Index to the 1900 United States Census Allegany County, Maryland Part One
(Printed page 1A through 294B, Image file 98-01a through 113-28b)

Compiled by Donald W. Nazelrod and Loretta Nazelrod Brown
2001 Donald Nazelrod and Loretta Nazelrod Brown

The image files to the Population Schedule of the 1900 United States Census for Allegany County, Maryland, published by S-K Publications, Wichita, Kansas, and available on the U.S. GenWeb Archive, is composed of 1,105 separate images, each representing a page of the census return. These pages consist of two series of pages, numbered 1A (on Image file 98-01a) through 294B (Image file 113-28b), and 1A (Image file 114-01a) through 271A (Image file 131-10a). When I began working on this index I assumed that this represented two separate rolls of microfilm, but the Catalog of NARA Microfilm, 1900 Federal Population Census, lists only one roll of microfilm for Allegany County, Maryland in 1900; numbered T623-604. Apparently when the Census Bureau numbered these pages, they numbered them in two separate series.

This index is composed of two parts, one for each of the numbered series beginning with page 1A. The index includes both the stamped page number, given first, and the image file number, given in parentheses, allowing the index to be used with either the microfilm copy or S-K Publications’ image files.

This index is my intrepretation of the handwriting and spelling of the various enumerators who gathered the information for this record. Please allow for some mis-interpreations and remember that in 1900 not everyone could read, write, or spell, and surnames had not reached the level of standardization that they now have, 100 years later. It is apparent that spelling and handwriting skills were not of high priority in the hiring of enumerators. Some enumerators appear to have added calculations to their listings, usually writing over the surnames of the head of household – this has increased the difficulty of reading and transcribing these entries. I have done my best.

Some few entries, I have not been able to read. These have been indexed under “Unreadable”. Some entries I have been able to make out only some of the letters of a last name. These are indexed under the proper alphabetical heading, with question marks substituted for letters that I could not discern.

Researchers are encouraged to check for listings under EVERY possible variant of the surname you are searching for. I would suggest reading every entry under the beginning letter of your surname of interest – if you still don’t find it, try the unreadable entries. Perhaps, knowing the name, you may be able to decipher it.

-- A --

Aaron 92b (103-11b), Abbot 243a (111-02a), 243b (111-02b), 248a (111-07a), Abenathy 95b (103-14b), 96a (103-15a), Aberle 241a (110-16a), Abernathy 109a (103-28a), 113b (103-32b), Adams 9b (098-09b), 50a (101-19a), 71a (102-08a), 74a (102-11a), 87a (103-06a), 92a (103-11a), 187b (108-11b), Addie 46a (101-15a), Addison 140b (105-08b), 142a (105-10a), Ader 34b (101-03b), Ager 195a (108-19a), Agnew 38b (101-07b), Ahern 82a (103-01a), Akehurst 218b(109-20b), Albert 44a (101-13a), Alberts 260a (111-19a), Ahers 88b (103-07b), Albright 77a (102-14a), 78b (102-15b), 80b (102-17b), 153b (106-06b), 203b (109-05b), 211a (109-13a), 213a (109-15a), 273b (113-07b), 285b (113-19b), Alderton 11a (099-01a), 11b (099-01b), 13a (099-03a), Aldeton 13a (099-03a), Alderton 102a (103-21a), Aldridge 210a (109-12a), 214b (109-16b), 215a (109-17a), 216a (109-18a), 216b (109-18b), 221a (109-23a), Aldy 155a (106-08a), Alexander 269a (113-03a), 280a (113-14a), Alexandra 70a (102-07a), Alexine 166a (107-04a), Alkire 37a (101-06a), 71a (102-08a), Allan 39b (101-08b), 292a (113-26a), Allbright 145a (105-13a), 158b (106-11b), Allen 236b (110-11b), Allerdice 157a (106-10a), 246b (111-05b), Alliosin 79a (102-16a), Alott 151a (106-04a), Aman 91b (103-10b), Ambrose 44a (101-13a), Amos 35b (101-04b), Andersen 85a (103-4a), 99a (103-18a), Anderson 37a (101-06a), 101a (103-20a), 104b (103-23b), 141a (105-09a), 144b (105-12b), 237b (110-12b), 251b (111-10b), 254a (111-13a), 256a (111-15a), 256b (111-15b), 284b (113-18b), Andrews 33a (101-02a), 116b (104-01b), 119a (104-04a), 119b (104-04b), Androon 181a (108-05a), Anes 112a (103-31a), Angues 257a (111-16a), Annan 135b (105-03b), 166b (107-04b), Anthony 165b (107-03b), 170a (107-08a), Apple 4a (098-04a), 5b (098-05b), Appler 44a (101-13a), Arbogast 135b (105-03b), Armbuster 85a (103-04a), Armstrong 175b (107-13b), 181a (108-05a), 185b (108-09b), 186b (108-10b), 188a (108-12a) Arnold 33b (101-02b), 63a (132-01a), 103b (103-22b), 129b (104-14b), 166a (107-04a), 185a (108-09a), 217b (109-19b), 222a (109-24a), 238a (110-13a), 242b (111-01b), 291b (113-25b), Arnona 166b (107-04b), 167a (107-05a), Arnone 223a (109-25a), Arther 177a (108-01a), Aseland 257a (111-16a), Ash 22b (100-03b), 24b (100-05b), 28b (100-09b), 29a (100-10a), 47b (101-16b), 52a (101-21a), Ashby 120b (104-05b), Ashkettle 5a (098-05a), Aspinall 166a (107-04a), Atchinson 63a (132-01a), Athey 11a (099-01a), 13a (099-03a), 19a (099-09a), 62a (101-31a), 69b (102-06b), 71b (102-08b), 131b (104-16b), Atkinson 171a (107-09a), 178a (108-02a), 226a (110-01a), 236a (110-11a), 240a (110-15a), 241a (110-16a), 253b (111-12b), 258a (111-17a), 270a (113-04a), Atwell 190a (108-14a), Attwood 38b (101-07b), Axe 101b (103-20b), Ayers 116a (104-01a), 116b (104-01b), 129a (104-13a), Ayins 195b (108-19b), Ayres 63a (132-01a),

