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Lenawee County MI
White Bros. Funeral Home Records
Photograph of Lewis A. White

White Brothers (Mortuary) - Fairfield Twp, Lenawee Co., MI
Lewis White: b.1853, d.1938
Orlando White: b. Aug 25, 1856, d. Dec 1, 1934
This book is dated from 1905 to 1930.
Embalmers License: 937 - Sub-registrar Certificate: 374
Embalmers License cancelled: Aug 9, 1930

This book is in the possession of the Great Grandson of Lewis White, Richard Hall, who at this current date (Aug. 2008) is the secretary for the Fairfield Cemetery in Lenawee Co.
Mr. Hall graciously loaned this book (and many more) to us, for copying. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Hall for all the information and records he has loaned us. Without his willingness to share, this information would be lost to the genealogy community. Thank you!
Margie Keller and Michele Olson
The Crazy Cemetery Ladies of Lenawee County, MI

2 Abbott, Berdie Jasper 35y2m1d 25-Dec-1905 Image
72 Aldrich, Anson H Fairfield Tp 74y8m4d 12-Sep-1911 Image
34 Aldrich, Emily M Fairfield tp 71y1m14d 20-Aug-1908 Image
159 Alger, Herbert O Ann Arbor - 30-Dec-1919 Image
118 Alger, Orlando H Fairfield Vlg 91y3m6d 29-Mar-1916 Image
148 Ames, Hellen Sand Creek 2y0m20d 20-Dec-1918 Image
8 Andrews, Leona B Toledo O 9m28d 30-Apr-1906 Image
78 Argue, Susan E Jasper 60y9m4d 8-May-1912 Image
30 Arnold, Anna Jane Madison (Sand Creek) 3m20s 10-Mar-1908 Image
39 Arnold, Hiram D Jasper 58y10m10d 23-Mar-1909 Image
106 Arnold, Jeanett Fairfield Tp 80y 27d 13-Mar-1915 Image
20 Arnold, John Madison Tp 83y3m29d 16-Jan-1907 Image
203 Arnold, Lindy Thomas Jasper 62y3m20d 8-Mar-1926 Image
81 Arnold, Lucy L Dover Tp 78y11m11d 19-Aug-1912 Image
154 Ash , Hellen Louisa Ridgeville - 11-Jun-1919 Image
174 Ash , James Fairfield 84y11m22d 21-Feb-1921 Image
76 Ashley, Colen Wm Fairfield Tp 4y10m21d 15-Feb-1912 Image
135 Bailey, Stephen P Madison Tp 52y1m3d 26-Dec-1917 Image
48 Baird, Jessie Weston 4y1m1d 12-Dec-1909 Image
11 Baker, Adell Fidla Fairfield 53y 16-Aug-1906 Image
77 Baker, Albert G Fairfield Tp 63y6m19d 25-Mar-1912 Image
194 Baker, Barbara Louise Detroit MI 11y 9-Oct-1924 Image
25 Baker, Clayton E Madison 58y10m6d 9-Jul-1907 Image
103 Baker, Dewight S Fairfield 54y4m14d 18-Dec-1914 Image
210 Baker, Doris May Fairfield Tp 2d 12-May-1927 Image
50 Baker, Emily J Madison 68y10m14d 27-Jan-1910 Image
164 Baker, Harthela Adrian 69y8m23d 25-Mar-1920 Image
142 Baker, Horace L Seneca Tp 79y3m9d 12-Jun-1918 Image
112 Baker, Huldah Toledo O 78y1m28d 7-Dec-1915 Image
19 Baker, Lynn H Fairfield 24y0m10d 10-Jan-1907 Image
111 Baker, Maria D Fairfield Tp 87y1m 17-Oct-1915 Image
back_page Baker, Rosco - 95y 3-Mar-1935 Image
100 Baker, Silas C Fairfield Vlg 69y0m24d 28-Sep-1914 Image
36 Baldwin, James E Madison 52y11m17d 27-Dec-1908 Image
back_page Barger, Ralph - - 28-Sep-1934 Image
140 Barger, Thomas Jonas Toledo O 80y7m4d 24-Apr-1918 Image
192 Barnes, Jane Jasper 78y3m25d 12-Jun-1924 Image
193 Barnes, Warren Jasper 88y4m21d 2-Sep-1924 Image
89 Barray, May Esther Fairfield Vlg 69y3m11d 21-Aug-1913 Image
18 Barrett, Ella A Madison 34y6m1d 8-Jan-1907 Image
39 Bartram, Louisa Amelia Jasper 72y2m7d 18-Mar-1909 Image
70 Baser, Eva May Fairfield Tp - 19-Jun-1911 Image
144 Bateman, Daniel Fairfield Vlg 75y5m7d 17-Jul-1918 Image
72 Beavers, Walter Sand Creek 6 hours 1-Oct-1911 Image
168 Bennett, Maria Fairfield Tp 90y10m12d 23-Jul-1920 Image
151 Bentley, Grover C Pontiac 35y 12-Mar-1919 Image
