Trappe Mission Baptist Cemetery

Rte 136 and Trappe Road
Darlington, Harford Co., MD

ALLEN, Ruth E.
6/5/1865 Daughter of C.M. & Sallie Allen / Age 1Y 10M
CHEW, Caroline
5/16/1872 Age 55
CHEW, Cassandra M.
8/22/1844 Age 19Y 9M 10D
CHEW, Edward M.
5/16/1878 Age 78Y 2M
CHEW, Elizabeth
10/5/1824 Wife of Thomas S. / Age 50Y 11M 26D
CHEW, Margaret M.
1/17/1857 Age 44Y 11M 3D / Wife of Edward M.
CHEW, Thomas S.
2/15/1821 Age 63Y 8M 7D
DAVIS, Martha

DAVIS, Ruth 3/21/1791 10/3/1863
GETTINGS, Elizabeth 12/28/1798 6/26/18?7
GLEME, Angus
6/11/1800 Age 50 Captain under Lafayette in American Revolution
GOVER, Gerard 10/15/1856

GREME, Jane Adeline 1802 10/7/1877 Daughter of Rev. John Allen, Wife of A.J. Greme 1845
HALL, Eleanor 6/13/1781 4/3/1828 Wife of James Wells / Mother
JORDAN, William M.
5/11/1879 Age 64

Sacred to the Memory of … By their son Dr. Joseph Prigg / Mary

Sacred to the Memory of … By their son Dr. Joseph Prigg / John
SILVER, Elizabeth 10/4/1782 4/11/1848 Age 65Y 6M
SILVER, William 10/22/1788 2/7/1838
SMITH, James S.
5/9/1831 Age 58
SMITH, Sophia C.
4/7/1889 Mother / Age 56
SMITHSON, Margaret
6/30/1858 Age 76

Age 57
STUMP, Margaret M. 1780 12/31/1860 Daughter of Joseph Miller of England / Wife of William - Married 1807
STUMP, T. Bird Coleman
6/8/1876 Age 16 / Second Son of William & Mary Stump
STUMP, William 12/7/1820 8/17/1862
UNKNOWN, Margret
8/20/1758 Age 27
WEBB, Samuel

WELLS, Catherine H. 1/29/1808 7/12/1872 In Memory Of .. / William
WELLS, Eleanor 3/25/1820
In Memory Of … Wife of Thomas J. Gorsuch
WELLS, Elihu Hall 9/28/1817 11/1/1878 In Memory Of …
WELLS, Gertrude 10/27/1812 8/18/1882 In Memory Of …
WELLS, James 7/23/1769 1/20/1832 Father / Eleanor Hall
WELLS, William 3/23/1803 5/25/1828 In Memory Of .. / Catherine
WILSON, Annie P.

WILSON, Isaac C. 7/30/1807 4/11/1879
WILSON, Margaret M. 4/23/1905 3/18/1866 Wife of Isaac C.
WILSON, Sarah Priscilla 3/12/1843 3/1/1844 Daughter of Isaac & Margaret

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