--B --

Backen 196b (108-20b), Bacon 118a (104-03a), Bailey 96b (103-15b), Baird 157b (106-10b), Baken 192a (108-16a), Baker 15a (099-05a), 48b (101-17b), 52a (101-21a), 67b (102-04b),70b (102-07b), 80a (102-17a), 109a (103-28a), 129a (104-13a), 132a (104-17a), 188a (108-12a), 198a (108-22a), 204a (109-06a), 217b (109-19b), 279a (113-13a), 290b (113-24b), Baldock 138a (105-06a), Baldwin 41b (101-10b), 86b (103-5b), Ball 125a (104-10a), 222a (109-24a), 238b (110-13b), Balt 74a (102-11a), Bancord 220a (109-22a), 220b (109-22b), Bane 71b (102-08b), 80b (102-17b), 81a (102-18a), Banks 92a (103-11a), Barger 36a (101-05a), 44a (101-13a), Barber 57a (101-26a), 103b (103-22b), 142a (105-10a), 148b (106-01b) Barbour 73a (102-10a), 75b (102-12b), 76b (102-13b), 79a (102-16a), Barclay 149b (106-02b), Baretta 215b (109-17b), Barges 199a (109-01a), Barker 45b (101-14b), Barlie 250a (111-09a), Barmoy 165b (107-03b), Barnard 63b (132-01b), 139b (105-07b), 189b (108-13b), 290a (113-24a), Barncord 274b (113-08b) Barnes 1b (098-01b), 6a (098-06a), 6b (098-06b), 8a (098-08a), 8b (098-08b), 10a (098-10a), 10b (098-10b), 11b (099-01b), 26b (100-07b), 51b (101-20b), 68b (102-05b), 69a (102-06a), 119b (104-04b), 125a (104-10a), 228a (110-03a), 251a (111-10a), 255b (111-14b), Barnette 203b (109-05b), 254b (111-13b), Barnhill 101b (103-20b), Barratt 233b (110-08b), Barrett 44b (101-13b), 166b (107-04b), 211b (109-13b), 214a (109-16a), 225a (109-27a), Barretta 215a (109-17a), Barry 230b (110-05b), 262a (112-02a), Barth 12a (099-02a), 15a (099-05a), 16a (099-06a), 208b (109-10b), 211a (109-13a), Barthlow 125a (104-10a), Barthalow 49b (101-18b), Bartik 46a (101-15a), Barton 67a (102-04a), 93a (103-12a), Bary 241a (110-16a), Basey 99b (103-18b), Batesman 89a (103-08a), 89a (103-08a), Bath 184a (108-08a), Baxter 28a (100-09a), 194b (108-18b), Bayly 227b (110-02b), Bazzell 91a (103-10a), Beach 63a (132-01a), 175b (107-13b), Beal 123b (104-08b), 199a (109-01a), 202a (109-04a), 204a (109-06a), 204b (109-06b), 208b (109-10b), 210a (109-12a), Bealky 33a (101-02a), 33b (101-02b), Beall 28a (100-09a), 30b (100-11b), 42a (101-11a), 51a (101-20a), 74b (102-11b), 165b (107-03b), 166a (107-04a), 166b (107-04b), 167b (107-05b), 169b (107-07b), 200a (109-02a), Beals 262b (112-02b), Beaman 138a (105-06a), 235a (110-10a), 267b (113-01b), 268a (113-02a) 268b (113-02b), Bean 44b (101-13b), 124a (104-09a), 170a (107-08a), Beandoll 102b (103-21b), Beans (?) 6a (098-06a), Bear 2a (098-02a), 57a (101-26a), 191b (108-15b), 237b (110-12b), Bearcarys 218b(109-20b), Beard 116b (104-01b), 117a (014-02a), 127a (104-12a), Beaty 92b (103-11b), 93a (103-12a), Beck 28b (100-09b), 94a (103-13a), 144b (105-12b), 201a (109-03a), 263b (112-03b), Beecher 66b (102-03b), Beedy 204a (109-06a), Beeman 160a (106-13a), 229b (110-04b), 231b (110-06b), 232a (110-07a), 234a (110-09a), 240a (110-15a), Beerman 228a (110-03a), Beese 148a (106-01a), Beir 96a (103-15a), Bell 71b (102-08b), 85a (103-04a), 113a (103-32a), 113b (103-32b), 145a (105-13a), 147a (105-15a), 150A (106-03A), 154a (106-07a), 160b (106-13b), 246b (111-05b), 250a (111-09a), 254b (111-13b), Bellmyer 58a (101-27a), Beltz 41a (101-10a), Beman 250b (111-09b), 251a (111-10a), Bender 22a (100-03a), 30b (100-11b), Bennet 6a (098-06a), 25a (100-06a), 29b (100-10b), Bennett 48b (101-17b), 200b (109-02b), 226a (110-01a), 229a (110-04a), Bennette 24a (100-05a), Benney 102b (103-21b), Benson 37b (101-06b), Berkenbaugh 172b (107-10b), 233a (110-08a), Bern 69b (102-06b), Bernard 88a (103-07a), 89a (103-08a), 94b (103-13b), 104a (103-23a), 104b (103-23b), 128b (104-13b), 131b (104-16b), 158b (106-11b), 200b (109-02b), Berry 25b (100-06b), 56a (101-25a), 65b (102-02b), 125a (104-10a), Bessins 293a (113-27a), Best 203b (109-05b), 212b (109-14b), Betallican 141b (105-09b), Betle 57a (101-26a), Betz 163a (107-01a), 164b (107-02b), Bevin 220a (109-22a), Bevins 245b (111-04b), Bevridge 120b (104-05b), 244a (111-03a), Biddington 218b(109-20b), 219b (109-21b), Biddle 82b (103-01b), 95b (103-14b), Bier 67b (102-04b), 69a (102-06a), Biggs 113b (103-32b), Billmeyer 6a (098-06a), Bills 152a (106-05a), Birmingham 57a (101-26a), 121b (104-06b), 208a (109-10a), 209b (109-11b), Biser 118b (104-03b), Bishop 165a (107-03a), 199b (109-01b), 258a (111-17a), Bissett 86a (103-05a), Bitner 196b (108-20b), Black 221a (109-23a), 221b (109-23b), 224b (109-26b), Blackburn 14a (099-04a), 40a (101-09a), 107b (103-26b), Blaine 218b(109-20b), Blake 72a (102-09a), 224a (109-26a), 286b (113-20b), Blane 254a (111-13a), Blank 201a (109-03a), 203a (109-05a), 205a (109-07a) Blasse 192a (108-16a), Blocher 37b (101-06b), Bloom 217a (109-19a), Bloss 261b (112-01b), Blubaugh 267a (113-01a), 267b (113-01b), Blue 259b (11-18b), Bluebaugh 76b (102-13b), 77a (102-14a), Bluebottom 66a (102-03a), Boag 143a (105-11a), 238b (110-13b), 242a (111-01a), 247a (111-06a), Boal 116b (104-01b), 121b (104-06b), Bobo 64b (102-01b), 87a (103-06a), 107b (103-26b), Boch 60a (101-29a), Boden 235a (110-10a), Boettcher 167b (107-05b), Boettner 169a (107-07a) 170a (107-08a), 195b (108-19b), Boggie 246a (111-05a), Boggs 17b (099-07b), 18a (099-08a), Boice 293b (113-27b), Bond 42a (101-11a), 185a (108-09a), 252b (111-11b), Bons 71b (102-08b),oor 69a (102-06a), Bonson 99b (103-18b), Boor 71b (102-08b), 200a (109-02a), Boorman 65a (102-02a), Booth 211a (109-13a), Boottcher 156a (106-09a), Bopp 62a (101-31a), Borden 235b(110-10b) 237a (110-12a), Borgman 38b (101-07b), Bortolon 170b (107-08b), Bosely 124a (104-09a), Bosley 44b (101-13b), Boston 258a (111-17a), Bothwell 83a (103-02a), 85a (103-04a), 85b (103-04b), Bottemfield 7a (098-07a), 20b (100-01b), Bottener 236b (110-11b), Bottner 197b (108-21b), Boucher 123a (104-08a), 130a (104-15a), Bouldy 62a (101-31a), Bowden 43a (101-12a), Bowen 184a (108-08a), 196a (108-20a), 196b (108-20b), Bower 61a (101-30a), Bowers 4a (098-04a), 46a (101-15a), 57b (101-26b), 144b (105-12b), 216a (109-18a) 217a (109-19a), Bowlis 91b (103-10b), Bowls 150b (106-03b), Bowman 17b (099-07b), 98b (103-17b), 99a (103-18a), 150A (106-03A), Bowors 134a (105-02a), Boyer 63b (132-01b), Boyd 151a (106-04a), 229a (110-04a), 238b (110-13b), 241a (110-16a), 249b (111-08b), Boyed 159a (106-12a), 159b (106-12b) Boyle 142b (105-10b), 206a (109-08a), 214a (109-16a), 232b (110-07b), Bradburn 236b (110-11b), 251a (111-10a), 257b (111-16b), Braddock 116b (104-01b), Bradely 151b (106-04b), 156b (106-09b), Bradley 102b (103-21b), 118a (104-03a), 120b (104-05b), 228b (110-03b), 231b (110-06b), 233a (110-08a), Bradly 177a (108-01a), Bradour 55a (101-24a), Bradshaw 254b (111-13b), Brady 5a (098-05a), 9b (098-09b), 144a (105-12a), 164a (107-02a), 259a (111-18a), 280b (113-14B), Braig 161a (106-14a), Brailer 202b (109-04b), 203a (109-05a), 206a (109-08a), 207a (109-09a), 207b (109-09b), Brain 138b (105-06b), Braithwood 292a (113-26a), Brakell 40b (101-09b), Bramble 50a (101-19a), 52b (101-21b), Brannon 202b (109-04b), 206b (109-08b), Branson 38b (101-07b), Brant 37b (101-06b), 54a (101-23a), 57a (101-26a), 58a (101-27a), 60a (101-29a), 215b (109-17b), Brashears 23a (100-04a), 47a (101-16a), 47b (101-16b), Brasshears 106b (103-25b), Braudrick 45b (101-14b), Braun 180b (108-04b), Bray 250b (111-09b), Brdy 114b (103-33b), Brealing 148a (106-01a), Breighner 36a (101-05a), 42a (101-11a), 44a (101-13a), Brennan 156a (106-09a), 277b (113-11b), Brensiger 66a (102-03a), Brewer 36b (101-05b), Bridges 200a (109-02a), 216a (109-18a) 216b (109-18b), 225a (109-27a), Briges 199a (109-01a), Brinker 32a (101-01a), 34a (101-03a), Brinkman 2b (098-02b), 3b (098-03b), 4a (098-04a), 7b (098-07b), 36a (101-05a), 38b (101-07b), 41a (101-10a), 42b (101-11b), 45b (101-14b), Brisco 80b (102-17b), Briscoe 63b (132-01b), 209b (109-11b), Broad 190b (108-14b), 194a (108-18a), Broadback 268b (113-02b), Broadwater 63b (132-01b), 92a (103-11a), 93a (103-12a), 122b (104-07b), 124a (104-09a), 131b (104-16b), 253b (111-12b), Broadwaters 250b (111-09b), 267b (113-01b), Broback 259b (11-18b), Brode 74a (102-11a), 74b (102-11b), 168b (107-06b), 169a (107-07a), 183a (108-07a), 188a (108-12a), 218a (109-20a), Broderick 201b (109-03b), 283a (113-17a), 285a (113-19a), Brodrick 142a (105-10a), 222b (109-24b), Brookman 36b (101-05b), Brooks 124b (104-09b), 130a (104-15a), Brophy 56b (101-25b), Brotemarkell 63a (132-01a), Brotemarkle 55b (101-24b), 56a (101-25a), 264b (112-04b), Brotemikle 47b (101-16b), Brotmarkle 22a (100-03a), 153a (106-06a), Browen 156a (106-09a), Brown 30b (100-11b), 45b (101-14b), 49a (101-18a), 57a (101-26a), 60a (101-29a), 63a (132-01a), 65b (102-02b), 75b (102-12b), 89a (103-08a), 91b (103-10b), 99b (103-18b), 139a (105-07a), 153b (106-06b), 155a (106-08a), 157a (106-10a), 158b (106-11b), 160a (106-13a), 160b (106-13b), 187a (108-11a), 192b (108-16b), 195a (108-19a), 219b (109-21b), 242b (111-01b), 246a (111-05a), 250a (111-09a), 252b (111-11b), 257a (111-16a), 270a (113-04a), 290b (113-24b), Browning 20a (100-01a), 21b (100-02b), 24a (100-05a), 24b (100-05b), 25a (100-06a), 30a (100-11a), 30b (100-11b), 48a (101-17a), Brownn 1a (098-01a), Broy 66b (102-03b), Brubaker 29a (100-10a), Bruce 92b (103-11b), Bruck 201a (109-03a), Brun 215a (109-17a), Bryant 1a (098-01a), 123b (104-08b), Bucey 23a (100-04a), 25b (100-06b), 28b (100-09b), 39a (101-08a), Buchanan 199a (109-01a), Buckalew 96a (103-15a), Buckaloo 63b (132-01b), Buckell 249a (111-08a), Buckhotz 140a (105-08a), Bucklew 120a (104-05a), Bucy 263b (112-03b), 264a (112-04a), 264b (112-04b), Bullock 146b (105-14b) Bumberger 45a (101-14a), Bunce 68a (102-05a), 68b (102-05b), Burall 210b (109-12b), Burger 35a (101-04a), Burk 108b (103-27b), Burke 34a (101-03a), Burket 131a (104-16a), Burkett 76b (102-13b), 77a (102-14a), Burkey 202b (109-04b), 213a (109-15a), Burns 243b (111-02b), 272b (113-06b), 275b (113-09b), Burr 62b (101-31b), Burr?ill 217a (109-19a), Burton 131a (104-16a), 165b (107-03b), 172b (107-10b), Buser 23a (100-04a), Bush 41b (101-10b), 122b (104-07b), 285a (113-19a), Buskey 46b (101-15b), 181b (108-05b), Buskirk 267b (113-01b), 280a (113-14a), Buskis 269a (113-03a), Busy 263b (112-03b), Butts 107a (103-26a), Buzard 198a (108-22a), Byers 243a (111-02a), Byrne 272a (113-06a), 273a (113-07a), 275a (113-09a), 277a (113-11a), 278a (113-12a), 280a (113-14a), 281b (113-15b), 285a (113-19a), 285b (113-19b), 287a (113-21a), 287b (113-21b), Byrnes 63b (132-01b), 133a (105-01a), Bywatters 217a (109-19a),

