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Cushing Historical Society is indebted to Messrs. Bradley A.Beckett of Cushing and James G. Skoglund of St. George who collected most of the data in this index between the years 1960 and 1980.

Seavey/Kerby - Site #14: Don Young property, 40 Flintwood Lane, in woods overlooking water.

Last NameNameMiddle Intial/NameYr of DeathYr of Birth
Kerby Christina   1847 1818
Kerby James   1842 1821
Kerby Margaret   1864 1777
Kerby Richard F. 1882 1819
Kerby Robert   1862 1790
Rivers Elizabeth   1887 1806
Rivers Polly   1879 1786
Rivers Thomas   1876 1796
Seavey Corin   1874 1756
Seavey infant   1868 1868
Seavey Mary   1846 1793
Seavey Mary E. 1896 1845
Seavey Thomas   1849 1788
Thompson Isaac   1902 1814
Thompson Isaac, Jr.   1874 1854
Thompson Lydia   1888 1819

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