141 Bessy, Edward James Fairfield Vlg 64y2m6d 1-May-1918 Image
65 Bishoff, Mary C Jasper 53y11m7d 17-Apr-1911 Image
15 Bishop, Mary Madison 92y11m2d 15-Nov-1906 Image
169 Blain, Myron B Fairfield Tp 89y4m13d 29-Nov-1920 Image
136 Boss, Claire Rex Fairfield Tp 2m20d 30-Jan-1918 Image
48 Boss, Lynn L Madison 5m 19d 26-Nov-1909 Image
34 Bowen, Dr Geo W Toledo O 70y 4-Nov-1908 Image
77 Bowen, Sheldon E Jasper 1y11m21d 12-Mar-1912 Image
11 Brees, Harriet Onstead 69y6m2d 27-Jun-1906 Image
back_page Brewer, Ernest - 57y 23-Mar-1931 Image
182 Brock, Baby Fairfield Tp 4 hours 19-Jan-1923 Image
54 Brock, Bertha Ridgeville 34y11m15d 13-May-1910 Image
147 Brock, Charity Jasper 9y0m4d 13-Nov-1918 Image
143 Brock, Ella Lydia Fairfield Tp 31y3m 26-Jun-1918 Image
134 Brock, Elma E Jasper 22y7m13d 18-Dec-1917 Image
191 Brock, Jasper John Jasper 80y7m20d 17-Apr-1924 Image
128 Brock, Julia Maria Madison 74y7m18d 2-May-1917 Image
132 Brock, Marril E Fairfield Tp 66y9m4d 13-Aug-1917 Image
122 Brock, Willard LaDue Jasper 38y3m15d 10-Sep-1916 Image
79 Brock, William Jasper 70y6m18d 11-Jun-1912 Image
174 Brower, Minnie E Jasper 51y4m2d 15-Mar-1921 Image
138 Brown, George Clinton Fairfield Tp 79y10m8d 18-Feb-1918 Image
87 Brown, Hannah L Fairfield 68y5m22d 21-May-1913 Image
1 Brown, John W Sand Creek 95y2m29d 21-Dec-1905 Image
136 Buckles, Harriet Ellen Fairfield Tp 62y6m0d 22-Jan-1918 Image
212 Buddington, Paul Ellis Fairfield Vlg 1m16d 27-Feb-1928 Image
back_page Bulger, Mrs Hettie - - 26-Aug-1934 Image
206 Butts, Richard Lorenzo Dover Tp 6y2m17d 1-Jul-1926 Image
41 Byers, Jennie R Dover Tp 2y9m17d 13-Apr-1909 Image
151 Calkins, Clark L Fairfield 87y7m8d 30-Mar-1919 Image
51 Campbell, Letha R Gorman 1y9m29d 8-Feb-1910 Image
101 Care, Mary Ann Madison 78y2m8d 1-Nov-1914 Image
109 Carpenter, Cecil James Fairfield Tp 19y6m26d 30-May-1915 Image
92 Carpenter, Morris J Fairfield Tp 45y5m7d 31-Oct-1913 Image
157 Carpenter, Rebecca Prudence Fairfield Tp 70y7m2d 30-Aug-1919 Image
139 Carroll, John Stewart - 18y4m27d 22-Feb-1918 Image
252 Cessana, Mrs William - 70y 17-Aug-1936 Image
16 Cheeney, Amanda Matilda Jasper 64y1m7d 10-Dec-1906 Image
6 Cheeney, Violet L - 6 hours 21-Mar-1906 Image
128 Cheney, Cullen T Jasper 75y10m23d 18-Apr-1917 Image
163 Cheney, Emma J Jasper 69y7d 13-Mar-1920 Image
23 Cheney, Gladys May Madison 1y24d 29-Mar-1907 Image
43 Cheney, Infant child - - 11-Jul-1909 Image
83 Clark, Cora E Fairfield Tp 29y4m 6-Jan-1913 Image
61 Clark, Lydia Elizabeth Toledo O 62y1m10d 17-Jan-1911 Image
13 Clough, Earl H Fairfield tp 7m19d 16-Sep-1906 Image
2 Clough, Esther Viola Fairfield Tp 45y6m24d 24-Dec-1905 Image
183 Clymer, Charles Calvin Fairfield Tp 6y3m8d 22-Jan-1923 Image
183 Clymer, Russel John Fairfield Tp 2y2m10d 23-Jan-1923 Image
64 Cole, Clarisa S Madison Tp 77y0m29d 30-Mar-1911 Image
179 Colvin, Ellen M St Joseph MO 79y11m20d 10-Nov-1921 Image
180 Conklin, James J G Madison 72y8m17d 4-Feb-1922 Image
93 Corbin, Ertil B Sand Creek - 18-Nov-1913 Image
93 Corbin, Ura B Sand Creek 23y4m22d 18-Nov-1913 Image
10 Cornell, Hiram Fairfield Tp 70y1m10d 8-Jun-1906 Image
186 Cowell, Clarence N Fairfield Vlg 65y5m1d 29-Apr-1923 Image
88 Cowell, Hattie F Fairfield Vlg 70y9m12d 29-Jun-1913 Image
58 Cowell, Joshua Fairfield tp 76y4m11d 15-Oct-1910 Image
143 Crane, Eugene T Sand Creek 69y7m23d 13-Jul-1918 Image
111 Cronkey, Samuel J Fruitridge 73y3m8d 4-Oct-1915 Image
149 Croskey, Frank G Fairfield Tp 44y6m8d 11-Feb-1919 Image
