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Knox County

Cushing Historical Society is indebted to Messrs. Bradley A.Beckett of Cushing and James G. Skoglund of St. George who collected most of the data in this index between the years 1960 and 1980.

Burying Point - Site #2: Fire Road 56, off of Stones Point Road

Last NameNameMiddle Intial/NameYr of DeathYr of Birth
AllenAlexander 18471765
AllenAnn 18701779
AllenCapt. John 17881736
AllenCharles 18291804
AllenHateville 18431807
AllenSamuel 18281797
AllenWilliam 18391818
Allen Charlotte 18181812
Allen David 17831767
GayCapt. Eleazer, Jr. 18221788
GayJane 18181756
HarthornSally 18261761
HathornHannah 1863(83)90 yrs
HawthornJohn 18371758
Henderson`Susannah 17931792
HendersonCapt. Robert 18121755
HendersonCapt. Thomas 17551693
HendersonElizabeth 18011731
JamesonCapt. Isaac 17981766
JamesonCapt. Paul 17951761
McCobbCapt. George 17861726
McCobbJames 18341747
McCobb Sarah 18211759
RobinsonCapt. Alexander 18351771
RobinsonElsie 18691801
RobinsonMary 18611778
RobinsonRobert 18311758
RutherfordJane 17891717
SweetlandHannah 18201741
Sweetland James 18041741
YoungAlexander 18201758
YoungCapt. George 18431769
YoungCapt. George 18531813
Younginfant 18501850
YoungMary 18111728
YoungWilliam 17921718
YoungWilliam 18421840

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