--C –

C???nburg 146b (105-14b) Cable 168a (107-06a), Cadden 279a (113-13a), Caddon 122a (104-07a), Cadwalder 67a (102-04a), Caessna 291a (113-25a), Cahill 240a (110-15a), Cain 5b (098-05b), 74b (102-11b), 77b (102-14b), 78a (102-15a), 80a (102-17a), 80b (102-17b), 93a (103-12a), Cal??n 260a (111-19a), Calahan 218a (109-20a), Calhoun 52b (101-21b), Callagan 229a (110-04a), Callan 4a (098-04a), 4b (098-04b), 57a (101-26a), Callwind 245b (111-04b), Caloghan 213a (109-15a), Calvin 58a (101-27a), Cambell 60a (101-29a), Camel 100a (103-19a), Cameron 133a (105-01a), Campbell 1a (098-01a), 122a (104-07a), 143b (105-11b), 161a (106-14a), 193a (108-17a), 211b (109-13b), 212a (109-14a), 213a (109-15a), 232b (110-07b), 268a (113-02a) 273b (113-07b), 277b (113-11b), 280b (113-14B), 290a (113-24a), 294a (113-28a), Camppbell 271a (113-05a), Caney 28a (100-09a), Canty 45a (101-14a), 45b (101-14b), 112a (103-31a), 281b (113-15b) Cantey 281a (113-15a), Carabine 209a (109-11a), 211b (109-13b), 212b (109-14b), Carbusky 47a (101-16a), Carder 89a (103-08a), 89b (103-08b), Carey 134a (105-02a), 152b (106-05b), 233a (110-08a), Carinder 30b (100-11b), Carl 67b (102-04b), Carle 123b (104-08b), Carlial 84b (103-03b), Carlton 58a (101-27a), Carnahan 101b (103-20b), Carnel 59a (101-28a), Carney 82a (103-01a), 86a (103-05a), 163b (107-01b), 170b (107-08b), 207a (109-09a), 208b (109-10b), 209a (109-11a), 211b (109-13b), 288b (113-22b), Carny 163b (107-01b), Carpenter 68b (102-05b), 272b (113-06b), Carr 160a (106-13a), 166a (107-04a), 269b (113-03b), 276b (113-10b), Carrens 32a (101-01a), Caroll 186b (108-10b), Carroll 138a (105-06a), 199a (109-01a), 283b (113-17b), 285a (113-19a), Carter 14b (099-04b), 36b (101-05b), 56a (101-25a), 79b (102-16b), 80a (102-17a), 200b (109-02b), 203a (109-05a), 216b (109-18b), 218a (109-20a), Carthew 140b (105-08b), Carton 139b (105-07b), Cartright 17a (099-07a), Cartwright 148a (106-01a), 284a (113-18a), Carvaller 112a (103-31a), Carver 82b (103-01b), 114b (103-33b), Casecamp 1a (098-01a), Casey 45b (101-14b), 120b (104-05b), 121a (104-06a), 124a (104-09a), 132a (104-17a), 188a (108-12a) Caskey 45a (101-14a), Cassady 223b (109-25b), Cassidy 57a (101-26a), Castle 33a (101-02a), 33b (101-02b), Catarra 91b (103-10b), Catlet 43b (101-12b), Catlett 47a (101-16a), Catting 247b (111-06b), Cavanaugh 166b (107-04b), 273a (113-07a), 275a (113-09a), 275b (113-09b), 278a (113-12a), 283a (113-17a), 287a (113-21a), 288b (113-22b), Cavey 63b (132-01b), 253a (111-12a), Caylor 35a (101-04a), Cecil 72a (102-09a), 222b (109-24b), Cecill 72b (102-09b), Cessna 3b (098-03b), 63a (132-01a), 69a (102-06a), 172a (107-10a), 199b (109-01b), 200a (109-02a), Chamberlin 151a (106-04a), Chambers 149b (106-02b), 158a (106-11a), 163b (107-01b), Chaney 22b (100-03b), 24a (100-05a), 30a (100-11a), 97b (103-16b), 115a (103-34a), 196a (108-20a), Chany 88b (103-07b), Chapman 83b (103-02b), Chapple 119a (104-04a), Charles 31a (100-12a), 40b (101-09b), Cheney 25a (100-06a), 49a (101-18a), Chenowith 127a (104-12a), Cherry 278b (113-12b), 291b (113-25b), Cheshire 42a (101-11a), Chessher 40b (101-09b), Chesshier 98a (103-17a), Chessner 87b (103-06b), Chidester 165b (107-03b), Chilcot 61b (101-30b), Chipley 240b (110-15b), Chism 199b (109-01b), 203b (109-05b), Chisney 208a (109-10a), Christie 100a (103-19a), Cigler 5a (098-05a), Cilbertson 154a (106-07a), Clarg 60b (101-29b), Clark 64b (102-01b), 87a (103-06a), 87b (103-06b), 88a (103-07a), 88b (103-07b), 92a (103-11a), 104b (103-23b), 106a (103-25a), 107b (103-26b), 108a (103-27a), 108b (103-27b), 122b (104-07b), 123b (104-08b), 124a (104-09a), 126a (104-11a), 130a (104-15a), 144b (105-12b), 145b (105-13b), 154b (106-07b), 159a (106-12a), 197b (108-21b), 208a (109-10a), 208b (109-10b), 232b (110-07b), 233a (110-08a), 248a (111-07a), Clarke 25a (100-06a), 45a (101-14a), 111a (103-30a), 164b (107-02b), Clarkson 133b (105-01b), 135b (105-03b), 140a (105-08a), Clayton 274a (113-08a), Cleavor 172a (107-10a), Clenstot 91a (103-10a), Clevenger 42b (101-11b), Click 158b (106-11b), 231a (110-06a), 246b (111-05b), 247a (111-06a), Clifford 216a (109-18a) Cline 44a (101-13a), 56b (101-25b), 91a (103-10a), 113a (103-32a), 194b (108-18b), Clingerman 6a (098-06a), Clipstine 105b (103-24b), Clise 77b (102-14b), 79b (102-16b), 271b (113-05b), 280a (113-14a), 281b (113-15b), 282a (113-16a), 294a (113-28a), 294b (113-28b), Close 168b (107-06b), 192b (108-16b), 268a (113-02a), 272a (113-06a), 278b (113-12b), Closterman 79a (102-16a), 79b (102-16b), Clupp 226b (110-01b), 227b (110-02b), 236b (110-11b), 242b (111-01b), 270a (113-04a), Coalman 193b (108-17b), Coburn 208b (109-10b), 231b (110-06b), 284b (113-18b), Coch 45b (101-14b), Cochrane 242a (111-01a), 243b (111-02b), 245b (111-04b), 254b (111-13b), Cockburn 161a (106-14a), Coder 165b (107-03b), Coffman 39a (101-08a), Coglan 114a (103-33a), Coker 186a (108-10a), Colburn 167b (107-05b), Cole 68b (102-05b), 110a (103-29a), Coleman 59b (101-28b), 106b (103-25b), 216a (109-18a), 226b (110-01b), 228b (110-03b), 262a (112-02a), 267a (113-01a), 269b (113-03b), 278a (113-12a), 289a (113-23a), Collans 205a (109-07a) Collins 104b (103-23b), 209b (109-11b), 224a (109-26a), 264a (112-04a), 264b (112-04b), Colwell 30a (100-11a), Colman 242a (111-01a), Colmar 130a (104-15a), Comauf 286b (113-20b), Comer 118b (104-03b), 286a (113-20a), Compton 5b (098-05b), Conaly 196b (108-20b), Conard 2b (098-02b), 65b (102-02b), Conaway 207b (109-09b), Condry 85b (103-04b), Coner 152b (106-05b), Conley 193a (108-17a), 251a (111-10a), 277a (113-11a), Conlin 209a (109-11a), Conlon 180b (108-04b), 273a (113-07a), Conly 97b (103-16b), 245b (111-04b), Conner 71b (102-08b), 72a (102-09a), 168a (107-06a), 286a (113-20a), Connikay 191b (108-15b), Connor 149a (106-02a), 229b (110-04b), 230b (110-05b), 237a (110-12a), 237b (110-12b), 238a (110-13a), Connors 243b (111-02b), Conrad 67b (102-04b), Conrade 192b (108-16b), Conrod 224b (109-26b), Conroy 117a (014-02a), 121b (104-06b), 211b (109-13b), Conway 57a (101-26a), 122b (104-07b), Cook 63a (132-01a), 71a (102-08a), 91a (103-10a), 159a (106-12a), 177b (108-01b), 197b (108-21b), 254a (111-13a), 259a (111-18a), Cooles 163a (107-01a), Cooley 212b (109-14b), Coombs 237a (110-12a), Cooner 63b (132-01b), Coonrod 6a (098-06a), 200b (109-02b), Cooper 63b (132-01b), 116a (104-01a), 127a (104-12a), Corbin 96a (103-15a), 97a (103-16a), Corbusky 47a (101-16a), Corene 67b (102-04b), Corfild 184a (108-08a), Corfield 256a (111-15a), Cormack 120b (104-05b), Cornwell 261a (112-01a), 261b (112-01b), Corrigan 123b (104-08b), 255b (111-14b), 291b (113-25b), Cort 114a (103-33a), Corwell 265a (112-05a), Cosdy 158a (106-11a), Cosfield 245a (111-04a), Cosgrove 83b (103-02b), 182b (108-06b), Cosling 247a (111-06a), Coslosey 112a (103-31a), Cottle 206a (109-08a), Cou 121a (104-06a), Coulehan 165b (107-03b), Courtney 95a (103-14a), Coutere 63b (132-01b), Cowan 63b (132-01b), 68b (102-05b), 86a (103-05a), Cox 49a (101-18a), 62a (101-31a), 99b (103-18b), 100b (103-19b), 131a (104-16a), Coyle 226b (110-01b), Crabtree 3b (098-03b), 8a (098-08a), 9b (098-09b), 11a (099-01a), 12b (099-2b), 13a (099-03a), 14a (099-04a), 17b (099-07b), 18a (099-08a), 29b (100-10b), 264b (112-04b), 265a (112-05a), 265b (112-05b), Crage 158a (106-11a), Craig 167b (107-05b), Craigs 57a (101-26a), Cramer 279a (113-13a), Crasey 139a (105-07a), Crassor 135b (105-03b), Crawford 9b (098-09b), 23b (100-04b), 94a (103-13a), 96a (103-15a), 111b (103-30b), 129b (104-14b),130a (104-15a), 130b (104-15b), Craze 279b (113-13b), Creagan 273b (113-07b), Creamer 279b (113-13b), Creegan 268a (113-02a) 277a (113-11a), 282a (113-16a), Creek 7a (098-07a), 8a (098-08a), 8b (098-08b), 9b (098-09b), 17b (099-07b), Cresap 67a (102-04a), Cresep 71a (102-08a), Creutzburg 117a (014-02a), 121b (104-06b), 122a (104-07a), 125b (104-10b), Crichton 148b (106-01b) 150b (106-03b), Crighton 146b (105-14b) Crist 38a (101-07a), Cristie 49a (101-18a), Critchton 259a (111-18a), Crites 261a (112-01a), Crofert 111a (103-30a), Croffon 223b (109-25b), Crofford 14b (099-04b), Croft 204a (109-06a), Crollum 101a (103-20a), Crolsy 186b (108-10b), Cronin 163b (107-01b), Crook 177b (108-01b), Crosby 200a (109-02a), Crosgrove 63b (132-01b), 138a (105-06a), 142b (105-10b), Cross 30b (100-11b), 71b (102-08b), 91a (103-10a), 105b (103-24b), 202a (109-04a), 210a (109-12a), 215b (109-17b), Crosser 154a (106-07a), Croston 285a (113-19a), Crow 7a (098-07a), 134b (105-02b), 136a (105-04a), 137a (105-05a), 137b (105-05b), 138b (105-06b), 141a (105-09a), 153a (106-06a), 165b (107-03b), 180a (108-04a), 214b (109-16b), 215a (109-17a), 220b (109-22b), 294a (113-28a), Crowe 143a (105-11a), 166b (107-04b), 171a (107-09a), 172a (107-10a), 204b (109-06b), 205b (109-07b), 209a (109-11a), 209b (109-11b), Crowin 280b (113-14B), Crowley 218b(109-20b), Cruise 173b (107-11b), Crump 180a (108-04a), 181a (108-05a), 186a (108-10a), 203a (109-05a), Crutchley 57a (101-26a), Cuff 103b (103-22b), Cullan 195b (108-19b), Cullen 270b (113-04b), 287b (113-21b), Cumfis 112b (103-31b), Cumming 278b (113-12b), Cummins 280a (113-14a), Cuninghame 15a (099-05a), Cunnhaming 154b (106-07b), Cunningham 19a (099-09a), 25b (100-06b), 61b (101-30b), 165a (107-03a), 202b (109-04b), 203b (109-05b), 207b (109-09b), 216a (109-18a), 217a (109-19a), 222a (109-24a), 251b (111-10b), 261b (112-01b), 268a (113-02a), 272b (113-06b), 276a (113-10a), 279a (113-13a), 286b (113-20b), 287a (113-21a), Cunrod 206b (109-08b), Curran 114a (103-33a), 126a (104-11a), Custen 127a (104-12a), Cuthberson 240a (110-15a), Cuthbertson 243b (111-02b), 257a (111-16a), Cutter 76a (102-13a), 161b (106-14b), 246b (111-05b), 257b (111-16b), 269b (113-03b), 294a (113-28a),