back_page Curnning, J D - 84y 15-Jul-1936 Image
184 Darling, Richard E Adrain 1y 12-Mar-1923 Image
123 Davis, Lydia Toledo O 81y 22-Nov-1916 Image
27 Dawson, Henry F Ogden Tp 72y9m7d 24-Sep-1907 Image
12 Deavenport, Francis J Fairfield tp 84y9m14d 17-Aug-1906 Image
189 Deland, Albert Jasper 80y6m27d 19-Jul-1923 Image
101 Deland, Caroline A Jasper 74y1m27d 8-Nov-1914 Image
back_page Delane, Geo - - 12-Dec-1932 Image
back_page Delane, W-rle - - 21-Aug-1939 Image
125 Delano, Ira Jerome Fairfield Vlg 86y3m11d 6-Jan-1917 Image
166 Delano, Julia A Adrian 75y25d 12-Jun-1920 Image
187 Delano, Laura L Fairfield Vlg 84y9m5d 2-May-1923 Image
181 Delano, Malinda Rosa Fairfield 47y11m26d 26-Jun-1922 Image
19 Denison, Sarah A Benton Harbor 68y2m7d 9-Jan-1907 Image
166 Dennie, Agnus Fairfield Tp 36y9m11d 30-May-1920 Image
97 Dickens, Catherine Fairfield 3d 25-Feb-1914 Image
68 Dickerson, Mary Fairfield Tp 84y6m14d 9-May-1911 Image
60 Disbro, Orpha Jasper 31y11m11d 6-Jan-1911 Image
59 Dougherty, Clara E Ogden Tp 8m11d 16-Dec-2010 Image
208 Drake, Celestia Adrian 76y 10-Oct-1926 Image
109 Drake, Warren Henry Jasper 70y0m15d 17-May-1915 Image
back_page Dunbar, Etta - - 13-May-1923 Image
110 Dunbar, James A Fairfield Tp 80y8m16d 15-Jun-1915 Image
137 Dunbar, Lewis Laverle Hiland Park, Wayne Co 7m22d 7-Feb-1918 Image
98 Dunston, Sarah E Brazil, Ind 60y3m11d 20-Jun-1914 Image
213 Ekins, William Madison Tp 79y3m16d 19-Oct-1928 Image
162 Ellcey, Charles Frank Jr Madison Tp 19y11m4d 10-Feb-1920 Image
163 Ellcey, Charles Franklin Sr Madison 80y5m10d 28-Feb-1920 Image
179 Fergus , Lawrence Earl Madison 6d 7-Dec-1921 Image
196 Fergus, Richard Henry Madison 75y1m8d 18-Jan-1925 Image
80 Ferguson, Jarvis E Fairfield Vlg 74y7m24d 26-Jul-1912 Image
22 Fisher, David Sand Creek 74y7m11d 27-Mar-1907 Image
108 Fisk, Mary Fairfield 68y7m8d 27-Apr-1915 Image
32 Fisk, William F Fairfield Tp 85y6m4d 2-May-1908 Image
218 Fletcher, Charles H Fairfield 68y 18-Jan-1934 Image
back_page Fletcher, Charles H - 68y 18-Jan-1934 Image
133 Flint, Albert F Fairfield Tp 64y7m21d 12-Sep-1917 Image
215 Force, Alonzo Madison 80y 3-Aug-1929 Image
8 Foreman, Lottie A Jasper 58y4m17d 4-May-1906 Image
152 Foster, Charles E Adrian 58y8m17d 30-Mar-1919 Image
157 Fox, Emerson J Fairfield Tp 53y9m21d 17-Jul-1919 Image
104 Fox, Frank Fairfield Vlg 69y7m13d 1-Feb-1915 Image
153 Fox, George Fairfield Tp 58y7m4d 1-May-1919 Image
156 Fox, Gordon J Fairfield Tp 2y3m10d 26-Jun-1919 Image
71 Fox, Hellen A Fairfield 73y1m11d 21-Jul-1911 Image
198 Fox, Pauline May Fairfield 3y5m16d 12-May-1925 Image
back_page Fox, Serena Hinckley - - 21-Sep-1922 Image
217 Fox, Serend Hinckley Adrian 71y8m8d 21-Sep-1922 Image
64 Freeh, Julia Fairfield Vlg 68y9m27d 30-Mar-1911 Image
57 Froehlich, Katharine Elmira Madison - 13-Oct-1910 Image
160 Froehlich, Lawrence Fairfield 1 hr 18-Jan-1920 Image
back_page Fuller, Mrs Mary - 90y 28-Dec-1933 Image
45 Fuller, Myrtle M Fairfield Vlg 28y7m29d 24-Aug-1909 Image
46 Gaddy, Almada May Fairfield tp 5y1m7d 10-Sep-1909 Image
35 Gaddy, Chas S Fairfield tp 76y2m18d 2-Dec-1908 Image
62 Gaddy, Lydia S Fairfield Tp 27y5m3d 3-Feb-1911 Image
116 Gaddy, Mary C Fairfield Tp 60y6m5d 22-Feb-1916 Image
202 Gadonerky, Antony Madison 35y 15-Feb-1926 Image
back_page Gardner, Ara - 52y 3-Aug-1935 Image
24 Gardner, Marvin Jasper 1d 8-Jul-1907 Image
211 Gardner, Paul Jasper 10y5m2d 26-Aug-1927 Image
175 Gardner, Ruth Jasper 11m4d 11-Apr-1921 Image
167 Gaumer, Charles P Madison 83y4m5d 15-Jul-1920 Image
