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Justice of the Peace Marriages

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This is an index of the Marriages in the record book of the Fairfield Twp. Justices of the Peace from 1875 to 1921.
The index & images of the pages were done by the Crazy Cemetery Ladies of Lenawee County, 2008, and contributed April 2009.
The book is located at the Lenawee County Museum in Adrian, Michigan.

GROOM - last name GROOM - first name BRIDE - last name BRIDE - first name Date Married Page
Atherton C W Palmer Alice 4/27/1884 Image
Aylsworth Marvin Rumsey Augusta 7/5/1884 Image
Baker Horace L Shaw Hartuta J 4/24/1880 Image
Bebee Warren Bunday Loretta Jane 10/30/1878 Image
Bedell Martin V Bracy Cloe 1/4/1880 Image
Benniss David B Dewey Alma 8/25/1878 Image
Breckenridge F W Cole Clara M 2/16/1884 Image
Bresler Charles W White Elinor 9/27/1873 Image
Burroughs Martin Dodge Cordelia 1/1/1878 Image
Cain George H Cook Ella 12/18/1881 Image
Calkins Don E Arnold Minnie B 5/31/1884 Image
Canfield Albert E Welch Pearl E 2/26/1905 Image
Carpenter Lutien E Key Anna L 12/31/1874 Image
Carpenter Morris J Brockways Bessie O 2/8/1891 Image
Carr John E Heyter Emma M 3/12/1885 Image
Chapman Charley A Lang Minnie 8/3/1886 Image
Conklin Meilon Crockett Hattie 11/18/1883 Image
Crelly Peter Worden Agnes 11/25/1878 Image
Crout George W Vaughn Ursula E 3/20/1887 Image
Dodge Daniel B Philipp Mary Ann 7/2/1880 Image
Dodge James H Myers Caroline S 9/7/1881 Image
Donnelly William Hamp Julia A 8/5/1883 Image
Dunbar Joseph L Allen Matilda E 3/12/1883 Image
Earl Thomas Earl Mary 5/4/1878 Image
Fenton Horrace Waffle Lou A 11/14/1884 Image
Fox George Newman Sarah E 2/22/1885 Image
Furgeson Alva H Gee Gertrude 11/15/1908 Image
Gaddey William J Wheeler Mary A 1/28/1882 Image
Gaddy Charles Freeman Sarah 1877 Image
Gee Charles A Elliott Mary 10/26/1884 Image
Goodale Marian Hackett Martha L 3/3/1884 Image
Granger Wilfard Wilcox Clara D 3/16/1884 Image
Green Chester A Seward Faye S 12/15/1912 Image
Green Chester A Seward Ethel N 8/12/1919 Image
Grey Charles F Sheldon Ella E 12/12/1880 Image
Hackett John Sanders Ella 1/16/1876 Image
Haffer George Niles Elva 11/11/1883 Image
Hamp Eli Griesinger Ada M 12/24/1883 Image
Hampton John E Wilson Ida I 9/2/1880 Image
Harsh Leonard Ritchey Urilla 3/23/1879 Image
Harsh Elmer Rhinehart Tessie 6/17/1908 Image
Heckert Israel L McMunn Mattie M 9/22/1878 Image
Henderson Ransom Henderson Emma 10/8/1878 Image
Hill William M Johnson Sylvia 1/3/1911 Image
Hodges Charles C Hoadley Julia M 12/24/1911 Image
Houghtby John J Gestwite Sarah A 9/18/1881 Image
Howe William Casa Rosa 6/13/1886 Image
Huff Charles D Mecguilon Ettie 11/16/1884 Image
Jeffers Fred A Shaffer Manirva 12/30/1883 Image
Johnson Arby D Sellers Effie A 12/22/1878 Image
Jorden Benjamin W Fint Carrie C 9/24/1887 Image
Knapp Frank M Wilber Della A 2/18/1883 Image
Koder Ivan Smalley Mayme 12/24/1907 Image
Kromberg Louis Bresler Eleanor 9/14/1905 Image
Lapoint William P Armstrong Sarah D 11/4/1875 Image
