alex Grzywacki. P.O. Box 30125 Santa Barbara, CA. 93130-0125. THANK YOU.

I am doing some research for a report on migrant workers. I am to believe that backin the late 1900's there was a group a Mexican workers that lived under the Robert Street Bridge in box cars and unloaded bananas , etc., from the trains. Can anyone verify this and/or offer information on these workers?    Thank You   B Means

I am seeking information on Andrew Hartshorn who was reported to have beencaught in quicksand near an airport in the late 1930's. The picture and article was printed in a St. Paul Newspaper. Would like to know if anyone would have any knowledge of this occurrence?    Thank you   BJMeans

C5ke Holmberg
I am search relatives of Erik M Cederblad born 1844 in Sweden and his wife Augusta also born in Sweden. They were emigrated to St. Paul Ramsey country in 1872 with two children.
I know they get at least two more children, Augusta born 1884 and Esther 1886. Erik,s wife Augusta was living in 1900 as a widow together with Judith Cederblad, clerk, P.A. Lindberg at boards 617 Case St. Paul.

Ellen Oliver
Clara (?Anderson) born 1890-1891
I'm searching for my grandfather's sister Clara, born ca 1891 in St. Paul, Ramsey, MN. Her parents were Christ S. Anderson (Schak) and Mary Peterson. Mary died 6 February 1891 in St. Paul of "aftereffects of childbirth," so Clara was born a short time before this. Family tradition says she was adopted by a Baptist minister, year unknown. Her daughter contacted Clara's sister Anna Schak Hintz at some point, so Clara may have been aware of her birth family. Anna Schak Hintz died in 1962.    (query from Ellen Oliver email eoliver@hclib.org )

James Anderson
Looking for information on Edwin Lingard Hughes who married Elizabeth Ann White on 09 Mar 1867 Saint Paul, Ramsey, Minnesota. They had two children born in St. Paul: Edwin Hughes (1871) and Charles Dickens Hughes (bef. 1871). Information I have is on my website at www.andersonconnection.org . Thank you. Jayme

Shirley Vinsand
Looking for family members of Uri and Clara Blanchard who lived in Ramsey Co Mn.Uri ran s repair shop in White Bear Lake from 1935 to 1947 He died Oct 1954 and his wife :Clara BOWMAN died 13 June 1943 and they are buried at Union Cem. He was the son of John and Rachel Blanchard of Coon Rapids Iowa and Johns father was Ezra and mother Hannah Parks Blanchard. Have not been able to locate Ezra Blanchard his grandfather.

Dave Guiel
I am looking for information on Jacob Guiel.
Jacob Guiel - birth date/location unknown
Wife-Marie Margaret Ash- birth date/location unknown
M- Jacob Holgate Guiel
Birth: St. Paul, Minn., Ramsey Co., Dec. 25, 1882.

Linda Wolff
I am seeking descendants of Peter KRONENBERG(ER) of Ferdinand, Indiana and Katherine BRUDER, and their seven children: John-1 b. Sept. 14, 1867; Theresia born January 23, 1870; Elizabeth born Dec. 28, 1871; Joseph born Nov. 11, 1873; John-2 born Jan. 23, 1876; Albert Cletus born April 25, 1878 and Peter born April 11, 1882. My ancestor is John KRONENBERG of Washington, Daviess County, Indiana (a neighboring county) and I believe he is a brother of Peter KRONENBERG(ER). This family was Catholic.
John KRONENBERG b. 1856 in Germany lived in Ramsey County, Minnesota (according to his naturalization papers) prior to his move to Indiana. He immigrated through the port of New York in 1879 at the age of 23 and was 34 in 1890 when he filed his naturalization oath. I am hoping that if I discover the ancestral village in Germany of the BRUDER family I might also find that it is the ancestral village of my KRONENBERGs. By the way, my aunt alway insisted that the name was von KRONEBERG but I haven't found it listed that way in any records. John KRONENBERG married Johanna Kiefer. Two young sons died, then John Kronenberg in December 1895 (buried Dec. 9). Their surviving daughter, Mary Josephine KIEFER was my grandmother. Johanna KIEFER later remarried a BAUMGARTNER (Herman?) and they had one son. It may have been the son who was named Herman.

