Mountain View Cemetery

Mountain View Road (off Rte 32 on Rte 99)
West Friendship, Howard Co., MD

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Mountain View Cemetery Location Map
BARLOW, Clinton 1842 1933 Co. F MD Inf.
BARLOW, Joseph
07 Nov 1884 Who Departed this life ... / In the 66th Year of his Life
BARLOW, Lewis 15 Dec 1815 20 Nov 190_ Beloved Husband of Mary F. Barlow
BARLOW, Martha F. 1862 1910
BARLOW, Mary E. 30 Jul 1849 23 Jun 1926 Wife of Lewis
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AMOSS, H. Curtis 1877 1968 Husband of Lizzie J.
AMOSS, Lizzie J. 1884 1935 Nee GARHEART: Daughter of Henry & Mary Jane
CAVEY, Priscilla

Nee GARHEART / Wife of Edward
GARHEART, Henry A. 10/18/1844 5/14/1924
GARHEART, Hettie Lee 5/23/1876 9/19/1903 Daughter of Henry & Mary Jane / As a sun that is lost when the daylight is gone, she has faded away to shine brightly in Heaven
GARHEART, Mary Jane 11/12/1846 10/18/1894 Nee RIDGELY: Daughter of Isaac & Sarah / Married Henry 12/22/1870
RIDGELY, Hettie Norwood 1850 1884 Daughter of Isaac & Sarah
RIDGELY, Isaac 1797 1859
RIDGELY, Sarah Norwood 1804 1859 Wife of Isaac / Married 1/18/1821
RIDGELY, Sylvester Washington 1843 1884 Son of Isaac & Sarah / Husband of Ellen
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AMOSS, A. Gorman 12-10-1897 6-6-54
AMOSS, Alfred A. 1872 1947
AMOSS, Emma I. 9-4-1898 6-6-1989
AMOSS, Ida M. 1882 1960
CAVEY, Edward F. 9-28-1886 5-25-1958 Father of Phyllis & Lorraine
CAVEY, Lorraine M. 5-30-1918 9-26-1957 Sister of Phyllis E. Gosnell
GEARHART, Elizabeth
1-8-1894 Aged 47 years / Wife of Miles
GEARHART, George M. 1-11-1873 8-9-1914 He hath done what he could
GOSNELL, Eugene A. 6-2-1907 10-28-1977
GOSNELL, Eugene E. 7-27-1938 11-17-1991 Son of Eugene & Phyllis
GOSNELL, Phyllis E. 1-31-1912 11-9-1966 Nee CAVEY
HUTSON Family Stone

Walter E., Catherine, J. Emory, Mary, S. Thomas, Sarah & Dr. Walter E.
HUTSON, Catherine 1816 1868
HUTSON, J. Emory 1863 1943
HUTSON, Mary 1867 1932
HUTSON, S. Thomas 1829 1883
HUTSON, Sarah 1895 1986
HUTSON, Walter E. 1920 1990
HUTSON, Walter E., Dr. 1894 1971
PENN, Isaiah 1844 1891
RIDGELY, B. Dorsey 1902 1983
RIDGELY, Claudine 1904 1979
RIDGELY, Edwin D. 1873 1962
RIDGELY, Mary H. 1874 1955
WARD, M. Annie 10-13-1851 4-1-1941

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