Melville Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery

Route 1 at Furnace Avenue
Elkridge, Howard Co., MD

Partial Transcription

From "Histories of Religious Communities of Howard Co."

Melville Chapel is one of the oldest churches in American Methodism, founded in 1772. A brick church
was built in the summer of 1834 and was dedicated as "Melville Chaple". It is believed the church
was named for a Methodist Circuit rider, Melville B. Cox, who was described by contemporaries as a
"very Promising, intelligent and lovely man--full of heroic Christain Zeal" who came from
Maine to ride circuits and preach in Maryland in 1826 and 1827.
Cemetery Grid Melville Chapel Church Church Sign

JONES, Horace M. 25 Feb 1872 11 Oct 1943 Marguerite III-D
JONES, Marguerite L. 08 Feb 1881 11 Feb 1931 Footstone: Devoted Wife / Horace M. III-D
JONES, Robert L. 1922 1926 Note: Research shows the dates as 1921 - 1925 III-D
PITZINGER Family Footstones 22 Oct 1853 26 Nov 1915 Note: Research shows death date as 1914 / Annie C., Henry, & Joseph E. III-C
PITZINGER, Anna Margaret 22 Oct 1853 26 Nov 1915 Note: Research shows death date as 1914 / Annie C., Henry, & Joseph E. III-C
PITZINGER, Annie C. 20 Apr 1874 20 Dec 1875 Anna M., Henry, & Joseph E. III-C
PITZINGER, Bessie L. 1885 1953 Farewell Until We Meet Again III-D
PITZINGER, Charles E. Sr. 1884 1948 Farewell Until We Meet Again III-D
PITZINGER, Christopher F. 1878 1965 Stone Missing I-A
PITZINGER, Henry 24 Oct 1879 24 Nov 1879 Annie C., Anna M. & Joseph E. III-C
PITZINGER, John 1851 1932
PITZINGER, Joseph E. 13 May 1886 26 July 1886 Annie C., Anna M. & Henry III-C

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