Kathleen Sigdestad
I am searching for a framed picture of my grandfather, Frank Xavier Schneider, that was sold to an antique shop in the Seven Corners area of St. Paul in the 1940's. Many of his possessions were sold following my grandmother's death in 1947 and this picture was among them. I assume it was sold for the frame which may have been antique. I am only interested in the picture. We have only 2 snapshots of him and would love to find this picture. If anyone thinks they may have this picture or knowledge of it I would like to hear from you. I do not know his age in the picture but he was a German immigrant who worked as a cook for the Northern Pacific Railroad and wore a curled mustache in later years. Thanks for your help. Kathy

Barbara May Thompson Klein
I have relatives that lived in Ramsey Co. and would love to hear from anyone who can help me connect with there descendants or give me any information about them.
Vivian Price NORWOOD/ROWLAND. She was born in 1905 in Owatonna Co. and died there in 1995. Her parents were Bessie May and Arthur PRICE. She was married to Ray ROWLAND in 1926 in Louisville, KY and had her son there. His name is Harold. She also was married to an Unknown NORWOOD after that and they lived in MN the rest of their lives.
Richard PRICE was born in 1902 in Ramsey Co. I believe his wife was Pauline ? His parents were also Bessie May and Arthur PRICE.
Claude MAY, born 1877 in Lyon Co. IA, died in 1917 St. Paul. His parents were Alfred and Julia Tyler MAY. According to the census he had 4 children, Claude Jr. b. 1898 Gail b. 1901 Alice b. 1906 and Isabelle b. 1907.
Ruth May HARMS. She was born in 1930 in St. Paul. She later moved to CA with her parents Ruth and Chick HARMS, her second husband. She was married earlier to Hardland REED,
I have lots to share about the MAY family and their descendants.
Thanks in advance,   Barbara May Thompson Klein

Dan Nelson
I'm looking for any information on a Naomi Proud that died on 04/09/1925 in Ramsey County. She is the grandmother of William and Charles Lewis (Lewcox). I don't have any further information on Naomi. In the 1910 Census it appears that she was married twice but the husband isn't included. The number under Naomi's in the 1910 Census is John Matheny (son) so I'm wondering if that is a child from her first marriage. Any information that could be provided on Naomi or her family would be greatly appreciated.

Seeking information on Corinne Green who is listed along with her brothers Andrew and Marion Green on the Ramsey County, St. Paul MN. 1930 census. Who was the head of the household. I am unable to get this information from ancestry.com web page.   Thank You.   bjmeans

Aileen Shield
Obit for Mae & Maurice Ricco. Mae Ricco passed away 19-Apr-2000 in St Paul, Ramsey county. Her son, Maurice Ricco passed away 10-Aug-2001, in St Paul, Ramsey county, MN. I am looking for survivors names and address locations. I do not need the entire obit. Mae was my great aunt. Thank you.   Aileen Shield   Omaha, NE

There is a letter to my family dated Jan. 11, 1936 from J (John, I think)E.Munson at 623 Lincoln Ave. St. Paul, MN I would like some census data for this family . Thank you.

Monica Garris
Hello, I'm looking for information on Mary Ema Shippman, b. 01 JUL 1859 in St. Paul, Ramsey, MN.
I would like information on her parents as well, and if she had any siblings.
Thank you so much! Monica

Kim Trop
Need obituary for Edward John Snyder, died 20 May, 1954 in St. Paul, MN. He is my husband's grandfather who died 6 years before he was born. I'm also looking for his marriage date to Vera Gladys Lint in 1937 or 1938 also in Ramsey Co.
Children of Grandpa Snyder have either passed away or are unhelpful.   Thanks

Bill Baker
Seeking information about/descendents of Joseph Chambers McKibbin. The on line Minnesota death notice records state he died December 27, 1931 in Ramsey, MN.
He was one of my g grandmother Mary McKibbin Scully's brothers. Probably born during 1856 in Pittsburgh or Philadelphia; believed to have come to Minnesota in the mid- to late 1870s. He married Annie S. Dorsey November 4, 1880 in Ramsey. Believed to have had at least two daughters, one named Allison.
In a brother's 1924 obit he is described as a "manufacturer" living in St. Paul. May have been a Presbyterian.
I live in southwestern Pennsylvania and would appreciate any information of sources, preferably contacted via the net.

