Mt. Tabor Cemetery

Laytonsville, Montgomery Co., MD

AYERS, Elva Hawkins 21 May 1919 10 Apr 1995 "Polly"


BOWMAN, Martha A. 29 Jul 1865 04 Dec 1935 Husband Maurice E.
BOWMAN, Maurice E. 18 Mar 1867 25 Feb 1927 Wife Martha A.
BOWMAN, Mary Virginia 10 Mar 1889 23 Sep 1982 Footstone / R. Washington
BOWMAN, Rezin Washington 05 Nov 1887 12 Oct 1943 Footstone / Wife Mary Virginia

CRAVER, Pearle

GRAY, Elizabeth
23 Aug 1895 Aged 76yrs, 3mos, 6dys
GUE, G. Edna

William R.
GUE, William R.

Shares with William R.
20 May 1884
HAWKINS, Bessie B. 1897 1953 Thomas F.
HAWKINS, Carl Alton 04 Dec 1916
Wife Laura
HAWKINS, Charles W.

HAWKINS, Chester B. 07 Jul 1892 06 Feb 1963 Dora
HAWKINS, Daisy P. 1902 1990 Wife of William W.
HAWKINS, Dora M. 13 Dec 1891 02 Jun 1977 Chester B.
HAWKINS, Elizabeth

HAWKINS, Clyde E. May 1916 Dec 1962 PFC US Army WWII
HAWKINS, George W. 16 Sep 1851 29 Sep 1929 Husband of Annie
HAWKINS, Ida 20 Jun 1865 11 Apr 1913 Wife of G.W.
HAWKINS, James Ernest II 14 Apr 1945 24 Sep 1946 Joseph & Margaret G.
HAWKINS, Joseph C. 1917 1999 Margaret G.
HAWKINS, Laura 09 Jan 1920 01 Jan 1997 Husband Carl
HAWKINS, Margaret G. 1914 1992 Married 26 Oct 1943 / Joseph C.
HAWKINS, Nellie 08 May 1886 11 Sep 1918 Wife of William W.
HAWKINS, Thomas F. 1889 1958 Wife Bessie
HAWKINS, William W. 1886 1962 Daisy P.
HIPSLEY, Evan 1870 1910 Husband

HOWES, Thomas

JACKSON, Elizabeth Ann 09 Aug 1847 28 Oct 1919 Wife of Leonard
PARSLEY, Catherine 1848 1936 Mother
WACHTER, Edith E. 1882 1960 Ira M.
WACHTER, Ira M. 1877 1964 Edith E.

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