Cemeteries of Buxton, Maine

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Buxton, Maine, was incorporated in 1762. Until that time it had been Narragansett Number One, granted to survivors or heirs of soldiers who had fought in King Philip’s War. Permanent settlement occurred in 1750.

I acknowledge with deep appreciation the work of John Eldridge Frost and Steve Nichols, who have written previous records of the town’s burial places.

I grew up in Buxton and have a deep reverence for the history of the town and its people. When I began working on my genealogy a few years ago, I thought of all the people who might be looking for ancestors buried in Buxton’s many forgotten burial places. I am glad to be able to get Buxton’s cemeteries on-line, where everyone can access the records.

Eleda Cote

Clay Cemetery

Located 450 yds east of Mary Jane Rd. Approach the plot on the side of Round Hill by the power line trail (1.1 mi south of of Rt 112; .7 mi north of Rocky Dundee Rd). Climb the power line trail approximately 500 yds where you will see a trail to the left going down the side of the hill. Follow that trail approximately 100 yds. On the left you will see two large trees. On the back side of the first of those trees are the graves.

CLAY, Simeonc. Jan, 1801Nov 15, 1875Aged 74 yrs 10 mos; (Husband)
Four field stone markers without inscriptions.

Dennett (Edmund) Cemetery

Located 600 yds west of Simpson Rd. From Lord Rd/Savage Rd proceed south .1 mi to right-of-way on right side of road. Cemetery is located in woods to the west where tall pine trees dominate the skyline.

DENNETT, Annc. 1801Feb 2, 1842Aged 41 yrs; Wife of Edmund P. Dennett; "Here also lies two of their children"
DENNETT, Edmund P.Jun 7, 1796Jun 28, 1870Aged 74 yrs, 21 dys
DENNETT, Georgeanac. Aug, 1845Oct 5, 1850Aged 5 yrs, 2 ms; Dau of Orin & Olive Dennett
DENNETT, Sara Olivec. 1822Dec 5, 1846Aged 24 years; Daughter of Edmund P. & Ann Dennett
DENNETT, Stephen O.Jan 27, 1823Apr 20, 1850Aged 27 yrs, 2 mos & 24 Sone of E.P. & Ann Dennettdys
DENNETT, Millard Pc. Jun, 1829oct 15, 1830Aged 16 mos; Son of _______ Dennett; Listed by John E. Frost, but stone not found) 

Dennett (John) Cemetery

DENNETT, Betseyc. 1765Dec 18, 184Aged 79 yrs; Wife of John Dennett
DENNETT, Johnc. 1760Feb 7, 1847Aged 87 yrs
3 flat field stone markers without inscriptions

Dresser Cemetery
Located at the north end of Dresser Rd. Cemetery is beyond the end of the road on the east side.

DRESSER, Harrisc. 1811Aug 15, 1849Aged 38;

"Creature of God!
His will is governing thy weal
Fear not to trust a Maker’s law
For a Saviour’s ransom;
The storms are past
The night is at an end
Behold the morning

DRESSER, Markc. Feb, 1765Jun 3, 1857Aged 92 ys 4 ms
DRESSER, NancyDec 8, 1856;Wife of Mark Dresser
DRESSER, Paulc. 1767Mar 18, 1846Aged 79
DRESSER, Richardc. 1757Apr 13, 1846Aged 89
DRESSER, Sarahc. 1783Nov 30, 1852Aged 69; relict of Paul Dresser

Dyer Farm Cemetery
Located approximately 400 yds northeast of Simpson Rd., .2 mi southeast of Union Falls Rd, .4 mi northwest of Lord Rd/ Savage Rd. Proceed northeast from Simpson Rd up curving driveway. Cemetery plot is approximately 75 yds to the left and beyond the house on the hill at the end of the driveway.

3 flat fieldstones, uninscribed, in woods north of new (1989) two-story home. 

Elwell Cemetery
Located on northeast side of Rt 22 (Long Plains Rd). .8 mi southeast of Rt 112, 1.2 mi northwest of Rocky Dundee Rd, Cemetery is close to Rt 22, but in summer is hidden by a lilac hedge.

ALLEN, Amelia M.Dec 25, 1839Sep 5, 1849(Aged 9 yrs); Daughter of Dr. J.L. & M.B. Allen
ALLEN, Infant (A)Sep 19, 1851Oct 21, 1851(Aged 1 mo); Child of Dr. J.L. & M.B. Allen
ALLEN, Infant (B)Sep 19, 1851Oct 21, 1851(Aged 1 mo); Child of Dr. J.L. & M.B. Allen
ALLEN, Infant (C)Sep 19, 1851Nov 3, 1851(Aged 1 mo); Child of Dr. J.L. & M.B. Allen
COUSINS, Infantc. Feb, 1876Apr 5, 1876Aged 6 weeks; Infant son of Marshall L. & Ida E. Cousins

"Suffer little children and forbid them not to come unto me"

COUSINS, Maudc. Jul 13, 1877; Jan 24, 1878Aged 6 mos 11 dys; Dau of Marshall L. & Ida E. Cousins;

"Our flower has climbed the garden wall and blossomed on the other side";