Looking for any information on ancestors or descendents of Vincent Pietrok or Pietrock. He immigrated to the United States in May of 1874 at the age of 28. I believe he married Marie Kufner in St. Paul on January 16, 1876. In 1877 they left for Oregon and had 14 children.

Cindy Chapman
MINNESOTA VOLUNTEERS - 15TH REGIMENT CO B - Ladd Burmaster, Camp Ramsey, St Paul, Minn. - Anyone know what war? or heard of Ladd? His wife Agnes supposedly died in a fire young. Daughter Evelyn Margaret "Eva" Burmaster born in 1881. Parents both died when she was a girl. Anyone with any info, cindy_chapman1@hotmail.com

Kim Marie Dunnigan
I would like any information about the deaths of Harold C. Wilson and Joan Marie Wilson. They died on November 17, 1956. I would like to know if they have any other family members, where they are buried, how they died and any other information that is available.   Thank you for your help.    Kim Dunnigan

I am interested in finding out more information about my father, Thaddeus Frank Lemke, who was adopted in Ramsey County. His birth date is listed as either 12/13/09 (birth certificate date) or 12/17/09 (death certificate date). His birth certificate is almost unreadable, but his mother's name may be Lena Aushbuck (or Ausbuck, or Ashbuk). The father's name may be Henry Nelson or Nielson. He was adopted by Frank and Josephine Lemke of St. Paul, but the formal adoption may not have occurred until many years later when he was an adult. Frank Lemke was an accountant. We believe that my grandmother had given birth to a baby that was stillborn and my grandfather brought this baby to her in the hospital. We are trying to put together a family tree and have not been able to come up with information through the courts.

Michelle Hueffmeier Russell
I am looking for obit info or any other info concerning my Grandmother, Clara Parenteau? -she was born 04/06/1908-died 08/?/1983 in St Paul.-Son's name is Gary Francis Parenteau. Thank you!

Joanne Wright
BUSSE/JACOBSON - I am researching ERNEST J. BUSSE. He was born 3-28-1899 in Appleton, Minnesota. He married ESTHER E. BUSSE on October 12, 1931. I do not have a record of where they were married. ESTHER E. BUSSE'S maiden name is JACOBSON. Esther was born on or about May 7, 1914. I am seeking her birth certificate but do not have a record of where she was born. Ernest and Esther lived in St. Paul, Ramsey County, MN. I am seeking burial records for both of them. Esther's parents were EDWARD and CLARA JACOBSON. Edward died in Crow Wing County but I cannot find record of Clara's death. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you.

Geri Opsal
Can anyone tell me in the 1900 Federal Census where would the Protestant Orphanages be listed what Ward and Ed. And what was the name of the Orphanage's.
I have a brother and sister who in 1895 lived with their father and step mother in the Ramsey county Census 8th Precinct Ward 1 on 872 Magnolia Ave. in 1900 they are not with the family who moved to Todd County. As these two children were from a first wife I believe they might have been put in a orphanage as there other children from their marriage is in Todd County. The boy would 14 and the girl 12. Geri Opsal gao@rea-alp.com

Harvey Herbst
I am new on the internet and the first thing I am trying to do is to locate the marriage certificate of my grandparents. They were married in St Paul in or about l879. Their names: Joseph Henry Herbst and Ernstine Hoppe. They lived in St Paul the rest of their lives. She died about 1910 and he lived unil 1929. He established a meat and food business the remnant Herbst Food Market still exists on Raymond Ave. My father, Frederick Charles Herbst was born in St Paul on May 20, 1890. He attended Central High School and played baseball. There is aphoto of his team in the Historical Society.
Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
Harvey Herbst
5705 Bullard Drive
Austin, Texas 78757

Brian Stibal
B. G. RADANT, St. Paul 1950's
Owned a fuel and fuel oil company at 458 South Wabasha Street in St. Paul sometime in the 50's. The phone number of the place of business was Riverview 0650. His wife had polio, but don't know her name. Owned a 56 Oldsmobile purchased at a dealership called Darling in St. Paul.
Any information would be great, but would like to have his birth and death dates, his wife's name and her birth and death dates and anything else you can find.

