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Anne Arundel County
U. S. Naval Academy, Annapolis

Academic Hall

Main Gate

Bird's Eye View


Main Entrance to Bancroft Hall

Bancroft Hall

Bancroft Hall, Dinner Formation, Midshipmen

View from Bancroft Hall


Armory and Chapel

Decorations for a Dance, Interior, Armory

Administration Building


College Creek Bridge

Midshipmen having Boat Drills

General View of Harbor and U. S. Naval Academy by Night


Interior, Bancroft Hall


Marine Barracks

Memorial Monument and War Trophies, Academic Group in Rear

Lovers' Lane, June Week

Lovers Lane

Reina Mercedes, Spanish Warship, now used as Training Ship

Midshipmen Ready to Embark for Summer's Cruise

Ready to Embark for the Summer Cruise

Midshipmen Embarking for Summer's Cruise

The Last Farewells, Embarking for Summer's Cruise

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