Musser Cemetery

Clopper Road, Germantown, Montgomery Co., MD

There are no tombstones, just rocks that mark the graves. The cemetery is surrounded by trees and bushes
and is kept up pretty nice although it appears to be a place where kids must gather to sit, drink and
vandalize (especially the historical marker). There must be a lot of upkeep just to keep up
with trash, etc. left by whomever - it was pretty clean today. This is located right in the corner
of the parking lot in front of the Weis grocery store in Cinnamon Woods on Clopper Road. There is
now a brand new 7-11 which is on the other side. Not many people even realize this is a cemetery
... Donna Guiffre | 17 Nov 2001

Musser Cemetery Historical Marker
This little family plot was once on the farm belonging to William Musser. It contains the remains of some of the Musser family and servants, and also of an earlier family named Graff.

Only one tombstone is legible, that of Isaac Cox. The others are mainly marked by raw fieldstones with no visible inscriptions. In the early days of Germantown, when it was just a little farming village, fieldstones were commonly used for marking graves. Gravestones were very expensive and, since there were no craftsmen of tombstones in the area, gravestones had to be bought in Georgetown and brought up by wagon.

William Musser came to Germantown from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, as the leader of a group of migrating Germans in 1832. William had one son, Henry. Henry married, inherited the farm, and had one son, Henry Marcellus ("Porter") Musser, and two daughters. Henry's wife died young and Henry himself died in 1890 when his son was quite son. Henry Marcellus was brough up by the George Nicholls family who lived on Hoyles Mill Road. Henry Musser's daughters stayed on the farm and one was a local school teacher. When Henry Marcellus grew up he returned to live on his father's farm with his sisters until the early 1930's.

The Musser farm covered most of the area that "Cinnamon Woods" occupies today. Though now the original house, which burned in 1935, and barn, and even the log cabin are gone, the cemetery remains to remind us of a people who lived here before. Those buried here were a brave and hardy stock breaking new ground and starting a new life here in Germantown.
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GRAFF, Andrew
Died June 13, 1827
GRAFF, George
Died Dec 10, 1823
CROMWELL, Comfort GRAFF, Eugenie GRAFF, L. Gustavus GRAFF, G.M. Twins
MUSSER, William
Born 1808
MUSSER, Sarah Ann
Born 1814
MUSSER, Susan Jane BECKLEY, Susan

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