ELWELL, Annac. Apr, 1777Nov 26, 1858Aged 81 yrs & 7 mos; Wife of Theodore Elwell
ELWELL, Annie A.18671920(Aged 53); Dau. Of Theodore F. and Laura E. Elwell
ELWELL, Bertha G. (Clay)18811918(Aged 37); (Probably wife of William W. Elwell)
ELWELL, Daniel EmersonJun 13, 1917Jun 20, 1984(Aged 67)ELWELL, Edward1991
ELWELL, Infantc. 1810 (?)
ELWELL, Janec. 1808Apr 4, 1810Aged 2 yrs; Dau’t of Theodore & Anna Elwell; "Also and infant home"
ELWELL, Johnc. Jul, 1814Aug 21, 1818Aged 4 yrs 1 mo; Son of Theodore & Anna Elwell
ELWELL, John Brown18591908(Aged 49)
ELWELL, Laura E. (Burnham)c. Dec, 1842Oct 13, 1890Aged 47 yrs 10 mos; Wife of Theodore F. Elwell

"We miss thy kind and willing hand
Thy fond and earnest care
Our home is dark without thee
We miss thee everywhere"

ELWELL, Lester G.Sep 19, 1891May 27, 1946(Aged 54 yrs, 8 mos)
ELWELL, Lucinda E.Jan 24, 1895Sep 29, 1943(Aged 48 yrs 8 mos); (Probably wife of Lester Elwell)
ELWELL, Lucyc. Sep 23, 1857Aug 13, 1858Aged 10 mos 20 days; Twin dau. Of Nathaniel H. & Martha P. Elwell

"Twas morning and the little one
Was summoned hence
God sent and angel in the night for innocence
And seeing that pure tender bud so calm and still
He gathered it, but to obey His Maker’s will"

ELWELL, Marthac. Sep 23, 1857Jun 26, 1930Aged 72 yrs 9 mos 3 dys; Twin dau. Of Nathaniel H. & Martha P. Elwell
ELWELL, Martha P. (Harmon)Jan 12, 1818Jan 23, 1892(Aged 74 yrs); Wife of Nathaniel H. Elwell

" Leaning her head on the Saviour’s breast
Calmly and peascefully she sank to rest"

ELWELL, Mary (Treadwell)18681899(Aged 31 yrs); Wife of John Brown Elwell
ELWELL, Mary C.c. Nov 10, 1798Jun 1, 1851Aged 52 yrs 6 mo & 21 Dau’t of Theodore & Anna Elwelld’s
ELWELL, Nathaniel H.c. Nov, 1804Aug 8, 1818Aged 13 yrs 9 mo; Son of Theodore & Anna Elwell
ELWELL, Nathaniel H.May 23, 1820Mar 27, 1898(Aged 77 yrs 10 mos)

"Dear Father, thou art resting now
Safe on the evergreen’s shore"

ELWELL, Ralph Stanley18941906(Aged 12 yrs); (Probably the son of John Brown Elwell)

ELWELL,Theodorec. 1768Jun 10, 1843Aged 75

"Blessed are they that die in the Lord fi=or in resurrection they shall hear the Lord"
On the reverse side of the stone is inscribed:
First in America
Robert of Dorchester, Mass. 1635
Died Mar 31, 1675
Samuel, eldest son of Robert
Died at Gloucester Mass, Nov 24, 1696
Robert, third son of Samuel
Born Dec 31, 1664Joseph, fourth son of Robert
of Biddeford, Me.
Benjamin, eldest son of Joseph
Born Nov 10, 1733
Died at Buxton, Me., July 4, 1801
Theodore, third son of Benjamin
Sept 2, 1768, June 10, 1843
Nathaniel II, fifth son of Theodore
May 23, 1820

ELWELL, Theodore F.c. 1844Jul 19, 1911Aged 67 yrs

"Weep not that his toils are over
Weep not that his race is run
God grant that we rest as calmly
When our work like his is done"

ELWELL, William W.18741934(Aged 60 yrs)
EMERY, Nancyc. 1801Dec 29, 1833Aged 32 yrs; Wife of Samuel Emery
GROSS, Violet E.18981972(Aged 74 yrs)
HARMON, EverettSep 8, 1888; Son of J.A. & J.E. Harmon; "Suffer little children to come unto me"; "OUR DARLING"
HARMON, Johnc. 1744Feb 2, 1813Aged 69 y’rs
HARMON, Johnc. 1775Sep 1, 1857Aged 82 yrs
HARMON, Jothamc. Dec, 1799Jun 17, 1884Aged 84 yrs. 6 mos
HARMON, Maryc. 1745 Jan 9. 1817Aged 72 y’rs
HARMON, Mehitablec. 1777Apr 15, 1860Aged 83 yrs; Wife of John Emerson
HARMON, Sallyc. Apr, 1803Aug 11, 1877Aged 74 yrs 4 mos; Wife of Jotham Harmon
WATERMAN, Neddie H. E.Jul 21, 1882Jul 6, 1907(Aged 25 yrs); Son of James F. & Ruth M. Waterman; "We shall meet beyond the river on that golden shore"

Cemeteries of Buxton, Maine

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