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Nobles County Cemetery Records

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Nobles County

Cemetery Records
Filename File Size Date Submitter
Adrian City Cemetery, Olney Twp. 86 K Nov 11, 2007 Meredith Vaselaar and Gary Boomgaarden
St Adrian Catholic Cemetery, Olney Twp. 105 K Nov 11, 2007 Meredith Vaselaar and Gary Boomgaarden
Emanuel Presbyterian Cemetery, Ransom Township
7 K Aug 14, 2007 Gary Boomgaarden
EMERSON, Isaac Tombstone
2 K May 20, 2007 Gary Boomgaarden
Grand Prairie Cemetery, Grand Prairie Township
53 K Jun 7, 2007 Gary Boomgaarden and Meredith Vaselaar
Kinbrae Cemetery, Graham Lakes Township
17 K Nov 6, 2006 Phyllis Malenke
Larkin Township Cemetery listing 5 K Aug 20, 1997 Pam Reid and Meredith Vaselaar
Norwegian Lutheran Cemetery, Ransom Twp
5 K Aug 16, 2007 Gary Boomgaarden
St Anthony West Cemetery, Lismore Township
5 K Jun 23, 2007 Pam Reid , Gary Boomgaarden and Meredith Vaselaar
St Mary’s Cemetery, Grand Prairie Township
33 K Jun 18, 2007 Gary Boomgaarden
Sunrise Cemetery, Little Rock Township
3 K Apr 23, 2007 Gary Boomgaarden
Westside Cemetery, Westside Township
13 K May 20, 2007 Gary Boomgaarden
Obit and Burial Record for WILKINSON, Charles Zenas (b.1880 d.1896) 3 K Nov 3, 2007 Gary Boomgaarden

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