Hickory Baptist Church Cemetery

2000 Block of Conowingo Road / Rte 1
Forest Hill, Harford Co., MD

HICKORY Baptist Church Cemetery
ANDERSON, Evelyn M. 8/21/1923 9/24/1957 Mother
ANDERSON, William A. 2/5/1942 6/11/1945 Brother
ARTHUR, Norman H. 1896 1964
CROWTHERS, Iva E. 8/20/1897 3/16/1982 William, Sr.
CROWTHERS, William A., Sr. 1/23/1883 4/27/1975 Iva
EPPERLEY, Clara M. 10/29/1910 1/6/1993 The Lord is my Shepherd

EPPERLEY, Ernest L., Sr. 6/26/1910 4/18/1967 In the Sweet Bye and Bye
GRACE, James F. 1925 1975
HELMENDOLLAR, Carrie E. 1896 1975 Luther
HELMENDOLLAR, Luther P. 1888 196? Carrie
HUTCHINS, Dorsey Ray 1936 2000
MARION, Alicia Gabrieal 1/29/1986 2/2/1986 Our Angel
McGRADY, Lula Faye W. 1895 1965 Milford
McGRADY, Milford G. 1887 1978 Lula Faye
McKINLEY, David E. 1946 1953
MINNICK, Arthur X. 7/2/1909
MINNICK, Everson Archer 1869 1957 Glyndon, Mahalene, Mary Belle & Samuel
MINNICK, Glyndon 1913 1945 T/SGT Killed in Germany / Everson, Mahalene, Mary Belle & Samuel
MINNICK, Laura F. 8/14/1916
MINNICK, Mahalene A. 1912 1912 Everson, Glyndon, Mary Belle & Samuel
MINNICK, Mary Belle 1884 1913 Everson, Glyndon, Mahalene, & Samuel
MINNICK, Millard G. 1913 3/16/1945 MD TEC 4 61 ARMD INF. WWII
MINNICK, S. Archer

MINNICK, Samuel A. 1916 1917 Everson, Glyndon, Mahalene, & Mary Belle
MINNICK, William Arthur 2/21/1932

RIGNEY, David 3/31/1923
"Tom" / Joan
RIGNEY, Joan E. 12/19/1939
SIMMONS, Andrew M. 1866 1949 Father / Joanna
SIMMONS, Cleva D. 1900 1974 S. Clarence
SIMMONS, Dorothy O. 1/17/1915 4/16/1989 Harry
SIMMONS, Harry E. 3/19/1906 11/9/1978 Dorothy
SIMMONS, Joanna M. 1876 1942 Mother / Andrew
SIMMONS, S. Clarence 1899 1940 Cleva
TAYLOR, Ella P. 1885 1950 Robert
TAYLOR, Robert S. 1874 1945 Ella

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