Dabb 93b (103-12b), Dabney 89a (103-08a), Dachler 52b (101-21b), Daddeysman 86b (103-5b), 87a (103-06a), Dailey 45a (101-14a), 164a (107-02a), 164b (107-02b), Dainels 106b (103-25b), 265a (112-05a), 268b (113-02b), Daledovech 284b (113-18b), Daley 11b (099-01b), Damm 54a (101-23a), Dando 155a (106-08a), 183b (108-07b), 184b (108-08b), Danner 36a (101-05a), Dannison 37b (101-06b), 94a (103-13a), Darkey 11b (099-01b), 14b (099-04b), Darnelly 209a (109-11a), Darnely 135a (105-03a), Darnly 135a (105-03a), Darr 250a (111-09a), Dash 146a (105-14a), 256a (111-15a), Dauherty 39a (101-08a), Daves 179b (108-03b), David (?)11a (099-01a), 13b (099-03b), 165a (107-03a), Davidson 63a (132-01a), 213b (109-15b), 246a (111-05a), 273b (113-07b), Davies 167a (107-05a), 167b (107-05b), 181a (108-05a), 184b (108-08b), 186a (108-10a), 195a (108-19a), 196b (108-20b), Davis 15b (099-05b), 20a (100-01a), 21a (100-02a), 27b (100-08b), 29a (100-10a), 30a (100-11a), 48a (101-17a), 63a (132-01a), 67a (102-04a), 73b (102-10b), 77b (102-14b), 99b (103-18b), 122b (104-07b), 123b (104-08b), 165b (107-03b), 180b (108-04b), 182b (108-06b), 215a (109-17a), 218b(109-20b), 261b (112-01b), 262a (112-02a), 262a (112-02a), 273b (113-07b), 276a (113-10a), 282a (113-16a), Dawson 43a (101-12a), 53a (101-22a), 55b (101-24b), 65a (102-02a), 66a (102-03a), 66b (102-03b), 67a (102-04a), 67b (102-04b), 68a (102-05a), 86b (103-5b), 90b (103- 09b), 93a (103-12a), 97b (103-16b), 100a(103-19a), 103a (103-22a), 107b (103-26b), 108a (103-27a), 108b (103-27b), 111a (103-30a), 113a (103-32a), 117b (104-02b), 118b (104-03b), 121a (104-06a), 127b (104-12b), 130a (104-15a), 161a (106-14a), 226a (110-01a), 229a (110-04a), 268a (113-02a) 280b (113-14B), 283b (113-17b), 289a (113-23a), 292b (113-26b), Dayton 87b (103-06b), 88b (103-07b), 90b (103- 09b), 95a (103-14a), 107b (103-26b), 108a (103-27a), 108b (103-27b), 109b (103-28b), 114a (103-33a), 179a (108-03a), 238a (110-13a), Dazies 122b (104-07b), Deams 112a (103-31a), Dean 23b (100-04b), 56b (101-25b), 80b (102-17b), 166b (107-04b), 170b (107-08b), 214a (109-16a), 246b (111-05b), Dearing 45b (101-14b), Deck 45b (101-14b), Decker 34b (101-03b), Deekens 219a (109-21a), Deetz 35a (101-04a), Deever 65a (102-02a), Deihl 157a (106-10a), Deitz 49a (101-18a), Defenbaugh 12a (099-02a), Deffenbaug 22a (100-03a), Deffinbaugh 63b (132-01b), 165b (107-03b), 210b (109-12b), 212a (109-14a), Defibaugh 36a (101-05a), Delany 74b (102-11b), 77b (102-14b), Delbrook 202a (109-04a), 203a (109-05a), 205a (109-07a) 205b (109-07b), Delilis 166a (107-04a), Deminoski 81a (102-18a), Dempsey 122a (104-07a), Deneen 279b (113-13b), Denison 100a (103-19a), Dennison 172a (107-10a), 293a (113-27a), Deremer 61a (101-30a), 70b (102-07b), Derken 57a (101-26a), Derrick 205b (109-07b), Dersey 32a (101-01a), Deter 153b (106-06b), Determan 262a (112-02a), Deters 237b (110-12b), Detterman 92a (103-11a), Devaner 227b (110-02b), Devault 227b (110-02b), 228b (110-03b), 234b (110-09b) Devin 193b (108-17b), Devine 253b (111-12b), Devlin 253a (111-12a), Devore 173a (107-11a), 173b (107-11b), 179a (108-03a), 187b (108-11b), DeWitt 89b (103-08b), 97a (103-16a ), 110a (103-29a), Dibert 23b (100-04b), Dick 100b (103-19b), 117b (104-02b), 162a (106-15a), 194b (108-18b), 227a (110-02a), 229b (110-04b), 233a (110-08a), 237a (110-12a), 246a (111-05a), 252a (111-11a), 290a (113-24a), Dickel 203a (109-05a), Dicken 25b (100-06b), Dickey 175a (107-13a), 189b (108-13b), Dickle 205b (109-07b), Dicks 56b (101-25b), Dickson 255b (111-14b), Diehl 5b (098-05b), 10a (098-10a), 29b (100-10b), 30b (100-11b), 199a (109-01a), 199b (109-01b), Diffibaugh 12a (099-02a), Diggs 58b (101-27b), Dignon 201b (109-03b), Dilfer 56a (101-25a), Dill 56b (101-25b), Dillinger 162a (106-15a), Dillon 163a (107-01a), Dilly 77b (102-14b), Dingley 45a (101-14a), Dinning 159b (106-12b) Dinnsen 66b (102-03b), Dinsmore 271b (113-05b), Dircks 48a (101-17a), Disetiti 166b (107-04b), 167a (107-05a), Ditzak 33a (101-02a), Divelbliss 5b (098-05b), Dixon 57a (101-26a), 90a (103- 09a), 95b (103-14b), 109a (103-28a), 239a (110-14a), 239b (110-14b), 258b (111-17b), Dixson 139b (105-07b), 143b (105-11b), Dobbie 230b (110-05b), 236a (110-11a), Dodds 216a (109-18a) Doerner 38b (101-07b), Doffert 98b (103-17b), Dogglas 244b (111-03b), Dohm 158a (106-11a), 239b (110-14b), Dolan 12b (099-2b), 15a (099-05a), 18b (099-08b), 24a (100-05a), 24b (100-05b), 211b (109-13b), 265b (112-05b), Dolls 140a (105-08a), Domdera 169a (107-07a) Dompdera 63b (132-01b), Don ??? 136b (105-04b), Donahey 133b (105-01b), Donahoe 48b (101-17b), Donahue 73a (102-10a), 112b (103-31b), 167a (107-05a), Donal 247a (111-06a), Donald 157a (106-10a), 162a (106-15a), 227a (110-02a), 242b (111-01b) Donaldson 44b (101-13b), 235a (110-10a), 241a (110-16a), Donalson 256b (111-15b), Donnelly 2a (098-02a), 101b (103-20b), 167a (107-05a), Donohue 145a (105-13a), 238a (110-13a), Doolan 240a (110-15a), Dooley 253b (111-12b), Dorsey 59b (101-28b), 130a (104-15a), 275b (113-09b), Dougan 42a (101-11a), Douglas 35b (101-04b), 152b (106-05b), 249b (111-08b), Dougles 255b (111-14b), Dowel 46b (101-15b), Dowling 86a (103-05a), 86b (103-05b), Downey 252a (111-11a), Downton 174a (107-12a), 174b (107-12b), Doyle 71b (102-08b), 80a (102-17a), 85a (103-04a), 143a (105-11a), 201b (109-03b), 234a (110-09a), Dpeniham 82a (103-01a), Drake 24a (100-05a), Drake 190a (108-14a), Drenning 82b (103-01b), Drownaski 52a (101-21a), Driscol 84a (103-03a), Drum 73b (102-10b), 75a (102-12a), 78a (102-15a), 104b (103-23b), Drummond 172a (107-10a), Dryer 56b (101-25b), Duckworth 64a (102-01a), 76b (102-13b), 77a (102-14a), 83a (103-02a), 85a (103-04a), 89a (103-08a), 92a (103-11a), 105b (103-24b), 106a (103-25a), 106b (103-25b), 107a (103-26a), 131a (104-16a), 133b (105-01b), 140a (105-08a), 142b (105-10b), 143a (105-11a), 157a (106-10a), 226b (110-01b), 229b (110-04b), 232b (110-07b), 239b (110-14b), 240b (110-15b), 256b (111-15b), 261a (112-01a), 276a (113-10a), 282b (113-16b), Dudey 92b (103-11b), Dudley 63b (132-01b), 79a (102-16a), Duer 66b (102-03b), 67a (102-04a), Duffy 60b (101-29b), 287a (113-21a), Dugal 207a (109-09a), Duggan 287b (113-21b), Duglas 128b (104-13b), Dum 213b (109-15b), Duncan 64a (102-01a), Dundas 171b(107-09b), Dune 134b (105-02b), Dunk 94b (103-13b), 95a (103-14a), Dunmark 97b (103-16b), Dunn 62a (101-31a), 136a (105-04a), 137b (105-05b), 248a (111-07a), 260a (111-19a), 270a (113-04a), 276b (113-10b), Dunstan 196a (108-20a), Durham 93b (103-12b), Durkin 139a (105-07a),Durst 123b (104-08b), 127a (104-12a), Dirking 156a (106-09a), Durkin 271b (113-05b), 294b (113-28b), Durst 149a (106-02a), 188a (108-12a) Duvall 7a (098-07a), 38a (101-07a), Dye 118a (104-03a), 124a (104-09a), 130a (104-15a), 226a (110-01a), 236a (110-11a), 242a (111-01a), 244b (111-03b), Dyer 87b (103-06b),


