Crescent Hills Cemetery
Waterford Township, Oakland County

Crescent Hills Cemetery Gate

Tombstone Photographs

The Crescent Cemetery is located at 5170 Civic Center Drive (On Crescent Lake Rd, Next to Main Library) in Waterford Township


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Text & Description (Click this Link for Description, Photo Link for Image) Photo Link Date Submitter
****gate**** July 12, 2007 Image 126K Jul 2007 Jesse Winters
Albertson, Clayton P & Sophie H Image 274K Jan 2007 Bob Albertson
Belcher, Curtis V Image 91K Jul 2007 Jesse Winters
Brady, James H. Image 73K Jul 2007 Jesse Winters
Bushart, Pfc. Damian S. Image 91K Jul 2007 Jesse Winters
Campbell, Larry A. (Military) Image 112K Sep 2007 Jesse Winters
Conkle, Essie Mae Image 147K Sep 2007 Jesse Winters
Coon, Jesse B. Image 53K Nov 2009 Char Kenny
Danielson, Eugene A. Image 81K Jul 2007 Jesse Winters
Dixon, Kermit & Mary N. Image 105K Jul 2007 Jesse Winters
Dixon, Cpl. Kermit Image 101K Jul 2007 Jesse Winters
Donaldson, Jere R. Image 108K Jul 2007 Jesse Winters
Duke, Alvie E. Image 68K Jul 2007 Jesse Winters
Dunigan, Loren E. Image 54K Jul 2007 Jesse Winters
Farmer, Thomas F. (Military) Image 116K Sep 2007 Jesse Winters
Fowler, James W. Image 104K Jul 2007 Jesse Winters
Gnass, Anna Mae Duarte Image 200K Aug 2007 Julie Witkowski
Gnass, John Francis Image 196K Aug 2007 Julie Witkowski
Gorham, Myrtle & Jack Image 120K Jul 2007 Jesse Winters
Grandstaff, William V. (Military) Image 132K Sep 2007 Jesse Winters
Halvorson, Ella L. & Gerhard J. Image 75K Nov 2009 Char Kenny
Happ, Gage Edward Image 52K Nov 2009 Char Kenny
Jackson, James R. (Military) Image 143K Sep 2007 Jesse Winters
Keehn, Hailey I. Image 63K Nov 2009 Char Kenny
Kolasa, Alexander J. Image 91K Jul 2007 Jesse Winters
Kolasa, Alexander J. Image 66K Jul 2007 Jesse Winters
Krapohl, Wesley F. Image 58K Nov 2009 Char Kenny
Larrance, Ora R. Image 66K Nov 2009 Char Kenny
Lawson, Jillian Judith Image 56K Nov 2009 Char Kenny
Martin, Karlie M. Image 114K Jul 2007 Jesse Winters
Kuhn, Margaret (Maybry) Walling Image 258K Apr 2007 Robert C Albertson
Mayes, Obie R. Image 93K Jul 2007 Jesse Winters
McAmis, Emory P. (Military) Image 90K Sep 2007 Jesse Winters
Meacham, Beverly F. & Phillip C. Image 90K Nov 2009 Char Kenny
Minhinnick, Thurlo Gregory Image 93K Sep 2007 Jesse Winters
Moore, Tina Marie Image 50K Nov 2009 Char Kenny
Neil, Randolph (Military) Image 123K Sep 2007 Jesse Winters
Neil, Rolland R. (Military) Image 110K Sep 2007 Jesse Winters
Nellett, Francis G. Image 127K Jul 2007 Jesse Winters
Nellett, Janet J. (Thiel) Image 94K Jul 2007 Jesse Winters
Newman, Elnora & Donald Image 95K Jul 2007 Jesse Winters
Pass, Floyd W. Image 106K Jul 2007 Jesse Winters
Patch, James A. Image 124K Jul 2007 Jesse Winters
Patch, Ryan S. Image 78K Jul 2007 Jesse Winters
Pearsall, Sgt. R.mark Image 141K Jul 2007 Jesse Winters
Price, William R. (Military) Image 52K Sep 2007 Jesse Winters
Schons, Robert "bobby" M. Image 70K Jul 2007 Jesse Winters
Sinsabaugh, Dorothy & Charles Image 127K Jul 2007 Jesse Winters
Smades, Kelly C. Image 144K Jul 2007 Jesse Winters
Smith, Onie E. Image 99K Nov 2009 Char Kenny
Smith, Robert P. Image 100K Nov 2009 Char Kenny
Spitzbarth, Bryan Roy Image 157K Jul 2007 Jesse Winters
Stephens, Mary Image 62K Jul 2007 Jesse Winters
Stock, Heather Erin & Sean Courtney Image 65K Nov 2009 Char Kenny
Stoutenburg, Madison Lynn Image 84K Jul 2007 Jesse Winters
Swain, Earl Image 98K Nov 2009 Char Kenny
Tappen, David K. Image 72K Jul 2007 Jesse Winters
Tipton, Cody Kevin Image 62K Nov 2009 Char Kenny
Tipton, Tyler Ray Image 66K Nov 2009 Char Kenny
Walker, Clifford James (Military) Image 142K Sep 2007 Jesse Winters
Walker, Danny O. Image 133K Sep 2007 Jesse Winters
Walker, Elaine A. Image 102K Sep 2007 Jesse Winters
Warren, Lavada & Joe Image 111K Jul 2007 Jesse Winters
Whaley, Charlie E. Image 68K Nov 2009 Char Kenny
Whaley, Larry C. Image 83K Nov 2009 Char Kenny
White, Larry F. & Ruth E. Image 138K Jul 2007 Jesse Winters
Whiteside, Ted Walter Jr. Image 90K Sep 2007 Jesse Winters
Wilkinson, James Edward Image 60K Nov 2009 Char Kenny
Wilson, Mykayla S. Image 64K Nov 2009 Char Kenny
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