Strickland Cemetery
Alaiedon Township, Ingham County, Mason


Section 19.  On Holt Road, a bit West of the intersection of Holt Road and Hagadorn Road in Mason.  On the corner of Holt & Hagadorn Roads is an old schoolhouse which is the future office of Discount Trees. This is an inactive cemetery - possibly on private land.  The headstones are either buried under the dirt and grass or broken.  Someone has taken the time to prop up some of the headstones.  No sign associated with this cemetery.


From The Pioneer History of Ingham County, published in 1923.  Compiled and arranged by Mrs. Franc L. Adams, Secretary of the Ingham County Pioneer and Historical Society:

"Just west of our school is the Strickland cemetery.  I am sorry to say it is a disgrace, grown up to brush, and it ought to shame any man in town enough to see that it is put in good shape.  Once in our Sunday school we appointed a cemetery committee to put it in order.  We thought we had the good work started, but the men would not act, so there we are.  Some would like to move it, while others say the law is such it cannot be moved.  It is full of graves, and a good share of their relatives are gone, so there is no one to take any interest in the matter."

"I find that Joel B. Strickland took up his land from the government Dec. 10, 1835, on section 19, and John Strickland took up land on the same date on section 20.  Nathaniel Blaine owned the land on the north side of the road going east."


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Text & Description (Click this Link for Description, Photo Link for Image)Photo LinkDateSubmitter
Blain, N. Image 220KMay 2007Terri Vance
Blain, Unknown Image 228KMay 2007Terri Vance
Hudson, Benjamin F. Image 113KSep 2007Allison Findlay
Hudson, Catharine Image 235KMay 2007Terri Vance
Hudson, John Image 240KMay 2007Terri Vance
Irwin, Malvina Image 261KMay 2007Terri Vance
Phillips, Elias S. Image 233KMay 2007Terri Vance
Randolph, J. C. Image 201KMay 2007Terri Vance
Strickland, Celia Image 245KMay 2007Terri Vance
Strickland, Catharine Image 236KMay 2007Terri Vance
Strickland, Charley Image 215KMay 2007Terri Vance
Strickland, Eddie D. Image 264KMay 2007Terri Vance
Strickland, Ira Image 238KMay 2007Terri Vance
Strickland, Joel B. Image 211KMay 2007Terri Vance
Strickland, Johny Image 215KMay 2007Terri Vance
Strickland, John Image 239KMay 2007Terri Vance
Strickland, John P. Image 194KMay 2007Terri Vance
Strickland, John P. Image 232KMay 2007Terri Vance
Strickland, Randolph Image 215KMay 2007Terri Vance
Strickland, Sally Image 200KMay 2007Terri Vance
Strickland, Silas Image 215KMay 2007Terri Vance
Strickland, William D. Image 201KMay 2007Terri Vance
Turner, David K. Image 227KMay 2007Terri Vance
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