back_page Gay, Stephen - 65y 27-Oct-1934 Image
114 Gier, Donald Madison Tp 1d 11-Jan-1916 Image
152 Gier, Everett R Madison 20y0m11d 9-Apr-1919 Image
117 Gilbert, Edward C Manchester 84y10m27d 18-Mar-1916 Image
69 Goldsmith, Alnora Fairfield Tp 68y1m24d 10-Jun-1911 Image
3 Goldsmith, Ann Eliza Jasper 72y10m1d 16-Dec-1905 Image
74 Goldsmith, Herman Fairfield Tp 76y6m10d 23-Nov-1911 Image
3 Goldsmith, Lewis Jasper 77y9m26d 26-Dec-1905 Image
21 Goodale, Clara E Ridgeville 54y10m8d 10-Mar-1907 Image
31 Goodale, Joseph J Fairfield Tp 78y11m27d 28-Mar-1908 Image
back_page Goodale, Write - 59y 13-Dec-1932 Image
126 Goodyear, Harriet E Fairfield Vlg 72y8m14d 21-Jan-1917 Image
172 Goodyear, John E Fairfield Vlg 75y9m19d 15-Feb-1921 Image
105 Goodyear, Luke Fairfield Tp 35y9m 9-Feb-1915 Image
190 Gouldberry, Laura Madison 64y6m26d 11-Sep-1923 Image
83 Grandy, Bessie M Marshell MI 35y10m27d 9-Jan-1913 Image
208 Gray, Lettie Amelia Ruth Fairfield Vlg 63y4m2d 26-Oct-1926 Image
129 Gray, Margaret Sand Creek 78y11m27d 8-May-1917 Image
65 Green, Jacob Lenawee Co Infy 66y10m 4-Apr-1911 Image
47 Greene, Ruth Fairfield tp 3d 26-Oct-1909 Image
201 Griffith, Henry Sand Creek 71y18d 10-Oct-1925 Image
42 Griffith, Priscilla G Madison Tp 82y11m10d 20-Apr-1909 Image
103 Grover, Geo R Pulaski, MI 64y 10d 28-Dec-1914 Image
back_page Grundy, Dr F - 76y 19-Jun-19-- Image
120 Hagaman, Elsie Ann Fairfield 84y0m7d 24-Jun-1916 Image
53 Hagaman, John Smith Fairfield Tp 77y6m3 1-May-1910 Image
86 Hagerman, Smith County infirmary 84y8m2d 5-May-1913 Image
26 Hammond, Silas P Madison 72y2m15d 20-Sep-1907 Image
44 Harker, Clara Fairfield 5m9d 29-Jul-1909 Image
193 Harris, George W Madison 77y3m20d 22-Aug-1924 Image
172 Harris, Luvina Adrian 72y8m26d 12-Feb-1921 Image
185 Harvey, Marie Elizabeth Jasper 76y4m12d 7-Apr-1923 Image
95 Hatt, Henry E Ridgeville 66y2m3d 27-Dec-1913 Image
10 Hatt, Rexford Fruitridge 1m2d 2-Jun-1906 Image
33 Henry, Catherine Madison 69y8m14d 14-Aug-1908 Image
69 Hermauce, Benjamin S Jasper 49y9m16d 28-May-1911 Image
76 Hill, Mary E Ridgeville 65y4m19d 17-Feb-1912 Image
114 Hill, Ralph Nelson Fairfield Tp 1y2m15d 27-Jan-1916 Image
back_page Hinckley, Bert A - - 25-Feb-1934 Image
182 Hinckley, Grandville K Detroit MI 26y5m26d 29-Jul-1922 Image
145 Hinckley, Luanna B Fairfield Tp 80y5m17d 10-Oct-1918 Image
171 Hinkckley, Frank Madison Co. farm 84y6m25d 29-Jan-1921 Image
139 Hinkley, Samuel Judah Fairfield Tp 85y2n4d 11-Mar-1918 Image
195 Hoadley, Amelia Detroit MI 87y4m1d 14-Oct-1924 Image
194 Hoadley, Fred J Cincinnati OH 66y5m23d 17-Sep-1924 Image
56 Hoadley, Fredrick A Fairfield Vlg 89y7m8d 22-Sep-1910 Image
80 Hoadley, Janette Odelaid Adrian 3y3m 1-Jul-1912 Image
206 Hoadley, Matilda Fairfield Vlg 68y4m3d 30-Jun-1926 Image
7 Hoadley, Steven W Fairfield tp 11y8m26d 31-Mar-1906 Image
back_page Hodge, Herbert - 73y 6-Mar-1937 Image
55 Holmes, Fannie A Fairfield 42y1m18d 14-Jun-1910 Image
94 Holmes, Harry H Fairfield Tp 25y2m27d 23-Dec-1913 Image
149 Holmes, John H Fairfield Tp 59y5m22d 23-Jan-1919 Image
46 Hubbard, John H Jasper 59y6m18d 18-Oct-1909 Image
66 Hurder, Otto John Tuscola, MI 61y10m15d 2-May-1911 Image
113 Hurlburt, Grace Kalamazoo Asylum 26y11m30d 10-Jan-1916 Image
32 Hutchingson, Geo Naplian, OH - 19-Jun-1908 Image
67 Hutchinson, Elmira L Sand Creek 70y5m20d 5-May-1911 Image
170 Inglehart, Lydia A Palmyra 44y4y8m 14-Jan-1921 Image
160 Inglehart, Orlena Jane Fairfield 74y5d 6-Feb-1920 Image
