Zion Memorial Cemetery

Bedford Road
Cumberland, Allegany County, MD

Made available to The USGenWeb Tombstone Transcription Project by: Lee Fasnacht (kfasn@pcfl.net)
DEETZ, Frederick D. 1891 1960 Perry Deetz & Eliza Jane Cessna
GILES, Bernard 1881 1942 Husband of Mary Deetz Giles
GILES, Bernard L., Jr. 1923 1952 Son of Bernard & Mary
GILES, Mary Genevieve 1985 1946 Nee: DEETZ / Wife of Bernard / Sister of Frederick D. Deetz
SHAFFER, Harry 1877 1951 Husband of Elizabeth

Made available to The USGenWeb Tombstone Transcription Project by: Rita Crawford (rcrawford08@charter.net)
CLITES, Albert D., Sr. 1/15/1900 6/11/1987
CLITES, Clara E. 3/18/1905 5/26/1995
CLITES, James E. 1921 1938 Our Son
LEASURE, Catherine E. 1847 1925 Wife of John T.
LEASURE, Earl 10/20/1911 7/23/1995
LEASURE, Ellen M. 1920
Wife of Robert M.
LEASURE, George M. 1889 1965
LEASURE, Grant 1882 1955
LEASURE, Harvey 1845 1927
LEASURE, Herman G. 1913 1987 Husband
LEASURE, Ira B. 1880 1956
LEASURE, John T. 1844 1929 Catherine E.
LEASURE, Robert M. 1916 1990
LEASURE, Sarah A. 1888 1919
LEASURE, Susan L. 1883 1949
LEASURE, Virginia V. 1857 1937
MYERS, Julia E. 1915 1996 Daughter
RICE, Hattie M. 1872 1966 Mother
RICE, Russell D. 1910 1996 Son
RICE, William G. 1870 1946 Father
TWIGG, Alvin W. 1887 1945
TWIGG, Carl L. 2/9/1910 5/4/1959 MD PVT US Army WWII
TWIGG, Cecil C. 1870 1951
TWIGG, Charles Vernon 10/17/1918 4/16/1989 MSGT US Army WWII, Korea
TWIGG, Claud 1891 1972 Father / Lucy
TWIGG, Edward 1908 1929
TWIGG, Emma J. 1873 1940
TWIGG, Herman C. 1892 1953 Father
TWIGG, Ida B. 1885 1947
TWIGG, James E. 1875 1947 Father
TWIGG, Kermit C. 1912 1977
TWIGG, Lauretta G. 189? 1980 Mother
TWIGG, Lucy J. 1892 1965 Mother / Claud
TWIGG, Mary J.

Wife of Moses Twigg
TWIGG, Maurice M. 1913 1984 Son
TWIGG, Moses

Mary J. / 1st wife, Mary Alice, buried at Centenery
TWIGG, O. 11/5/19?? 6/4/1903 Might be Otto / Son of M. & M.J.
TWIGG, Phyllis F. 1923 1974
TWIGG, Prema May 7/13/1916 12/25/1916 Daughter
TWIGG, Ray 11/8/1960

TWIGG, Reggie

TWIGG, Thurman W. 2/25/1908 4/15/1985 PFC US Army WWII
TWIGG, Trixie M. 1892 1973 Mother

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