Lepher Ellis Hale Addie 10/10/1880 Image
Lowe John L Daniels Luna 2/17/1884 Image
Mabash Thomas Brown Meda 12/6/1904 Image
Malash Thomas Reighard Lilly 9/18/1920 Image
Mattison Erwin H Munson Ida M 1/21/1905 Image
Mayburry George Brim Annie 12/25/1880 Image
McArthur Giles Disbrow Alice 11/21/1880 Image
McMunn Herbert O Liston Jennie C 3/4/1883 Image
Mullholland J Otis Sheldon Cassie M 10/3/1880 Image
Myers Peter Hall Mary Unknown Image
Newton Levi J Campbell Lydia 4/8/1877 Image
Newton Solomon M Hendee Agusta 11/19/1878 Image
Olds Franklin McArthur Ida 8/13/1876 Image
Palmer Lemuel Bracey Minnie 6/28/1886 Image
Parrent Charles Heffron Eliza 8/24/1878 Image
Raymond Joseph W Fox Eliza 6/26/1886 Image
Retan Albert P Bennington Elizabeth 10/19/1884 Image
Reynolds Ira L Terry Lenora 7/3/1878 Image
Richardson Charley A Thurston Lyda J 4/17/1883 Image
Richardson Stephen A Myres Kate 2/6/1887 Image
Rinehart James S Heckert Lepha C 9/27/1886 Image
Ritchey Linza Dolph Lilie 12/31/1876 Image
Robb John M Newton Carrie D 7/3/1876 Image
Rose George Flemming Harriett L 11/5/1876 Image
Ross Charles O Miller Elmira 10/9/1881 Image
Rounes Andrew B Barker Jennie 6/11/1881 Image
Rowley David Sanders Anna 9/5/1877 Image
Rynd Nicolason J Tiney Alice M 4/21/1878 Image
Sampson Lorrin Rogers Maggie 11/14/1875 Image
Sampson George Austin Olive 5/28/1876 Image
Santee Schuyler H Harsh Martha R 2/24/1884 Image
Sawyer Ford Gaddy Althea 8/14/1908 Image
Schrock John Cole Annie 6/10/1883 Image
Seward Smith Myers Caroline 9/15/1880 Image
Seward Charles L Patterson Alice J 7/29/1883 Image
Sheldon Ervin Root Jennie 8/26/1880 Image
Shepard Sinkler McClellan Anna 2/4/1904 Image
Smalley Ernest Ragless Lettie J 12/10/1890 Image
Smith Ira Hinckley Ida 12/30/1880 Image
Smith Martin Brockways Alice A 3/8/1891 Image
Smith Frank Bracey Nora 8/30/1908 Image
Smout William P Melosh Mary S 6/23/1880 Image
Sollows Max Shoemaker Ella 7/15/1921 Image
Sprague Walter P Miers Louisa L 9/18/1878 Image
Sprague Charles C Conklin Maheltie R 12/23/1883 Image
States Edward E Stoddard Nellie S 8/24/1879 Image
Stedman Thomas Blain Emma 7/3/1876 Image
Stetton Adam Sallows Emma 11/24/1878 Image
Stever Arthur S Stout Dexie A 11/21/1880 Image
Stever Stephen J Hoadley Emma 12/6/1880 Image
Stilwell William W List Louisa M 12/26/1880 Image
Stout Cornelius C Fox Amy 12/22/1909 Image
Strong Valney Carter Alice M 3/28/1879 Image
Stuck Moses Stublins Hannah M 11/28/1890 Image
Terry William J Bradley Cora E 9/14/1884 Image
Tubbs Arthur Goldsmith Diantha 6/19/1877 Image
Uloth J H Tiffany Ella A 3/24/1878 Image
Vaughn Harvey R Canfield Jenny 3/12/1883 Image
Welch Charles M Gaddy Gladys 8/6/1918 Image
Whitehead John W Jordan Olive 8/21/1877 Image
Whiton Hexekiah Bennett Elizabeth A 6/29/1879 Image
Whiton H James Cotton Clara O 4/15/1891 Image
Wilcox Barton L Hayward Lillie M 8/18/1885 Image
Wolf George W Keeler Eliza Ann 9/22/1878 Image
Wood Harrison Crile Elizabeth 11/5/1876 Image
Word Fred L Wage Martha 2/1/1873 Image

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