150 Jenkins, Eugene Toledo O 50y2m24d 2-Mar-1919 Image
209 Johnson, Jane Adrian 79y 8-Nov-1926 Image
90 Johnson, Levi S Kalamazoo Asylum 72y 24-Oct-1913 Image
140 Johnson, Luther Gates Fairfield Vlg 77y9m23d 18-Mar-1918 Image
50 Johnson, Mary A Fairfield Tp 65y9m29d 10-Jan-1910 Image
212 Jones, Elizabeth Madison 96y9m20d 20-Feb-1928 Image
4 Jordan, Robert W Jasper 64y9m11d 5-Jan-1906 Image
73 Keenan, Ann Jasper 87y4m5d 25-Oct-1911 Image
112 Keenan, Emma R Fairfield Vlg 53y2m26d 2-Jan-1916 Image
219 Keenan, T J Fairfield 77y 25-Feb-1934 Image
102 Kelley, John Dover Tp 84y8m17d 22-Nov-1914 Image
back_page Kerman, Thomas - 77y 25-Feb-1934 Image
122 Kidd, Melira Jasper 47y6m12d 23-Oct-1916 Image
218 Knowles, Lulu Adrian 66y 5-Oct-1933 Image
back_page Knowles, Lulu - 66y 5-Oct-1933 Image
130 Koder, Fannie Jasper died at Adrian 65y3m24d 25-May-1917 Image
45 Kruger, Norman W Palmyra 11d 9-Sep-1909 Image
106 Lagore, Beulah Irene Madison 2m1d 18-Mar-1915 Image
86 Lane, Asa Jasper 35y10m2d 4-May-1913 Image
4 Lane, Geo W Ridgeville 80y7m6d 10-Feb-1906 Image
82 Larkins, Grace Milan 34y 26-Nov-1912 Image
52 Laverty, Hannah Janette Fairfield Vlg 80y8m25d 4-Mar-1910 Image
158 Laverty, Henry County Farm in Jasper 61y6m11d 18-Oct-1919 Image
108 Lee, Levi C Fairfield Vlg 84y3m15d 9-May-1915 Image
164 Leslie, George Fairfield Vlg 91y7m23d 15-Mar-1920 Image
150 Leslie, Helen Maria Fairfield Vlg 88y6m17d 13-Feb-1919 Image
204 Letts, Mary A Jasper 76y9m12d 6-Apr-1926 Image
189 Livesay, Anna R Fairfield 61y4m25d 27-Aug-1923 Image
17 Livesay, Augusta M Madison 67y1m8d 16-Dec-1906 Image
56 Livesay, Catharine E Fairfield Vlg 72y11m29d 15-Jun-1910 Image
63 Livesay, Geo L Fairfield Vlg 70y2n4d 22-Feb-1911 Image
186 Livesay, James D Fairfield Tp 83y17d 15-Apr-1923 Image
42 Livesay, Ray Marion Jasper 20y6m15d 23-Apr-1909 Image
18 Lord, James Frank Fairfield Vlg 58y0m7d 6-Jan-1907 Image
158 Lowe, Jackson T Detroit MI 87y0m25d 2-Dec-1919 Image
53 Lowe, Julia A Madison 78y9m18d 19-Mar-1910 Image
251 Luck, Mrs W W Adrian 73y11m5d 3-Oct-1895 Image
126 Mallory, Geo Chester Madison Tp 85y9m12d 16-Jan-1917 Image
20 Mann, Marietta Kalamazoo Asylum 33y1m 13-Feb-1907 Image
165 Mansfield, Mary Catherine Fairfield Tp 55y3m8d 22-May-1920 Image
79 Matheny, Mary May Dover Tp 10d 19-May-1912 Image
92 May, James H Fairfield Tp 86y6m25d 14-Nov-1913 Image
62 McClellan, Lueinda Fairfield Tp 54y9m7d 17-Feb-1911 Image
129 McClenathan, James Geo Ogden Tp 87y4m9d 12-May-1917 Image
217 McConnell, Leo Raison Tp 71y8m2d 23-Sep-1930 Image
back_page McConnell, Leo - 72y 28-Sep-1930 Image
40 McConnell, Margaret Jane Raisin Tp 88y4m 29-Mar-1909 Image
153 McIntyre, Catherine Fairfield Vlg 84y7m8d 26-Apr-1919 Image
94 McKimmy, Ann Elizabeth Fairfield 66y0m3d 22-Nov-1913 Image
23 McKinney, Francis Fairfield 61y6m11d 29-Mar-1907 Image
back_page_2 Miller, Louis T - - 10-Jun-1934 Image
96 Mills, Alonzo Fairfield Vlg 81y4m6d 6-Feb-1914 Image
170 Mitchell, Charles E Madison 70y8m10d 13-Jan-1921 Image
75 Mitchell, Elton Albuguerque NM 3y 5-Feb-1912 Image
30 Monroe, Louis A County infirmary 82y0m1d 6-Mar-1908 Image
209 More, Charles F Fairfield Tp 84y3m23d 7-Nov-1926 Image
29 Morris, Emory W Jasper 69y7m15d 20-Jan-1908 Image
35 Morse, Elnora M Ogden Tp 50y7m25d 26-Dec-1908 Image
165 Morse, Rufus B Ogden Tp 66y10m12d 23-Apr-1920 Image
44 Morse, Sarah Maria Fairfield 68y2m20d 27-Jul-1909 Image
40 Morse, Sylvia B Fairfield Vlg 80y11m11d 26-Mar-1909 Image
159 Murphy, Leonard Fairfield Tp 56y11m24d 5-Dec-1919 Image
