Denton Township Cemetery
Denton Township, Roscommon County

Denton Township Cemetery Sign

Tombstone Photographs

The Denton Township Cemetery is located on Owens Road, Prudenville.


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Text & Description (Click this Link for Description, Photo Link for Image)Photo LinkDateSubmitter
Brietzke, Gerhard M. & Sally A. Image 134K Jun 2011 R Keifer
Chase, Erwin F. Image 104K Jul 2011 R Keifer
Clark, Richard W. Image 128K Jun 2011 R Keifer
Elliott Jr., John D. Image 120K Jul 2011 R Keifer
Erickson, Richard & Florence Image 122K Jul 2011 R Keifer
Evans, Alice M. Image 147K Jul 2011 R Keifer
Faber, Elizabeth M. Image 102K Jul 2011 R Keifer
Faber, Fred A. Image 128K Jul 2011 R Keifer
Farris, Edward Bud Image 114K Jun 2011 R Keifer
Fuller, Ralph J. & Alice B. Image 95K Jul 2011 R Keifer
Golm, Edward H. Image 113K Jun 2011 R Keifer
Kappen, Joseph H.
Image xxxxCarol Morrison
Harrison, Virginia & Earl Image 110K Jul 2011 R Keifer
Holmberg, Gerald Image 108K Jul 2011 R Keifer
Holmberg, Victoria Image 114K Jul 2011 R Keifer
Ireland, Merle & June Image 107K Jul 2011 R Keifer
Knavel, Barbara A. Image 111K Jun 2011 R Keifer
Lownsbery, Ora E. Image 99K Jul 2011 R Keifer
MacDonald, Lois & Ray Image 100K Jul 2011 R Keifer
MacDonald, Susan J. Image 197K Jun 2011 R Keifer
Marx, Ferdinand J. Image 114K Jun 2011 R Keifer
McDougall, Floyd C. Image 129K Jul 2011 R Keifer
Neshich, Bozidar S. Image 131K Jun 2011 R Keifer
Norton, Gertrude L. Image 141K Jul 2011 R Keifer
Plucinski, Richard A. Image 80K Jul 2011 R Keifer
Rudy Sr., Robert E. Image 61K Jul 2011 R Keifer
Sawyer, Gil & Nola Image 141K Jul 2011 R Keifer
Scott, Earl Ray Image 140K Jul 2011 R Keifer
Smart, Dennis Eugene Image 116K Jul 2011 R Keifer
Sturge, Orloff J. Image 114K Jul 2011 R Keifer
Tompsett, Robert Image 89K Jul 2011 R Keifer
Vine, S. T. Image 78K Jun 2011 R Keifer
Ward, Carol Anne Image 137K Jul 2011 R Keifer
White, Henry G. & Flora M. Image 105K Jun 2011 R Keifer
Wyckoff, Maynard O. & Beatrice M. Image 111K Jun 2011 R Keifer
Zaborski, John C. Image 117K Jul 2011 R Keifer
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