Flint Memorial Park Cemetery
Mt Morris, Genesee County

Flint Memorial Park Cemetery Sign      

Tombstone Photographs

The Flint Memorial Park Cemetery is located on 9506 N. Dort Hwy, Mt Morris.


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Text & Description (Click this Link for Description, Photo Link for Image) Photo LinkDateSubmitter
Flint Memorial Park SignImage xxxx Marcia Shears
Flint Memorial Park Entrance - View 2 Image xxxx Marcia Shears
Adle (Wills), Frederick & MarionImage 138K Nov 2005Donna Irvan
Ananich, Sue Image ...K Feb 2013 Ron Lambert
Anderson, Martha & Carl Image 94KJul 2005Elizabeth Freville
Apperson, Peter E. & Ethel L. Image 173K Mar 2010 Lois Hart
Baker, Lillian M Image 61K Jun 2009 Debbie Mason
Bearinger, Leona L. (Glenn)
23 Jun 1925 - 8 Dec 1984, Daughter of Edward A. Glenn and Ethel M. (Sinn) Glenn
Image xxxxMarcia Shears
Becker-Rickard, Sandra Anne Image 209K May 2009 Kimberly Amble
Black, Myrtle F. Image ...K Feb 2013 Ron Lambert
Boulter, Annie G. Image 148K May 2009 Kimberly Amble
Buytas, Bonnie Heather Cameron Image 157K Jun 2009 Jan Cortez The Registry
Buytas, Michael John Image 156K Jun 2009 Jan Cortez The Registry
Cameron, Lillian H. Image 159K Jun 2009 Jan Cortez The Registry
Cameron, Victor P. Image 152K Jun 2009 Jan Cortez The Registry
Congdon, Harold & Vera Louise (Glenn)
26 Aug 1923 - 27 Apr 1996, husband of Vera, & 4 Jun 1927 - 1 Sep 1994, Daughter of Edward A. & Ethel (Sinn) Glenn
Image xxxx Marcia Shears
Cowles, Douglas Ray Image 61K Jun 2009 Debbie Mason
Daly, Doris O. Image 106K Nov 2010 Lois Hart
Daly, Edward John Image 177K Mar 2010 Lois A. Hart
Daly, Edwin L. Image 104K May 2011 Lois Hart
Draheim, Henry E. & Mary A. Image 91K Jul 2009 Lois Hart
Durham, Harvey Image 129K Mar 2010 Lois Hart
Durham, James K. Image 156K Oct 2012 Lois Hart
Durham, Lillian A. Image 161K Mar 2010 Lois Hart
Dutcher, Margaret L. Image 86K Nov 2010 Lois Hart
Eckstein, Richard Eugene Image 244K Apr 2009 Kimberly Perry
Englehart, Jeannette R. (Duvernois)
1941-1986, Section YY, Lot 119
Image xxxxCarol Morrison
Flick, Charles Joseph Image 30K Jul 2009 Nancy Loehr
Glenn, Ethel M. (Sinn)
10 Nov 1889 - 10 Jan 1971, Mother of Vera Louise Congdon
Image xxxx Marcia Shears
Goodroe, John R.
Image 101K Jul 2005James L. Goodroe
Goodroe, Kevin James Image 852KJul 2006James And Carol Goodroe
Hall, Sueann Frances Image 157K Mar 2010 Lois A. Hart
Hart, Alan L. & Bonnie L. Image 118K Jul 2009 Lois Hart
Hart, Baby Daughter Image 146K Apr 2010 Lois Hart
Hart, Judson T. & Beulah A. Image 113K Jul 2009 Lois Hart
Hebert, Elsie M. And Claude H. Image 199K Dec 2011 L Finkle
Hicks, C. D. & Mattie Image 42KJan 2007Bob Walls
Hicks, Daisy Pearl Image 48K Jan 2007Bob Walls
Hicks, Marvin E. Image 127KJan 2007Bob Walls
Hicks, Pansy D. Image 43KJan 2007Bob Walls
Hicks, William E. Image 126KJan 2007Bob Walls
Hinkle, Homer John & Justine Image 117K Jul 2009 Lois Hart
Huber, Robert Theodore Image 108K Oct 2012 Lois Hart
Huber, Theodore & May Image 82K Oct 2012 Lois Hart
Jago, Reginald W Image ...K Sep 2010 Angelynn Gebstadt