134 Murphy, Samuel Fairfield Tp 57y8m13d 29-Sep-1917 Image
14 Myers, Albert R Fairfield 8m 25-Oct-1906 Image
213 Nasbett, Infant child Madison 2 h 8-Oct-1928 Image
171 Nash, Alien L Fairfield Tp 38y10m6d 5-Feb-1921 Image
95 Nash, Caroline M Madison 75y1m3d 31-Jan-1914 Image
87 Nash, John W Madison Tp 76y8m15d 8-Jun-1913 Image
38 Niles, Mary H Jasper 84y6m15d 13-Mar-1909 Image
28 Niles, Rial Madison 85y9m2d 12-Jan-1908 Image
back_page Nufer, Peter - - 9-Dec-1932 Image
24 Odell, Silas J Fairfield tp 78y3m10d 24-Apr-1907 Image
85 Onweller, Calpine County Farm 74y 18-Apr-1913 Image
71 Osborne, Virginia Victoria Fairfield 4y2m16d 29-Jul-1911 Image
205 Osgood, Lyman Fairfield 91y6m9d 7-Apr-1926 Image
104 Osgood, Phebe Ann Jasper 74y7m23d 13-Jan-1915 Image
113 Parker, Jason Jasper 82y3m19d 7-Jan-1916 Image
36 Patterson, Abigail Jasper 88y10m11d 28-Dec-1908 Image
55 Patterson, John G Jasper 61y1m5d 17-May-1910 Image
back_page Peck, Lewis W - 81y 13-Jan-1934 Image
63 Peebles, Lepha L Fairfield Vlg 75y2m28d 21-Mar-1911 Image
6 Pelton, Wm A Fairfield tp 70y10m16d 29-Mar-1906 Image
33 Pentecost, Sarah Elizabeth Fairfield Tp - 22-Jun-2008 Image
121 Pickering, Nora Bell 1 mile n. of Lyons,O 34y10m15d 11-Jul-1916 Image
116 Pierce, John W Ogden Tp 66y11m5d 9-Mar-1916 Image
168 Pierce, Martha W Hartland NY 84y0m16d 15-Jul-1920 Image
14 Pierce, Mial Walter Hartland NY 80y6m26d 18-Oct-1906 Image
12 Pitcher, Matilda Madison 73y 23-Aug-1906 Image
70 Pollock, Elizabeth E Ogden Tp 69y8m27d 21-Jun-1911 Image
161 Pollock, Junior L Fairfield Tp 3m13d 6-Feb-1920 Image
130 Powell, Esther Marie Jasper 30y3m6d 17-Jun-1917 Image
99 Powell, Euginia A Palmyra 71y11m21d 31-Jul-1914 Image
176 Powell, Thelma Madison 11y1m14d 12-Jul-1921 Image
17 Purrine, Bertha A Fairfield 19y10m16d 27-Dec-1906 Image
117 Randolph, Almira Madison 49y1m8d 26-Mar-1916 Image
97 Randolph, Alvira Madison Center 77y1m4d 22-Mar-1914 Image
177 Randolph, Thomas Madison 80y5m22d 8-Sep-1921 Image
202 Rapp, Jacob Fairfield Vlg 81y6m24d 1-Dec-1925 Image
98 Rapp, Lucy A Fairfield Vlg 69y5m19d 25-Apr-1914 Image
49 Rathburn, Rufus N Weston 9y8m29d 9-Jan-1910 Image
1 Raymond, Stella May Madison 40y11m22d 12-Dec-1905 Image
75 Reed, James Burt Jasper 71y9m18d 16-Jan-1912 Image
29 Rhodes, Edward C Jackson MI 62y2m22d 30-Jan-1908 Image
57 Rhodes, Martin V Adrian 70y0m18d 3-Oct-1910 Image
26 Rhodes, Rosella H Fairfield Vlg 68y10m4d 18-Jul-1907 Image
252 Rickle, Lydia Wabash - 26-Mar-1936 Image
185 Riethmaeir, John Fairfield Vlg 74y10m6d 27-Mar-1923 Image
184 Rinehart, Baby Jasper - 5-Mar-1923 Image
173 Risley, Olga Clara Fairfield Tp 37y6m3d 21-Feb-1921 Image
187 Robb, Heman B Adrian 89y4m2d 8-May-1923 Image
141 Robb, Mary R Fairfield Vlg 87y4m3d 1-May-1918 Image
142 Robb, Sephrona Armena Fairfield Vlg 56y11m5d 2-May-1918 Image
73 Russell, Ruben M Fairfield 69y2m0d 19-Nov-1911 Image
84 Sager, Ava Lorain Sand Creek - 21-Mar-1913 Image
back_page Sager, Manchester - - 20-Nov-1931 Image
211 Sager, Marcie May Seneca Tp 2h 23-May-1927 Image
155 Sager, Norveta Louisa Fairfield Vlg 7y2m8d 19-Jun-1919 Image
58 Sager, Rida Fairfield Tp 24 minutes 6-Nov-1910 Image
119 Sawyer, Flora May Ogden Tp 35y10m28d 12-Apr-1916 Image
41 Sawyer, Mary Altha Fairfield Tp 26y5m14d 18-Apr-1909 Image
119 Sawyer, Milford F Ogden Tp - 12-Apr-1916 Image
back_page Schomf, Lloyd - 46y 21-Apr-1936 Image
200 Sell, Walter A Ogden Tp 53y 15-Aug-1925 Image
107 Service, Caroline W Jasper 66y8m15d 21-Apr-1915 Image
