Westbrook Cemetery


Cottonwood County, Minnesota

(Partial Eichner only)

Westbrook Cemetery view--View looking E of the cemetery from the middle of the northern part of it.
Westbrook Cemetery view--View looking SW from the middle of the cemetery. Oct 1997

Grave of Jacob Friederich and his wife Amanda Elizabeth (Fiene) Eichner. Jake Eichner was one of thirteen children born in Grossbettlingen in Wüerttemberg, Germany, of which eight immigrated to the U.S., four stayed behind, and one died in infancy. [He changed his name from Euchner in 1915].
He was born March 10, 1873, died Dec. 13, 1945. Amanda Eichner was born Sept. 23, 1873, died July 10, 1942. I presume her middle initial "L" on the gravestone must stand for Liz or Liza. A sister of Amanda's married another Euchner brother, David, who remained in Iowa and did not change his name.
Grave of Johann Christian and his wife Anna (Lohse) Eichner. 'Christ' was born April 8, 1882, died June 14, 1954 [Like three of his brothers who also came to Cottonwood Co. from Tama Co., Iowa, he changed his name from Euchner to Eichner in 1915]. Anna was born Nov. 21, 1884, died April 14, 1963.

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