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Justice of the Peace Marriages

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This is an index of the Marriages in the record book of the Ogden Township, Lenawee Co., MI Justice of the Peace - Dates from May 1, 1858 to June 4, 1877.
This book is located at the Lenawee County Historical Museum in Adrian, MI.
The Author of this book: William Houghtby, JOP.
You will find through the whole book, recipes written between court cases and marriage records, no author listed.
Bon apatite & Happy Hunting!
Crazy Cemetery Ladies of Lenawee County

Groom Surname Groom name Married Year Bride Surname Bride name Image
Allen Albert R 31-Oct 1861 Caraghar Mary A Image
Allen Philander B 7-Oct 1859 Warner Rhoda Image
Bacon George 9-May 1869 Newton Charity L Image
Barber Shubal M 19-Jun 1861 Houtt Hester Image
Barden John L 21-Dec 1865 Herrick Celinda Image
Blain Charles 3-Feb 1867 Roop Esther Ann Image
Blain James W H no date 1865 Robinson Louisa Image
Boomer William H 18-Feb 1863 Sheldon Harriet Image
Boon A C 28-Dec 1865 Bay Barbara Image
Bunting Francis 19-Oct 1873 Foor Rachell Image
Bwig Victor 3-May 1875 Smidet Mary Image
Clark Hugh 15-Sep 1861 Mathews C A Image
Comstock Milon 17-Jan 1875 Young Hattie Image
Conklin Cassious R 15-Jan 1876 Lathrop Ella Image
Cooper James H 2-Jul 1866 Shoefelt Sarah Jane Image
Courill Amasa C 16-Aug 1863 Tury Arenia Louisa Image
Covell Chiver R 1-Jan 1862 Johnson Nancy Jane Image
Crocket Willard 18-Mar 1863 Rice Hannah E Image
Crockett David 22-Nov 1866 Sebring Caroline Image
Crosland William J 23-Jan 1877 Hurd Lucy Image
Davis Philander 3-Feb 1866 McNitt Loeasa Image
Deck Daniel F 16-Feb 1865 Huflih Anna Mary Image
Duncan Isaac 23-Dec 1866 Welch Emma Image
Duncan Peter 12-May 1861 Koder Louisa Jane Image
Duncan G W 18-Dec 1865 Irwin Martha Jane Image
Egnew George 4-Jul 1861 Young Cathern Image
Fennant Francis A 7-Mar 1875 Corben Elva R Image
Fashbaugh Milton 28-Aug 1864 Teachworth Lucy Image
Fleming Harrison 26-Mar 1859 Fashbaugh Elizabeth Jane Image
Garsey Albert 27-Jan 1867 Brockway Aurilla Image
Gillmore Ira 29-Dec 1865 Bates Amelia Image
Goodwin Heiland 14-Nov 1865 Eliott Elmira Y Image
Goodwin Heiland no date 1862 Sebring Francis Image
Goodwin Oliver R 12-Apr 1866 Henwood Nancy Image
Grover Aden L 6-Mar 1868 Hunter Garrett Image
Grover George R 1-Feb 1874 Hamp Maryett Image
Gun C O 1-Aug 1864 Allen Almyra Ann Image
Hallet John 20-Oct 1874 Crout Myra Image
Hallett James 3-Jul 1869 Champhlin Marie Image
Hamp Eli 5-Mar 1876 Templeton Rebecka Image
Hamp Fredrick 25-Nov 1858 Bathrick Amanda Image
Hayden F B 17-Jan 1865 Swank Caroline Image
Heater William 24-Dec 1862 Babes Martha Jane Image
Heibner Allen 2-Jun 1863 Samson Nancy Image
Henrick William H 14-Oct 1865 Myers Louiza Image
Hile Nicholos V 28-Dec 1865 Robertson Caroline L Image
Koder George no date 1866 Perecival Ann Image
Koder Andrew J 1-Nov 1874 Hamp Chlaracia A Image
LaBounty George 18-Jan 1874 Albring Ella R Image
Lador Ezra 31-May 1868 Kohler Rosana Image
Lake Henry 26-Jan 1859 Sheffer Sarah Image
Massey William 4-Jun 1877 Hughes Allie Image
Massey Willliam 17-Dec 1873 Mosh Mary Image
McCoy Harvey 20-Oct 1867 Richland Ann Koder Image
Merritt Henry 31-Dec 1865 Hallet Jennie S Image
Metts William 9-Feb 1868 Hephinger Elizabeth Image
Miller Joseph P 4-Jul 1861 Koder Julia Ann Image
Moebus John W 23-Mar 1865 Myers Matilda M Image
Munion Flenory 4-Oct 1868 Grover Alice Image
Nearing Napolean 12-Jan 1868 Duncan Ellen Image
Newten Charles W 26-Oct 1867 Fetter Rebecka A Image
Palmer William 13-Dec 1866 Bevilhamer Mary Image
Perciman William 3-Sep 1865 Koder Ellen Image
Pered David H 14-Nov 1862 Duncan Phebe Y Image
Poorman Barnet R 14-May 1867 Poomroy Alcinda Image
Ritchey Amanad 28-Nov 1858 Zimmerman Rebeckah Jane Image
Robb George 4-Nov 1868 Boroughs Ellie Image
Robertson Isaiah W 17-Mar 1867 Packard Amanda Image
Rockwood Ananias K 20-Nov 1865 Brown Anvernette Image
Ross Willima H 13-May 1875 Ross Maria Image
Russell Lorenzo S 20-May 1868 Larkins Sarah Jane Image
Schmitt Henry 19-Nov 1868 Ottgen Margarett Image
Scmitz Joseph 9-Nov 1876 Pullen Julia Image
Seager Perry D 24-Jan 1864 Grove Francis J Image
Sebring George A 3-Jan 1863 Crockett Clarissa Image
Simonton John C 30-Jun 1874 Canger Julia F Image
Stanbager Daniel 2-Jun 1861 Koder Maryette Image
Stanberger John Y 20-Aug 1863 Fashbaugh Rebecka Image
Stout Cornelious 7-Nov 1876 Beeker Ellen Image
Swift George M no date 1865 Egnew Cathern Image
Talmatier James 2-Nov 1873 Hall Lucinda Image
Thomson LaFarett 9-Nov 1874 Gear Hattie Image
Tremain John James 20-Mar 1859 Meeker Nancy Image
Walter John 28-Jan 1864 Ritchey Rebecka Image
Watkins Jasper 23-Aug 1875 Moor-Hugh Eliza Image
Webster George 28-May 1865 Blain Ellen Image
Welch William W 28-Aug 1864 Thayer Caroline Image
Welch Nathaniel 2-Apr 1876 Smith Eliza Image
Westbrook J A 15-Sep 1861 Williams Elisa Image
Whitmore S W 29-Sep 1861 Barry Virginia Image
Winchell Eli 17-Dec 1865 Young Ellen Image
Winters Henry R 2-Jun 1875 Baker Ellen Image
Witten D W 4-Jul 1865 Stout Susanah Image
Youman Thomas 24-Jan 1864 Potter Ann E Image
Young Henry 18-Sep 1864 Barker Catherine E Image
Young Austin 8-Sep 1859 Grove Melinda Image
Zeigler Philip 19-Aug 1860 Sarack Sarah Image
Zimmerman Jacob 13-Feb 1859 Wilber Sarah Lavina Image

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