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(Typed by Joann Levin for the Hancock Genealogical Society.)

We transcribed this information April 15, 1998; and sincerely hope that it may help preserving the history of Tinkers Island (formerly in Seaville, Maine) and the people who lived and died there.

Location of Cemetery: This four or possibly five grave cemetery is located on the high ground in the field on the Southern end of the island. The white stones are visible as one approaches from the Southeast side of the bar. There is, at present, no fence and the area of the graves is about 25 by 15 feet. The stones are tipped: one is broken off at the bottom and the pieces used to prop it up.

I am including what we could read of the epitaphs for those who are interested.

Here follows what could be read:

NE Corner gravestone:

Jonathan Tinker
Jan 2, 1852
AE 73

They felt thy worth yet serenly know
Thou pass a light thy spirit shed
Until it faded from our vision
And thou wert numbered with the dead.

The above is the broken stone with the bottom pieces holding up the headstone. One of the pieces may also be a footstone. On the bottom broken part are the words: S. B. Bradbury…..Bangor. ..perhaps the engraver.

NW Corner gravestone:

James F. Tinker
died in N. Y.
Aug. 9, 1839
AE 27.

Hannah D.
his wife
died April 16, 1840.
AE 21.

Theyr gone theyr gone the cherished ones.
Theyr toils are over theyr victories won.
Just in the morning of their day.
When hope was bright they passed away.

Footstone: J. T. T.

H. D. T.

SE Corner gravestone:

In thy memory of
Capt. John I. Tinker
Who was lost at sea
From the brig Gulnare off Cape Hatteras
Feb 4, 1845
Aged 38 years & 7 months
Beneath the ground your to lie
Where thousands past in gloom
Until the strong archangels cry
Shall end the watery tomb
Oft by the fireside circle dear
Shall thou remembered be
And many a mournful sigh and tear
Affection pours for thee.

SW Corner gravestone:

Sacred to the memory of
Ada B. A. Tinker
who died
Dec. 15, 1853
AE 12 yr. 1 mos.
Daugh. Of John &
Phoebe Tinker
of Seaville, Maine
Young and loved she died
Whose dust lies here.

There is a fifth stone. It is small and located next to the stone of Capt. Jonathan Tinker in the NW Corner. The words are too worn to make them out but there seem to be a lot of words written on it.

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