37 Service, Edward Jasper 67y10m20d 19-Feb-1909 Image
back_page Seward, Mrs Smith - 77y 16-Apr-1937 Image
back_page Seward, Smith - 80y 21-Apr-1934 Image
100 Shaw, Elizabeth Dearborn 57y 7-Oct-1914 Image
52 Showerman, Roselener V Madison Tp 67y5m20d 3-Mar-1910 Image
28 Shumway, Abigal Madison 75y6m28d 2-Nov-1907 Image
156 Shumway, Francis Ruffus Madison Tp 62y7m9d 28-Jun-1919 Image
91 Skinner, Benjamin W Tabaco Tp, Gladwin Co 73y 24-Oct-1913 Image
190 Skinner, Ella Lenora Fairfield (Jasper) 49y4m17d 25-Nov-1923 Image
188 Skinner, Milford George Fairfield 24y6m4d 16-Jun-1923 Image
132 Skinner, Sarah M Harvey IL 80y4m20d 18-Aug-1917 Image
back_page Slater, John W - 75y 25-Sep-1935 Image
207 Smith, Candanes Mariah Jasper 87y11m20d 21-Jul-1926 Image
82 Smith, Charles Ogden Tp 82y7m22d 26-Oct-1912 Image
118 Smith, Emily Ogden Tp 83y8m2d 4-Apr-1916 Image
81 Smith, Filena Adrian 75y10m25d 11-Aug-1912 Image
9 Smith, Francis J Jasper 80y4m10d 18-May-1906 Image
127 Smith, Ruby Irene Fairfield Tp 2m 3-Apr-1917 Image
85 Southwick, Randolph M Fairfield Vlg 69y6m18d 4-May-1913 Image
199 Sparkhawk, Marion Madison 94y16d 22-Jun-1925 Image
back_page Sparks, Hannah - 79y 9-Sep-1932 Image
back_page Sparrow, William A - 65y 30-Sep-1934 Image
115 Starks, Horace R Fairfield Vlg 76y1m9d 18-Feb-1916 Image
188 Stevens, Joyes Fern Flint, MI 2y 12-Jul-1923 Image
9 Stewart, David Fairfield Tp 26y1m10d 11-May-1906 Image
203 Stewart, Martha Fairfield 87y 9-Mar-1926 Image
155 Stewart, William Fairfield Tp 83y 16-Jun-1919 Image
178 Stout, Anna Jasper 73y5m2d 18-Oct-1921 Image
120 Stout, Tunis C Fairfield Tp 80y2m 5-May-1916 Image
176 Stowell, Charles M Fairfield 65y2m29d 21-Jun-1921 Image
205 Stowell, Della A Madison 68y7m1d 14-Jun-1926 Image
181 Stumbaugh, Andrew Jackson Sand Creek 91y4m2d 12-Jul-1922 Image
131 Swaringer, Nancy Fairfield 66y4m14d 5-Aug-1917 Image
13 Swick, Clayton J E Ridgeville 11m 13-Sep-1906 Image
124 Swick, James Monroe Fairfield Tp - 24-Nov-1916 Image
107 Swick, James R County Farm 78y7m17d 19-Apr-1915 Image
15 Swick, Monmouth Fairfield 69y3m1d 4-Dec-1906 Image
61 Taylor, Clement Jonas Fairfield Vlg 38y6m1d 23-Jan-1911 Image
147 Thomas, Jacob Fairfield Vlg 64y9m9d 14-Dec-1918 Image
60 Thomas, Joseph Jasper 57y7m23d 26-Dec-1910 Image
67 Thomas, Josephine Fairfield Tp 15y9m1d 8-May-1911 Image
78 Thompson, Allathea Jasper 63y 20-Apr-1912 Image
161 Thompson, Reed H Toledo O 23y2m14d 7-Feb-1920 Image
51 Thurber, Rebecca Adrian 87y6m0d 19-Feb-1910 Image
137 Tolford, Harriet M Northville MI 75y10m3d 6-Feb-1918 Image
91 Tolford, Joshuay Northville, MI 76y4m 28-Oct-1913 Image
43 Tolford, Philip C Sand Creek 88y6m4d 20-Jul-1909 Image
31 Tompkins, Gale Cleveland, OH 8y2d 1-May-1908 Image
59 Tompkins, Lola Mae Cleveland, OH 1y7m 12-Nov-1910 Image
195 Torrey, Edwin Chas. Fairfield Vlg - 12-Nov-1924 Image
7 Treadwell, Lucilla S C Fairfield Vlg 85y2m24d 1-Apr-1906 Image
196 Trimmer, Josephene Debora Weston 69y6m3d 12-Dec-1924 Image
54 Trimmer, Otis Fruitridge 57y3m3d 17-May-1910 Image
38 Tripp, Hellen Jenette Jasper - 7-Mar-1909 Image
90 Tubbs, Diantha B Fairfield Tp 83y4m5d 7-Sep-1913 Image
131 Tyler, Molly E Palmyra 66y9m12d 27-Jun-1917 Image
5 Valentine, Eveline A Adrian 59y 3-Mar-1906 Image
207 Valentine, John VanBuren Madison 86y7m18d 24-Sep-1926 Image
123 Valentine, Robert S Madison 3y2m11d 23-Nov-1916 Image
173 VanDoren, Julius Madison Tp 71y5m9d 17-Feb-1921 Image
199 VanDusen, Ford Fairfield Tp 40y11m5d 28-Jun-1925 Image
