Union Cemetery, Pleasant Grove, Olmsted Co. MN
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BROWN, William
b. 1841 St. Lawrence Co. N.Y.
d. 13 May 1893 Pleasant Grove
husband of Sarah Margaret BROWN

BROWN, Sarah Margaret nee' Burgan
b. 1855 Pleasant Grove
d. 13 Jun 1925 Pleasant Grove
wife of William BROWN

BURGAN, Alexander Woodward
b. 1851 Iowa
d. 26 Jul 1923 Pleasant Grove
husband of Sara E. BURGAN

BURGAN, Effie Alfaretta (Sutton)
b. 1860
d. 1917
wife of Isaac Eugene BURGAN

BURGAN, Elizabeth nee' Collins
b. 07 Feb 1827 Kentucky
d. 29 Oct 1911 Pleasant Grove
wife of Yelverton Patin BURGAN

BURGAN, Ellinor nee' Collins
b. 12 Aug 1834 Putnam Co. Indiana
d. 02 Jan 1907 Pleasant Grove
wife of William H. BURGAN

BURGAN, Isaac Eugene
b. 1856
d. 1945
husband of Effie Alfaretta (Sutton) Burgan

b. 1854 Massachusetts
d. 1936 Pleasant Grove
wife of Alexander Woodward BURGAN

BURGAN, Sarah Margaret
b. 14 Aug 1853 Pleasant Grove
d. 09 Dec 1860 Pleasant Grove
daughter of Yelverton Patin BURGAN

BURGAN, William H.
b. 26 Jun 1826 Lee Co. Virginia
d. 14 Apr 1911 Pleasant Grove
husband of Ellinor BURGAN

BURGAN, Yelverton Patin
b. 03 Sep 1823 Lee Co. Virginia
d. 28 Feb 1899 Pleasant Grove
husband of Elizabeth A. BURGAN

COLLINS, Avis nee' Smith
b. 1913
d. 1995 Olmsted Co. MN
wife of Dellmar C. COLLINS

COLLINS, Catherine nee' McCarty
b. 13 Nov 1887
d. 08 Jan 1981 Pleasant Grove
wife of Clayton J. COLLINS

COLLINS, Clayton J.
b. 29 Dec 1888
d. 1977 Pleasant Grove
husband of Catherine COLLINS

COLLINS, Dellmar C.
b. 09 Feb 1908
d. 30 Jan 1987 Olmsted Co. MN
husband of Avis COLLINS

COLLINS, Elizabeth nee' Yates
b. 1839 Kentucky
d. Mar 1918 Pleasant Grove
wife of William Henry COLLINS

COLLINS, Joseph E.
b. Nov 1870 Pleasant Grove
d. 24 Mar 1940 Pleasant Grove

COLLINS, William Henry
b. 10 Mar 1830 Somerset Kentucky
d. Sep 1880 Pleasant Grove
husband of Elizabeth COLLINS

b. Apr 06 1880
d. Dec 03 1962
husband of Mary E. MCALISTER

MCALISTER, Mary E. (Brown)
b. Mar 09 1879
d. Nov 20 1952
wife of Charles M. MCALISTER

OUTCALT, Charles A.
b. 13 Jan 1853 Illinois
d. 26 Feb 1913 Pleasant Grove
husband of Mary F. OUTCALT

b. 1871
d. 1949
husband of Mary OUTCALT

b. 1877
d. 1930
wife of John OUTCALT

OUTCALT, Mary F. nee' Burgan
b. 12 Feb 1860
d. 07 Aug 1930 Pleasant Grove
wife of Charles A. OUTCALT

PARKS, Abigail nee' Collins
b. 19 Jun 1842 Pleasant Grove
d. 09 Oct 1867 Pleasant Grove
1st wife of Jonathan Davis PARKS

PARKS, Ann Marie nee' Ready
b. 14 Jul 1829 Ohio
d. 02 Aug 1909 Pleasant Grove
2nd wife of Jonathan Davis PARKS

PARKS, Joseph Lingual
b. 11 Mar 1829 Hendricks Co. Indiana
d. 19 Nov 1882 Pleasant Grove

PARKS, Jonathan Davis
b. 23 Aug 1835 Hendricks Co. Indiana
d. 30 Jun 1913 Pleasant Grove
husband of Abigail PARKS

b. 1859
d. 1942 Pleasant Grove
husband of Mary C. YATES

YATES, Mary C.
b. 1863
d. 1934 Pleasant Grove
wife of Ben YATES

YATES, Benjamin F.
b. 29 Sep 1881 Pleasant Grove
d. 04 Jun 1939 Rochester, Olmsted Co.
husband of Susie YATES

YATES, Susie
b. 1886
d. 1931 Olmsted Co.
wife of Benjamin F. YATES

YATES, Ruel Edward
b. 30 Mar 1871 Pleasant Grove
d. 06 Aug 1973 Pleasant Grove
husband of Aria YATES

b. 1872
d. 1950 Pleasant Grove
wife of Ruel Edward YATES

YATES, Joseph L.
b. 28 Dec 1813 Meadsville, Pennsylvania
d. 06 Apr 1900 Pleasant Grove
husband of Martha Patsy YATES

YATES, Martha Patsy nee' Sparks
b. 1818 Lewis Co. Kentucky
d. 05 Jan 1896 Pleasant Grove
wife of Joseph L. YATES

YATES, Martha Y.
b. 1850 Princeton Wisconsin
d. 1868 Pleasant Grove
daughter of Joseph L. YATES

YATES, John B.
b. 1841 Putnam Co. Indiana
d. 18 Sep 1911 Pleasant Grove
hucband of Matilda Jane YATES

YATES, Matilda Jane nee' Parks
b. May 1848 Indiana
d. 29 Jun 1925 Pleasant Grove
wife of John B. YATES =========================================================================
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