Jago, Roberta E Image ...K Sep 2010 Angelynn Gebstadt
Kinzel, James E. Image 94K Jun 2013 Tammy Prz
Kinzel, Thelma L Image 84K Jun 2013 Tammy Prz
Kirbitz, August H. & Marie T. Image 106K Mar 2010 Lois A. Hart
Kirbitz, Eric M. Image 142K May 2011 Lois Hart
Kirbitz, Helen & Willis Image 105K Mar 2010 Lois A. Hart
Kirbitz, John H. Image 111K Mar 2010 Lois A. Hart
Kirbitz, Karen Elaine Image 160K May 2011 Lois Hart
Kirbitz, Martin A. & Dora M. Image 98K May 2011 Lois Hart
Kirbitz, Robert M. & Orpha E. Image 106K May 2011 Lois Hart
Kovach, Paul J. & Nina E. Image 86K Jul 2009 Lois Hart
Lannon, Clarence J. & Norma M. Image 130K Oct 2012 Lois Hart
Martin, William Milo
1906-1965, Husband of Frances Margaret, Also photo of William
Image xxxxLaura Horton
McCarthy, Dean C. & Dorothy B. Image 106K May 2011 Lois Hart
McCarthy, Nancy Ruth Image 120K May 2011 Lois Hart
Mc Cracken, Robert Elmer Image ...K Sep 2010 Angelynn Gebstadt
Mc Cracken, Sarah Elfreda Image ...K Sep 2010 Angelynn Gebstadt
McCrandall, JamesImage 82K Oct 2005Donna Irvan
McCrandall, Mack J.Image 78KOct 2005Donna Irvan
McCrandall, MarionImage 92K Oct 2005Donna Irvan
(Powell) McCrandall, MarthaImage 242K Oct 2005Donna Irvan
McCullough, Dale V.
b. March 1933 d. September 1999 This is my Father, born in Rexton, Michigan
Image xxxx Sheryl Turner
McCullough, Jennie G. (King)
b. January 1899 d. August 1980 This was Dale V. McCullough's Mother and my Grandmother. My Grandmother was born in Union Grove, Alabama.
Image xxxx Sheryl Turner
Martin, Frances Margaret (Beemer)
1903-1963, Wife of William Milo, Also photo of Frances
Image xxxxLaura Horton
Muhn, Dorothy G Image ...K Sep 2010 Angelynn Gebstadt
Muhn, Thomas O Image ...K Sep 2010 Angelynn Gebstadt
Nitzschke, Family Marker Image 88K Jul 2009 Lois Hart
Nitzschke, Jay D. Image 138K Jul 2009 Lois Hart
Nitzschke, Jay D. & Madolyn J. Image 133K Jul 2009 Lois Hart
Pearce, Olive May Image 64KSep 2007Sandy Kisser
Pittman, Daniel Webster Image 91KJan 2008Web Pittman
Pittman, Frances Ellen Image 105KJan 2008Web Pittman
Rickard, Albert John Image 135K May 2009 Kimberly Amble
Savage, Henry Image 92K Mar 2010 Lois Hart
Savage, Viola A. Image 149K Mar 2010 Lois Hart
Schermerhorn, Giles W. & Ida F. Image 82K Jul 2009 Lois Hart
Steward, Scott Allen
1964, Son of Jeannette R, Sec. ZZ, Lot 67
Image xxxxCarol Morrison
Shreve, Marie Dorothy Image 122K May 2011 Lois Hart
Sisler, Harry O. & Evelyn M. Image 174K Mar 2010 Lois A. Hart
Steward, Sharri Lynn
1965-1983, Daughter of Jeannette R, Sec. ZZ, Lot 67
Image xxxxCarol Morrison
Struck, Francis E. & Martha L. Image 84K Jul 2009 Lois Hart
Tonkin, Bert & Clara W. Image 70KSep 2005Donna Irvan
Vik, Hazel M. & Martin A. Image 100KJul 2005Elizabeth Freville
Wills (Gilmore), MaeImage 92K Nov 2005Donna Irvan
Wills, William CharlesImage 91K Nov 2005Donna Irvan
Yonts, Everette Image 129K May 2011 Lois Hart
Young, Frances Marie Image 108K Jul 2009 Lois Hart
Zimmerman, John A. & Amelia C, Image 72K Mar 2010 Lois Hart
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