Kristen Boland
I am looking fro any information on the Patrick Francis Boland family they were living in St Paul during the 1900 and 1910 census. he worked for the railroad as a boilermaker.
I have his first wife as Mary McTeague and second with as Kathleen/Katherine
Their children are Barth/Bartley b. 1881
Edward b. 1888
Mary b.1890
Florence b.1893
Thomas b. 1894
William b. 1897
Any information would be appreciated

Connie O'Haver
I am looking for information On J.C. Murphy. He was a stage manger at a theater in St. Paul, Ramsey CO. Murphy was shot and killed by a stage hand 1909 or 1910. Murphy's wife was Leola Johnson Murphy. Any information will be helpful. Thank you.

Jack Kiesner
Am trying to find the home town in Prussia of my great-grandfather, Carl (Charles) Kiesner, who settled in St. Anthony (then part of Ramsey County) in 1852-1854. In 1857, he married Mary Boris, also from Prussia, at St. Anthony Church. Would apprecite any leads on how I could determione where they were from in Prussia. Thanks.

Sandy Hedman
I need to know what census district the Hotel Clarendon on Wabasha would be in the 1900 federal census. I am searching for a listing for Harry Gideon Hevenor. I have him listed as Henry G. Hebnor in the 1890-91 St. Paul city directory.
Thank you.

Heather Shepard
Hello! I am researching the Herbert HARMER and Elizabeth Denny SWAM family.
I am missing the marriage information of two of their sons, Herbert Francis (1874-1951) and Earl John HARMER (1880-1951).
Herbert married Mabel DAGGETT. They both died in Ramsey County in Aug 1951 of mushroom poisoning.
Earl married Susan Florence CLARK. He died 13 May 1951 in Ramsey County. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Gloria Studdard
Henry Thompson married Celina (or Selina) Riand on 27 Oct. 1873 in Ramsey County, Minnesota. Henry was born in Norway & Celina was born in Canada. Henry & Celina had 3 sons born in Minnesota: William (1875) and Albert & Gilbert (twins 1877). By 1880, Henry was gone & Celina was on her own with her 3 sons. Henry eventually remarried to his 2nd wife, Helen. Celina Thompson never remarried and eventually died as Celina Thompson. Who are the parents of Henry Thompson and who are the parent of Celina (Riand) Thompson?

Jenny Strandberg
I would like to know more about my grandfather and grandmother who lived in St. Paul, MN 1920-1960.
He was a partner in Strandrock Crystal. They had three sons William, Wendel, and Theodore. -- Herman Theodore Strandberg.     Jenny Strandberg

I am looking for information on my grandfather, John Flaherty, born abt. 1887 in Ramsey County. He was married to Julia Lorberter and had two daughters. The oldest daughter was Ann(e) Flaherty no other information on her. My mother, the second daughter, was born April 10, 1910, St. Paul . Any help would be greatly appreciated.    Gail

Judge Hugo O. Hanft - Ramsey County
Looking for information on this Judge. A picture of him was found behind picture of grandparents. May be a relative or the Judge that handled my Dads' adoption.??? Hugo had a wife named Laura and was still in St Paul in 1930 census.
Would like to know as a judge if he handled adoptions between 1920 and 1930??
Any help would be appreciated. I am in Louisiana.    Carole

Jane Murphy
Looking for descendants of the Patrick and Anne Kane family whose children were: James, Charles, William, John, Thomas, Henry, George, Mary and Bridget Dolan. Mr. Patrick Kane died in St. Paul in 1911. His wife Ann had predeceased him by twenty four years.
I would be grateful for any information regarding this family. Thank you!