Eagam 126b (104-11b), Eagle 92a (103-11a), Eastman 53b (101-22b), Easton 205b (109-07b), Ecton 1b (098-01b); Edwards 3a (098-03a), 160a (106-13a), 165a (107-03a), 196a (108-20a), 286b (113-20b), 287b (113-21b), Edwardine 166a (107-04a), Egan 275a (113-09a), 283b (113-17b), Egine 166a (107-04a), Eglin 175b (107-13b), Egline 175a (107-13a), Eichhorn 139a (105-07a), 144a (105-12a), 146a (105-14a), 150b (106-03b), 152a (106-05a), Eichner 53a (101-22a), Eichorn 251a (111-10a), Eisel 168b (107-06b), 173b (107-11b), 192b (108-16b), Eisenberg 237b (110-12b), Eisentrout 286a (113-20a), Eisler 176a (107-14a), Eikner 52b (101-21b), Elbin 24b (100-05b), 27b (100-08b), 28b (100-09b), 29b (100-10b), Elliett 94a (103-13a), 101a (103-20a), 107b (103-26b), 108a (103-27a), Elliott 72b (102-09b), 110b (103-29b), 217b (109-19b), 224b (109-26b), 230a (110-05a), 235a (110-10a), Ellis 43a (101-12a), 44b (101-13b), 204a (109-06a), 278b (113-12b), Elower 13b (099-03b), Elrick 164a (107-02a), Elsworth 90b (103- 09b), Elvin 34a (101-03a), Emerick 200a (109-02a), 200b (109-02b), 220a (109-22a), 288a (113-22a), Engel 223b (109-25b), Engelhardt 152a (106-05a), England 38b (101-07b), Engle 90b (103- 09b), 122b (104-07b), 163b (107-01b), 167a (107-05a), 175b (107-13b), 188a (108-12a), 1 99a (109-01a), Ennes 151b (106-04b), Enry 110b (103-29b), Evans 19a (099-09a), 32b (101-01b), 41a (101-10a), 41b (101-10b), 167b (107-05b), 182a (108-06a), 183b (108-07b), 188a (108-12a), 201b (109-03b), 204a (109-06a), 219b (109-21b), 223a (109-25a), 228a (110-03a), 271b (113-05b), 278a (113-12a), 286a (113-20a), 288b (113-22b), Evens 255b (111-14b), Everline 197b (108-21b), Everett 86b (103-5b), Everstine 61b (101-30b), Evins 179b (108-03b), Ewald 208b (109-10b), Ewing 290b (113-24b), Exline 71b (102-08b), Eyler 265b (112-05b), Ezer 65b (102-02b), 66a (102-03a), 67b (102-04b),


F??eich 254b (111-13b), F??inerty 260a (111-19a), Fagan 78a (102-15a), Fahey 4b (098-04b), Fair 224a (109-26a), 224b (109-26b), 281b (113-15b), 282b (113-16b), Fairgreive 118a (104-03a), Faisenbaker 113a (103-32a), 114a (103-33a), Faith 71a (102-08a), 72a (102-09a), Fannon 202b (109-04b), Farebock 85b (103-04b), Faregrave 128a (104-13a), Farrady 187a (108-11a), Farrall 202b (109-04b), Farrell 202a (109-04a), 206b (109-08b), 209a (109-11a), 212a (109-14a), 213a (109-15a), 219b (109-21b), 222a (109-24a), 277a (113-11a), Fassenbaker 110a (103-29a), Fatkin 75a (102-12a), 76a (102-13a), 78b (102-15b), 79a (102-16a), 195a (108-19a), Faulk 108b (103-27b), Fausnaught 94a (103-13a), Fazenbaker 40a (101-09a), 84a (103-03a), 88a (103-07a), 89b (103-08b), 91a (103-10a), 93a (103-12a), 93b (103-12b), 101a (103-20a), 136a (105-04a), 202b (109-04b), 226a (110-01a), Feaga 30b (100-11b), Fechtig 272b (113-06b), Femina 234a (110-09a), Feldman 183b (108-07b), Felty 194a (108-18a), Ferguson 199a (109-01a), 199b (109-01b), Ferlow 1a (098-01a), 15a (099-05a), Fermus 239b (110-14b), Fernsner 166b (107-04b), Ferrel 5b (098-05b), Festerman 190b (108-14b), 292b (113-26b), Fien 120b (104-05b), Fier 123a (104-08a), 124b (104-09b), Filsize 140b (105-08b), Finan 150A (106-03A), Finckeldey 237b (110-12b), Findal 88b (103-07b), Findlay 208a (109-10a), Findley 60a (101-29a), Fine 145b (105-13b) 148b (106-01b) 150A (106-03A), Fink 60a (101-29a), Finly 166b (107-04b), Firle 275a (113-09a), 277b (113-11b), 278a (113-12a), Fisher 2a (098-02a), 10a (098-10a), 44a (101-13a), 46a (101-15a), 49b (101-18b), 84b (103-03b), 100b (103-19b), 110a (103-29a), 163a (107-01a), 163b (107-01b), 205a (109-07a), 219b (109-21b), 233b (110-08b), 245b (111-04b), 249b (111-08b), 263a (112-03a), Fitspatrick 253b (111-12b), Fitzpatrick 293b (113-27b), Flaherty 45b (101-14b), Flake 26a (100-07a), 63a (132-01a), Flanagan 78b (102-15b), 173b (107-11b), 273a (113-07a), Flanigan 78a (102-15a), 78b (102-15b), 104a (103-23a), 104b (103-23b), 112b (103-31b), Flaskill 143a (105-11a), Fleckenstein 62b (101-31b), Fleek 70a (102-07a), 70b (102-07b), 109b (103-28b), Fleming 117b (104-02b), 247a (111-06a), 274a (113-08a), Flesher 39a (101-08a), Fletcher 9a (098-09a), 21a (100-02a), 28a (100-09a), 30a (100-11a), 32a (101-01a), 66b (102-03b), 107a (103-26a), 269b (113-03b), Flinn 219a (109-21a), Flugle 204a (109-06a), Flury 269b (113-03b), Flynn 79a (102-16a), 82a (103-01a), 240a (110-15a), 283b (113-17b), Fogarty 46a (101-15a), Foreman 34b (101-03b), 218b(109-20b), Folck 207a (109-09a), Foley 14a (099-04a), 14b (099-04b), 83a (103-02a), 83b (103-02b), 94b (103-13b), 114b (103-33b), Folk 186a (108-10a), Fonner 45a (101-14a), Foot 255a (111-14a), 255b (111-14b), 256a (111-15a), Footen 117b (104-02b), 121b (104-06b), 122a (104-07a), 125b (104-10b), 185a (108-09a), Footer 51b (101-20b), Ford 63b (132-01b), 99a (103-18a), 121b (104-06b), 192a (108-16a), 245a (111-04a), Forrest 211a (109-13a), Foster 90b (103- 09b), 97a (103-16a Foutch 36b (101-05b), Foutgk 184b (108-08b), Foutz 125b (104-10b), 184a (108-08a), Fowler 45b (101-14b), Foye 186b (108-10b), Fox 191a (108-15a), Foxall 37a (101-06a), Fraley 45a (101-14a), France 54b (101-23b), Francis 80a (102-17a), Frank 73b (102-10b), Franklin 40a (101-09a), 94a (103-13a), 95b (103-14b), Frantz 54b (101-23b), 82a (103-01a), Frazee 22a (100-03a), Frazer 144a (105-12a), Frazier 160a (106-13a), Free 56b (101-25b), French 98b (103-17b), 251a (111-10a), Frenton 93b (103-12b), Frenzel 88b (103-07b), 116b (104-01b), 117b (104-02b), 126a (104-11a), Frew 156a (106-09a), Frey 152b (106-05b), Friel 175b (107-13b), Frim 73a (102-10a), 74b (102-11b), Frindell 141b (105-09b), Friskey 46b (101-15b), Froehlich 234a (110-09a), Frost 39b (101-08b), 51b (101-20b), 52a (101-21a), 66b (102-03b), 237b (110-12b), Frush 237b (110-12b), Frye 158b (106-11b), Fuchs 212b (109-14b), Fulk 182b (108-06b), Fuller 42b (101-11b), 113a (103-32a), 187b (108-11b), Fulton 156b (106-09b), Fulyson 150b (106-03b), Funkhouser 99b (103-18b), Furgesson 199a (109-01a), Furlow 38a (101-07a), 39a (101-08a), 57a (101-26a), 63b (132-01b), 261b (112-01b), Furstenburg 38a (101-07a),


