Oak Hill Cemetery
Battle Creek, Calhoun County

Tombstone Photographs

The Oak Hill Cemetery is located at 255 South Ave (Southeast corner of South Avenue and Oak Hill Drive) in Battle Creek.

Oak Hill Cemetery was established on March 25, 1844. The first person buried in Oak Hill was Esther Cox on May 21, 1844.

Also buried here people that were buried in the first cemetery in Battle Creek (Section 1, Champion and Washington Streets, Battle Creek. Moved to Oak Hill in 1844.)



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Text & Description (Click this Link for Description, Photo Link for Image) Photo Link Date Submitter
Entrance To Oak Hill Cemetery 2004 Image 149K Aug 2005 Mary Zednick
Oak Hill, Cemetery Map Image 84K Oct 2005 Sara Rice
Oak Hill Chapel November 17, 2006 Image 95K Jan 2008 Dave & Robin Ellis
Oak Hill Abbey Mausoleum Image 52K Feb 2007 Dave & Robin Ellis
Oak Hill Abbey Mausoleum Memorial Monument (Front) Image 281K Mar 2007 Dave & Robin Ellis
Oak Hill Abbey Mausoleum Memorial Monument (Back) Image 258K Mar 2007 Dave & Robin Ellis
Footsteps Of Adventist Pioneers Flag. Apr 2006 Image 101K Apr 2006 Dave & Robin Ellis
James S. & Ellen G. White Historical Marker Apr 2006 Image 111K Jan 2007 Dave & Robin Ellis
World War Monument May 6, 2006 Image 125K Feb 2007 Dave & Robin Ellis
2 Unknown Civil War Soldiers Image 121K Feb 2008 Dave & Robin Ellis
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