Emanuel Lutheran Cemetery

Rose Hill Township

Cottonwood County, Minnesota

(Partial Eichner only)

Entrance photo showing the NW part of the cemetery and surrounding area; looking SW from the road across the cemetery to the farm beyond. The cemetery is located in Section 28 of Rose Hill Twp., on the south side of an east-west gravel road 1½ miles east of County Road 7. That gravel road runs parallel to, and one mile north of, County Road 13. The corner where you would turn east off County 7 is about 5 miles south of Westbrook.

Grave of Johann George & Elizabeth Theresa (Yahnke) Eichner [George changed his name from Euchner in 1915], the eldest of thirteen children born in Grossbettlingen in Wüerttemberg, Germany, of which eight immigrated to the U.S., four stayed behind, and one died in infancy. He was born August 27, 1866 and died July 22, 1957, and was a pioneer to Cottonwood Co., and came there from Tama Co., Iowa in 1889. His wife Elizabeth Eichner was born July 29, 1869, and died August 6, 1951.
Grave of Johann Friedrich & Theresia (Yahnke) Eichner [Fred or 'Fritz' changed his name from Euchner in 1915]. Brother of George Eichner. Born Oct. 30, 1877, died Feb. 25, 1962. His wife Theresia Eichner was born Aug. 19, 1879, died Dec. 28, 1919. If she was related to George's wife Elizabeth it was not closely.

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