Gabile 293a (113-27a), Gabrel 91b (103-10b), Gahaller 243a (111-02a), Gaither 223b (109-25b), Galagher 206b (109-08b), 218a (109-20a), Galaway 91b (103-10b), Gallagher 255a (111-14a), Galleher 126a (104-11a), Galliher 117a (014-02a), Gally 87a (103-06a), Galloway 219b (109-21b), Galoon 112a (103-31a), Galvin 211b (109-13b), 212a (109-14a), Gank 45b (101-14b), Gannett 185b (108-09b), Gannon 112b (103-31b), 117b (104-02b), Gardner 45b (101-14b), 123b (104-08b), 138a (105-06a), 150A (106-03A), 158b (106-11b), 204b (109-06b), 238a (110-13a), 242a (111-01a), 247b (111-06b), 254a (111-13a), 254b (111-13b), Garland 30a (100-11a), Garlets 91a (103-10a), 92a (103-11a), Garlitz 195b (108-19b), Garlitze 140a (105-08a), Garmen 103a (103-22a), Garrison 128a (104-13a), Garvey 192b (108-16b), Gaton 45b (101-14b), Gatton 130b (104-15b), Gaver 261a (112-01a), Geahauf 194a (108-18a), Gears 248b (111-07b), Geary 222a (109-24a), 222b (109-24b), 225a (109-27a), 234a (110-09a), Gehauf 53a (101-22a), Geidt 150b (106-03b), Geis 163a (107-01a), Geisert 73b (102-10b), Geishairt 237b (110-12b), Geislert 139a (105-07a), Geneshouse 34b (101-03b), Gentling 44a (101-13a), Gentry 103b (103-22b), 104a (103-23a), 139b (105-07b), George 26a (100-07a), 49a (101-18a), 59a (101-28a), 119b (104-04b), 227b (110-02b), 234b (110-09b) 241a (110-16a), 292a (113-26a), Gephart 234b (110-09b) Gerard 36b (101-05b), Gerbue 147a (105-15a), Gerkins 146b (105-14b) Gerlach 191b (108-15b), Gerlock 164a (107-02a), German 104a (103-23a), Gessner 199b (109-01b), Getson 148a (106-01a), 162a (106-15a), 235a (110-10a), 273a (113-07a), Getts(?)100a (103-19a), Getty 111b (103-30b), Getz 59a (101-28a), Getzner 87b (103-06b), 89a (103-08a), Gibbins 209b (109-11b), Gibbon 85a (103-04a), Gibbs 3b (098-03b), 4a (098-04a), Gibby 270a (113-04a), Gibson 271a (113-05a), Giffen 284a (113-18a), Gigen 210a (109-12a), Gilbert 90b (103- 09b), 91a (103-10a), Gilchris 243b (111-02b), Gilchrist 136a (105-04a), 278b (113-12b), Gill 98a (103-17a), 239a (110-14a), 255a (111-14a), 289a (113-23a), Gillan 110b (103-29b), Gillis 246b (111-05b), Gillium 11b (099-01b), Gillner 59a (101-28a), Gillum 53a (101-22a), Gilmartin 76a (102-13a), Gilmore 86a (103-05a), 113b (103-32b), Gine 196a (108-20a), Ginevan 14b (099-04b), Ginnivan 144b (105-12b), Gittimen 63b (132-01b), Givens 57a (101-26a), Glass 191a (108-15a), Glen 135b (105-03b), 249b (111-08b), Glenn 100a (103-19a), Glime 196a (108-20a), Glocter 147a (105-15a), Glover 45b (101-14b), 63a (132-01a), 164b (107-02b), 279b (113-13b), Goebel 195b (108-19b), Goellner 58b (101-27b), Goelte 63a (132-01a), Goetz 219b (109-21b), Golager 206a (109-08a), Golden 34a (101-03a), 216a (109-18a) Goldsborough 263a (112-03a), Goldsver 188a (108-12a) Goldsworthy 191b (108-15b), 258b (111-17b), Gomes 210a (109-12a), Gommar 59b (101-28b), Goodman 245b (111-04b), Goodrich 212b (109-14b), 217b (109-19b), 284a (113-18a), Goodwin 226b (110-01b), Gordan 20a (100-01a), 27a (100-08a), Gorden 34b (101-03b), 39a (101-08a), Gordon 13b (099-03b), 162a (106-15a), 170a (107-08a), 200a (109-02a), 224a (109-26a), Gorman 86b (103-5b), Gorsuch 5b (098-05b), Goshorn 153a (106-06a), Gough 272b (113-06b), Gould 145b (105-13b) 162a (106-15a), 238b (110-13b), Govern 178a (108-02a), Gowns 126b (104-11b), Grabenstein 48b (101-17b), 53b (101-22b), Grabill 108a (103-27a), Grace 68b (102-05b), Gracie 69b (102-06b), Grady 3b (098-03b), 251a (111-10a), 284b (113-18b), Graham 160b (106-13b), 204a (109-06a), 206b (109-08b), 207a (109-09a), 213a (109-15a), 216a (109-18a), 217a (109-19a), 223b (109-25b), 247b (111-06b), 271b (113-05b), 291a (113-25a), Grahame 124b (104-09b), Grahm 159a (106-12a), Graney 275a (113-09a), 276b (113-10b), Granstaff 87b (103-06b), Grant 70a (102-07a), 82a (103-01a), 88a (103-07a), 167a (107-05a), 275a (113-09a), Gravenstein 47a (101-16a), 60b (101-29b), 61a (101-30a), Gray 200a (109-02a), 217a (109-19a), 250b (111-09b), Grayson 33a (101-02a), Grdy 114a (103-33a), Greasbach 62a (101-31a), Green 33b (101-02b), 71b (102-08b), 73b (102-10b), 80a (102-17a), 92b (103-11b), 96b (103-15b), 106b (103-25b), 118b (104-03b), 125b (104-10b), 126b (104-11b), 128b (104-13b), 138b (105-06b), 140b (105-08b), 141a (105-09a), 156b (106-09b), 157a (106-10a), 157b (106-10b), 270a (113-04a), 280a (113-14a), 290a (113-24a), Greenhorn 125a (104-10a), 146a (105-14a), 149a (106-02a), 240b (110-15b), Greenwade 91b (103-10b), 92b (103-11b), Greg 97b (103-16b), Greise 39a (101-08a), Grenzeback 111a (103-30a), Greves 87b (103-06b), 105b (103-24b), Grey 92a (103-11a), Greyson 92b (103-11b), Gridel 194b (108-18b), Griffen 148a (106-01a), Griffeth 101a (103-20a), Griffin 110a (103-29a), 211a (109-13a), Griffith 45b (101-14b), Grim 83b (103-02b), 84a (103-03a), 139b (105-07b), Grimes 285a (113-19a), Grimm 40b (101-09b), Grindel 141a (105-09a), Grindell 135a (105-03a), 136a (105-04a), Grindle 63a (132-01a), 178a (108-02a), 251b (111-10b), Grose 182a (108-06a), 183a (108-07a), Gross 1a (098-01a), 5a (098-05a), 35a (101-04a), 47b (101-16b), 50a (101-19a), 57a (101-26a), 119a (104-04a), Grove 93a (103-12a), 183b (108-07b), 224b (109-26b), Groves 226b (110-01b), 227b (110-02b), 228a (110-03a), 228b (110-03b), Gruber 293a (113-27a), Guffton 120a (104-05a), Guier 53a (101-22a), Guinn 134a (105-02a), 137a (105-05a), 292a (113-26a), Guiton 42a (101-11a), Gulbronson 1b (098-01b), 2a (098-02a), Gunning 71b (102-08b), 154b (106-07b), 247b (111-06b), Gunter 54b (101-23b), 184a (108-08a), 256a (111-15a), Gurter 178b (108-02b), Gurtler 38a (101-07a), Guryvan 133b (105-01b), Guy 128a (104-13a), 128b (104-13b), Gwodwin 150b (106-03b),


