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Description Size Date Submitter
Arcan, Henry S. 1942 Image 114K Oct 2005 Jeff Phillips
Back Of Kalamazoo City, St Luke's In The Background, 1960 1960 Image 164K Sep 2005 Richard Branch
Bert, Violet Virginia & Olive Twigg 1923 Image 146K Jan 2006 Jeffrey Phillips
Branch, Ida M. (Giem) 1951 Image 118K Sep 2005 Richard Branch
Branch, Clair A. 1926 Image 60K Sep 2005 Richard Branch
Children Of William Frederick Striebel And Cora Pheobe Snow 1930 Image 56K Feb 2013 Natividad Feliciano Medina
Children Of William Frederick Striebel And Cora Pheobe Snow 1930 Image 127K Mar 2013 Ian Oliver Martin
Climax School Historical Site April 4, 2010 Image 56K Apr 2010 Jeffrey Phillips
Donald D. Phillips High School Diploma June 2, 1937 Image 76K Dec 2015 Jeff Phillips
Giem, Frank & Julia 1907 Image 219K Sep 2005 Richard Branch
Gunnett, Lyle E. 1937 Image 34K Feb 2006 Norman Tribbett
Gunnett, Lyle E. 1940 Image 45K Feb 2006 Norman Tribbett
Petto Boys. Image 223K Feb 2013 Jeff Phillips
Phillips, Alfred Ford Family 1925 Image 178K Aug 2009 Jeff Phillips
Phillips, Alfred Lorenzo & Lottie Evelyn 1910 Image 14K Oct 2005 Jeff Phillips
Phillips, Donald Dutton & Violet Virginia 1941 Image 110K Oct 2005 Jeff Phillips
Plank Road Toll Gate Historical Marker May 19, 2008 Image 133K May 2008 Jeff Phillips
Plank Road Toll Gate Historical Marker. Close Up. May 19, 2008 Image 139K May 2008 Jeff Phillips
Shanley, John & Mary Sparrow Wedding Photo September 20, 1892 Image 35K Aug 2008 Robin EllisThe Registry
Violet V. Twigg High School Diploma June 1, 1939 Image 75K Dec 2015 Jeff Phillips

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