74 VanDusen, Irene Phoenix AZ 23y 19-Dec-1911 Image
192 VanDusen, Susie B Jasper 62y9m8d 21-May-1924 Image
148 VanDusen, Winnie Jasper - 30-Dec-1918 Image
177 VanEtten, Alice Lillian Fairfield Tp 7y0m9d 22-Jul-1921 Image
204 VanEtten, Lucy Elenor Fairfield Vlg 74y4m26 20-Mar-1926 Image
89 VanEtten, Maggie M Fairfield Tp 34y7m8d 11-Jul-1913 Image
146 VanMarter, Glennis Carroll Jasper 19y0m13d 29-Oct-1918 Image
135 VanNorman, Zemis Birmingham MI 96y 20-Dec-1917 Image
25 VanSickle, Tacy Charlotte Winameg, OH 59y0m25d 13-Jul-1907 Image
220 Vorhees, Julia Fairfield 83y 1-Nov-1936 Image
96 Vorheis, Henry Howard City 72y 12-Feb-1914 Image
162 Wallace, Margaret Jasper 68y7m23d 10-Feb-1920 Image
145 Welch, Charles V Fairfield Vlg 69y 11-Oct-1918 Image
21 West, Emmett Chas. Madison - 15-Mar-1907 Image
252 Westgate, Dr C H - 56y 27-Feb-1937 Image
back_page White, Allen O - - 8-May-1923 Image
215 White, Charlott Belle Jackson MI - 9-Mar-1929 Image
back_page_2 White, Charlotte Belle - - 9-Mar-1929 Image
252 White, Effie Adrian - 21-Mar-1936 Image
47 White, Eldene Z Fairfield 3m6d 15-Oct-1909 Image
169 White, Eliza A Adrian 72y1m2d 3-Jan-1921 Image
178 White, Elmer C Adrian 69y11m22d 26-Sep-1921 Image
66 White, Elmer J Sand Creek 44y 27-Apr-1911 Image
110 White, Hellen Elizabeth Jackson MI 11m5d 11-Jul-1915 Image
124 White, Henry S Ridgeville 83y5m29d 3-Dec-1916 Image
back_page White, Horace - 84y 17-Apr-1932 Image
99 White, Jerusha S Jasper 80y3m18d 21-Jul-1914 Image
138 White, Lucious Thomas Adrian 62y7m7d 24-Feb-1918 Image
back_page White, O H - 78y3m6d 1-Dec-193- Image
219 White, Orlando H Fairfield 78y3m6d 1-Dec-1934 Image
back_page_2 White, Orlando H - 78y3m6d 1-Dec-1934 Image
214 White, Orrin Fairfield Vlg 97y11m16d 22-Apr-1929 Image
115 White, Phebe A Fairfield Vlg 79y0m26d 6-Feb-1916 Image
146 Wilbur, Buel Jasper 79y7m25d 20-Oct-1918 Image
49 Wilbur, David N Madison 81y4m7d 27-Dec-1909 Image
105 Wilbur, Mary Madison 74y5m27d 1-Mar-1915 Image
144 Wilbur, Rachel Jane Jasper 63y9m18d 24-Jul-1918 Image
16 Willett, Garner Ridgeville 89y11m14d 4-Dec-1906 Image
5 Willett, Harriet H Ridgeville 82y10m2d 12-Feb-1906 Image
167 Williams, Harry H Fairfield Tp - 14-Jul-1920 Image
68 Wilson, Hattie Kalamazoo Asylum 37y 26-May-1911 Image
102 Wilt, Clifford J Fairfield 19y9m7d 15-Dec-1914 Image
198 Windish, Baby Fairfield 1 hour 25-Mar-1925 Image
210 Wingard, Charles William Jr Sand Creek 5y8m1d 12-Apr-1927 Image
175 Wingard, George W Madison 59y10m23d 16-Mar-1921 Image
37 Wingerd, Laura E Dover Tp 37y 23-Feb-1909 Image
214 Wingred, Mildred Grace Fairfield 28y3m24d 24-Jul-1929 Image
84 Winship, Lewis C Fairfield 73y7m29d 11-Feb-1913 Image
133 Winship, Rose Ann Fairfield Vlg 75y1m23d 15-Sep-1917 Image
220 Wolfe, Emila Rose Sager Seneca Tp 18y10m11d 26-Jul-1937 Image
220 Wolfe, Wesley Seneca Tp 21y 26-Jul-1937 Image
191 Woodard, Charles Alonzo Fairfield Tp 82y9m20d 5-Feb-1924 Image
22 Woodard, Elouise Fairfield 5y1m1d 23-Mar-1907 Image
180 Woodard, Mary Jane Fairfield 69y11m7d 14-Apr-1922 Image
27 Woodard, William W Fairfield tp 77y11m15d 27-Oct-1907 Image
125 Wotring, William J Fairfield 72y2m1d 16-Jan-1917 Image
154 Wraight, Virginia Mae Jasper 8d 11-May-1919 Image
127 Zepernick, Harriet Ogden Tp 58y10m5d 25-Jan-1917 Image
88 Zimmerman, Estella May Jasper 40y9m5d 21-Jun-1913 Image
200 Zimmerman, John Jasper 81y1m1d 10-Sep-1925 Image
201 Zimmerman, Susan Adrian 79y 24-Nov-1925 Image

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