Druid Ridge Cemetery

7900 Park Heights Avenue, Baltimore Co., MD 21208

Partial Transcription

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COULSON, Margaret S. 1 Apr 1882 Jul 1928 Nee HUNT: Daughter of Georgia Peake Hunt
HUNT Family Headstone

HUNT, Cora Louise 13 Dec 1885 23 Dec 1943 Nee CHERRY / Husband John R.
HUNT, Georgia Garnette 31 Jan 1859 11 Sep 1946 Nee PEAKE: Daughter of William Henry Peake & Margaret Gardner
HUNT, Goldie Rebecca 28 Feb 1884 15 Feb 1965 Daughter of Georgia Peake Hunt
HUNT, John Roland 23 Apr 1886 3 May 1948 Son of Georgia Peake Hunt / Wife Cora L.
HUNT, Mabel Lee 16 Feb 1880 23 Feb 1971 Daughter of Georgia Peake Hunt
THOMAS, Marion Hunt 10 Mar 1899 23 Mar 1980 Nee HUNT: Daughter of Georgia Peake Hunt

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BLUCHER Headstone

BLUCHER, Blanche May 1878 1939 Nee: WILLIAMS / Wife of John R.
BLUCHER, John M. 1840 1926 Father & Husband / DOB 9/1939 according to church records
BLUCHER, John Robert 1879 1948 Son of John M. & Mary A. / Husband of Blanche M. Williams
BLUCHER, Lucy May 1875 1923 Daughter of John M. & Mary A.
BLUCHER, Mary A. 29 Aug 1844 __ Jul 1911 Nee: BURKINS: / In Memory of / Beloved wife of John M. / Mother of Ira M., Edwin E., John R., & Lucy M.
WILLIAMS, Mary E. 1869 1947 Possibly sister or relative of Blanche Williams Blucher

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CARLILE, M. Dorothy 1921 1980 Daughter
JOECKEL Family Monument

JOECKEL, Conrad E. 1902 1937
JOECKEL, Fred W. 1882 1950 Father
JOECKEL, F. William, Jr. 27 Jul 1908 12 Jan 1980
JOECKEL, F. William, III 17 Jun 1935 14 Oct 1980
JOECKEL, Marg't 1882 1934 Mother
SANN, Adolph L. 1899 1953 Husband
SANN, Elizabeth M. 1901 1988 Wife

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ARCHIBALD, Harry 1865 13 Nov 1925 Son of John & Indiana
28 Jan 1921 Nee: HOOK / Wife of John
1908 Husband of Indiana H.
ARCHIBALD, Joseph Jun 1871 1908
ARCHIBALD, Mary 1906 1969 Wife of Robert D.
ARCHIBALD, Robert D. Feb 1934 1955 Son of Robert Archibald & Grace Lippy / Husband of Mary

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BERKEMEIER, August 11/4/1839 3/29/1903
BERKEMEIER, Margaretha 9/14/1843 2/10/1899 Nee SIEBERT / Wife of August
BERKEMEIER, George Jan 1870 Jan 1954 Son of August & Margaretha
BERKEMEIER, Mary E. Oct 1870 Jan 1955 Nee MINTIENS / Wife of George
WHERRETT, Maud Dec 1895 June 1991 Nee BERKEMEIER / Daughter of George & Mary E)
WHERRETT, Wm. Norman

Husband of Maud
BERKEMEIER, George 7/28/00 Feb 1977 Son of George & Mary E.
BERKEMEIER, August Jul 1892 Oct 1951 Son of George & Mary E.

Nee MOORE wife of August
BERKEMEIER, Calvin Charles 4/25/1908 6/22/1991 Grandson of August & Margaretha

Wife of Calvin C.

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GOUDY, Notley 08 May 1883
33rd degree Mason / Attorney

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JONES Walter 1852 1924 Father
JONES Lucy Wells 1853 1931 Mother
HAMMOND Florence Jones 1884 1973 Daughter
OSTRANDER Helen Gray 1888 1974 Daughter / Wife of Earl R.
JONES Percy Watkins 1889 1979 Son
OSTRANDER Earl R. 1879 1945 Husband of Helen G.

OSTRANDER Family Monument as listed below
OSTRANDER, Charles W. 1914 1979 Son of Earl & Helen
OSTRANDER, Hazel J. 1917 2003 Wife of Charles W.
STUEBER, Dorthy O. 1920 1992 Nee: OSTRANDER: Daughter of E. & H.
HILLEARY, Helen L. 1918 2004 Nee: OSTRANDER: Daughter of E. & H.
OSTRANDER, Elizabeth 1927 2001 Wife of E.R., Jr.

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MASON Family Stone

MASON, Elizabeth Augusta 1851 1923 Nee: MELCHER / Wife of Titus, Sr.
MASON, Elsie B. 1889 1955 Nee: BAIR/ Wife of Titus Jr.
MASON, Titus Lyde, Jr. 1889 1962
MASON, Titus Lyde, Sr. 1848 1940
MELCHER, Joseph Fenton

Unmarked / Brother of Augusta Mason
WOOD, Robert Louis 1891 1961 Minister
WOOD, Sarah Annabel 1891 1982 Nee: MASON / Wife of Robert L.

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