Mary Sorensen
Am looking for information on Acacia Park. Have an ancestor who died in MICHIGAN and her obit states she was buried in Acacia Park near St. Paul, MN. Also looking for information on the surname HOWATT. Thank you.
Mary Sorensen
Dora, AL

Cyndi Saxton Jorae
February 12, 2003 Phoenix, AZ I'm trying reach Laura A. Newton who posted a query in 1996. I have information on your Moncrief's. Stuart's mother was Violet Virginia ROBERTS. The Moncriefs lived around St. Paul, Ramsey Co., MN and both Leslie's brothers, Fred and William L. are listed on the 1930 Federal Census. Please contact me if you have any ties to this family.

Betty Woollums
I am searching for information on my Aunt Hazel Irene Taylor who married a Mr. Tom Morris or Morrison. I have found his name listed both ways in family obituaries. In one obituary it says Hazel lived in St. Paul Minn. which I believe is in Ramsey County. I am interested in finding out her death date and place of burial along with information on her family.
Hazel Irene Taylor was born Jan. 21,1904 in Iowa. Her mother was Almira Taylor and her father was Isaac Crose. She had a delayed birth record and since her parents were divorced she used her mother maiden name TAYLOR. She lived in Minnesota between 1947 and 1975. After that we lost contact with her.
Any help would be APPRECIATED.

Mary Yates Villeret
Does anyone have any information on Marie Eulalie Chalifou/Chalifour - who was known as "Medicine Woman" and married Amable Turpin. She was from St. Charles Co. Mo. and he was an owner of several boat's that traded from New Orleans,La. to St. Paul,Mn. They settled in St. Paul,Mn. and are supposed to be buried in Calvery Cem. Anything or references on her would be appreciated.

Wade Callender
I am trying to locate the descendants of Robert Callender who died in Ramsey County in 1956. His children included Harold, Donald, Russell, Hartland, Howard, Roberta and Mildred (Rosemary). I am trying to complete a genealogy of the Callender family and would be interested in knowing of any children and/or grandchildren of these relatives. I have been able to trace ancestors of these people back to early colonial history and will share this information with those who are interested. Wade Callender mdbaker@houston.rr.com

Terry Smith
Columbus OH 1930 census shows H. Everett Williams, age 54; Louise WIlliams (wife), age 52; Frank E. Williams (son), age 24. I am trying to locate this family. Can anyone identify specific birth date for Frank E. Williams? And death dates for any of them, or how to locate? Thank you.
I am available to assist for any queries in the State of Ohio.
Terry Smith
Columbus OH

Kari Skidmore
I am requesting any help in locating Nicholas A & Hazel M Mock. 1930 census shows them living in St. Paul married 1 year. I believe a son was born later that year, and a daughter, Lorraine in 1933. Have information that they were living on Dayton in 1944, but no information after that.Any help in locating the son, or any information on this family will be greatly appreciated. Kari

I am looking for descendants of Edward J. WOLFF. Edward was born Dec. 1878 in Stillwater, Wash. Co., MN. and died Feb. 1965 in North St. Paul, Ramsey Co., MN. Edward married Mabel BAKER. Mabel was born Oct. 1889 and died May 1980 also in North St. Paul. I dont' know if Edward married again. I don't have any descendants for him.

Jentami Feldhaus
I am searching for any information on the EPPERSON, Seth O. Family of St. Paul, Ramsey CO. Mn. The additonal surnames are OGG and POWERS. Seths mother was Maud Beryl Powers. His grandmother was Anna OGG daughter of Seth O. OGG of Iowa.
Seth served in the USAF and used Crow Wing and Ramsey CO. as his home addresses while he was in from 1940 until 1970. This search in being done in behalf of his son Richard Earl Epperson Bahrman. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Jentami(Rick's sister) Thanks

Vicki Corrigan
Looking for death and burial information on Edward J. Biggs born Mat 11, 1839, served in Civil War, married to Mary Townsend on April 16, 1867.Last known address was St. Paul, Mn. They had 5 children.

Kathleen Rizer
Springer Harbaugh was born in 1816 in Columbiana Co, Ohio. He married Roxa Brooks and supposedly died some time after 1873 in St. Paul, Ramsey co, Minnesota. I am trying to verify his exact death date for a family book. Can any one help? Springer Harbaugh was the son of William Harbaugh and Sarah Springer of Columbiana Co. I have looked for him in the census, and the city directories. Also the few death records, unindexed, available for the time period. Thank you, Kathleen Rizer

Susan McConville
My g grandfather JOHN QUILL married my g grandmother KATE ROCHFORD in Ramsey Co.on 4 OCT 1881. Their first child, MARY ELLEN (Mame) was born in MN. They moved to Chicago IL where they had 5 more children, all born in Chicago- THOMAS J.(my grandfather) born Mar 11, 1885, CATHERINE (Kitty), MARGARET, DORA and JAMES W. My grandfather's birth certificate has JOHN being born in Philadelphia and KATE born in Cohoes, NY.
I remember my grandfather talking about relatives in St. Paul, buth whether they were Quill's or Rochford's I do no know.
Does anyone have any information on either the QUILL or ROCHFORD families that might tie in with this? Thanks.
Susan McConville

Ulrike H. Graf
I am looking for the decedents of the following, all from St. Paul, Ramsey County
Mrs. George Block Mrs. Lawrence Koalska August Schleifer (Schliefer) John Schleifer d/o/b 1896 Mrs. John Wallace Joseph Schleifer, married Amanda Hoppner,Ernest J. Schleifer d/o/b July 18, 1891 in New Brighton, died October 29, 1923, in West Side General Hospital, St. Paul, was married to a Nellie Campagne Charles Schleifer, d/o/b December 4, 1893, died January 25, 1925
These names were taken of an obituary of Anna Schleifer, nee Graf, married a William Schleifer. Anna was born 1866 in Germany and immigrated to this country in approx. 1885. Not much is known about her husband. Supposedly he came to the states thru Canada.
Any help or lead, even the faintest, would be appreciated,
Thank you
Ulrike H. Graf

Dave Gillespie
Searching for any information on GG Grandfather Julius BRUENING and adopted daughter Mildred Loretta Bruening Braun (Possibly born Margaret Loretta Clark). Mildred is my grandmother and she was born Aug 6, 1898, 1899 or 1900.
Dave Gillespie

Rick J Bain
Subject: Catherine Brown /Fred M Truax
Hi I am looking for info on the Truax and Brown family 's in St.Paul, I have a pic of Fred Truax and wife Esther Marie Brown with children one daughter who married Allen W Murphy, and also wanting info on Allyn W Brown and Percy F Brown any help is appreciated thank you Rick J Bain

Michael Kingsley
Hello everyone:
I am interested in finding out more information about my great grandfather Oscar Kingsley. He lived in St. Paul ( Ramsey County ) and died in 1896 I believe. He was born in Aasiden, Drammen, Norway in 1865. He was married to Rena Kingsley ( maiden name was Skalstad) and had two children, Leonard and Olga.
I believe he came over in 1879 or 1880. My grandfather Leonard was born in 1895, so I believe the marriage took place in Ramsey county.Rena remarried after to a man named Horace Amundson. The biggest problem I've had is that I think Kingsley was not Oscar's original name. I think it was changed when he entered the U.S.
I am looking for anything that can be provided. Marriage information, boat they came on, where he had worked in St. Paul, or anything else. Nothing is too trivial. Thank you.

Mary Pearson
Reva Brewster was adopted about 1900 in Utica, New York by George and Mattie Plank. They are found in the 1920 census of Ramsey Co., Minnesota, but Reva is not living with them, only a son, Bernard A. Plank. Is Bernard A. Plank still living in Ramsey Co., Minnesota today? If so, I would like very much to hear from him or his descendants.

Kim Lemberg
Am looking for any available info for a Dietrich Harrfeldt. He fought in the Civil War in the 6th Regiment from Ramsey Co., Minnesota. He was born January 18, 1837 in Schleswig-Holstein.
Thank you,All information will be appreciated and reciprocated.
Kim Lemberg - Lake Zurich, Illinois, USA