Haas 210a (109-12a), Habby 91b (103-10b), Hacker 227a (110-02a), Hackett 89a (103-08a), Haddley 144a (105-12a), Hadey 201b (109-03b), Hadlery 157a (106-10a), Hadley 150A (106-03A), 157b (106-10b), 158a (106-11a), 232a (110-07a), Hagan 85a (103-04a), Hagans 90a (103- 09a), Hagar 63b (132-01b), Hager 37a (101-06a), 170a (107-08a), 170b (107-08b), 172b (107-10b), Haggerty 144b (105-12b), Hahn 38a (101-07a), Haight 100a (103-19a), 100b (103-19b), Haines 228b (110-03b), Haldeman 168a (107-06a), Hall 220b (109-22b), Hally 134b (105-02b), Halpin 63a (132-01a), Hamberg 182b (108-06b), Hamelton 134b (105-02b), Hamill 237a (110-12a), Hamilton 16a (099-06a), 18a (099-08a), 26a (100-07a), 26b (100-07b), 34a (101-03a), 48b (101-17b), 59a (101-28a), 88b (103-07b), 102b (103-21b), 144b (105-12b), 153a (106-06a), 173b (107-11b), 180a (108-04a), 232b (110-07b), 240b (110-15b), 265a (112-05a), 277a (113-11a), 278b (113-12b), Hammann 17b (099-07b), Hammers 277b (113-11b), 278a (113-12a), Hammersmith 59b (101-28b), 60a (101-29a), Hammill 167b (107-05b), 169a (107-07a) Hammon 62a (101-31a), Hammond 62a (101-31a), 212b (109-14b), Hampton 41a (101-10a), Handly 85b (103-04b), Handsall 186b (108-10b), Hanekamp 237a (110-12a), Hanel 34a (101-03a), Haner 14a (099-04a), Hanes 60b (101-29b), 65a (102-02a), 72a (102-09a), Hankey 37a (101-06a), Hanks 37a (101-06a), Hanley 114b (103-33b), Hanna 87a (103-06a), Hannan 188a (108-12a) Hannea 179a (108-03a), Hansel 55b (101-24b), 60a (101-29a), Hansell 70b (102-07b), 181a (108-05a), 188a (108-12a) Hanson 200a (109-02a), Hansroth 3b (098-03b), Hanton 112a (103-31a), Harbaught 14a (099-04a), Harden 153b (106-06b), 212a (109-14a), Harding 280b (113-14b), 282b (113-16b), Hardinger 10b (098-10b), Hardman 32a (101-01a), Hardy 40a (101-09a), Hare 39a (101-08a), Harman 197b (108-21b), Harper 40b (101-09b), 42a (101-11a), 160a (106-13a), 261a (112-01a), Harriman 9b (098-09b), Harris 14b (099-04b), 37a (101-06a), 106b (103-25b), 179b (108-03b), 186b (108-10b), 195b (108-19b), 237b (110-12b), 276b (113-10b), Harrison 41a (101-10a), 86b (103-5b), 114b (103-33b), 218b(109-20b), 282a (113-16a), Harsh 63b (132-01b), Harshbarger 45b (101-14b), Hart 64a (102-01a), 67b (102-04b), 90a (103- 09a), 192b (108-16b), Hartley 9b (098-09b), 12b (099-2b), 13a (099-03a), 13b (099-03b), 43b (101-12b), 45a (101-14a), Hartman 62a (101-31a), 87a (103-06a), 194a (108-18a), Hartsock 16b (099-06b), 18b (099-08b), 21b (100-02b), 22a (100-03a), 22b (100-03b), 109a (103-28a), Harvey 170b (107-08b), 190a (108-14a), 190b (108-14b), 193a (108-17a), 237a (110-12a), Haslett 279a (113-13a), 282b (113-16b), Haugh 14a (099-04a), 14b (099-04b), Hause 206b (109-08b), Hauser 34b (101-03b), Hausman 226b (110-01b), 229a (110-04a), 229b (110-04b), Haver 98b (103-17b), Hawk 36b (101-05b), Hawkin 177a (108-01a), Hawkins 177a (108-01a), 177b (108-01b), 182b (108-06b), 185a (108-09a), 225a (109-27a), 292b (113-26b), Hawthorn 79a (102-16a), Hawthorne 174a (107-12a), Hayden 194a (108-18a), Hayland 87b (103-06b), 251b (111-10b), Hayman 204a (109-06a), Hays 122a (104-07a), Hbrun 152b (106-05b), Headlough 45b (101-14b), Healy 45b (101-14b), 75b (102-12b), 76a (102-13a), Heanian 280b (113-14B), Heaten 214a (109-16a), Heberline 169a (107-07a) Heck 223a (109-25a), Heckert 72b (102-09b), Heirich 19a (099-09a), Helman 85b (103-04b), 144b (105-12b), Hemarite 93a (103-12a), Hemright 224b (109-26b), Henaghan 203a (109-05a), Henak 211a (109-13a), Henakin 212a (109-14a), Henckle 208a (109-10a), Hendershot 4b (098-04b), 84a (103-03a), Henderson 17a (099-07a), 44b (101-13b), Hendly 73a (102-10a), Hendra 227a (110-02a), 229b (110-04b), 230a (110-05a), 251b (111-10b), Hendrickson 48b (101-17b), Hendry 153a (106-06a), 154b (106-07b), Hennen 18a (099-08a), Henrickson 33a (101-02a), Henry 2b (098-02b), 76b (102-13b), 78a (102-15a), (?)100a (103-19a), 121b (104-06b), 146a (105-14a), Hensey 54a (101-23a), Hensrote 36b (101-05b), Herbelshimer 94a (103-13a), Herbert 166a (107-04a), 210b (109-12b), Herfrich 262a (112-02a), Hergot 218b(109-20b), Hergst 207a (109-09a), Herring 221a (109-23a), 221b (109-23b), Herron 236b (110-11b), Hershberger 68a (102-05a), 181a (108-05a), Hesse 212b (109-14b), Hesser 2a (098-02a), 221a (109-23a), Hettenhouser 4b (098-04b), 5a (098-05a), Hetz 149a (106-02a), Hevner 190b (108-14b), Hewitt 30a (100-11a), 44b (101-13b), 46a (101-15a), Hews 51b (101-20b), Heyer 236a (110-11a), Hichue 89a (103-08a), Hickle 53b (101-22b), 63a (132-01a), Hicks 46b (101-15b), 163a (107-01a), Hies 217a (109-19a), Higgins 1b (098-01b), 74a (102-11a), 74b (102-11b), 78a (102-15a), 78b (102-15b), 112b (103-31b), 150A (106-03A), 289a (113-23a), High 261a (112-01a), Highland 88a (103-07a), Hight 48a (101-17a), 55b (101-24b), Hileman 70b (102-07b), 72b (102-09b), Hill 62b (101-31b), 175b (107-13b), 176a (107-14a), 216a (109-18a) 277a (113-11a), Hilleary 272b (113-06b), Hillery 63b (132-01b), Himmelwright 224b (109-26b), 225a (109-27a), Himmler 38a (101-07a), 55a (101-24a), Hinegardner 202a (109-04a), Hiner 206b (109-08b), Hines 29b (100-10b), 61a (101-30a), 212a (109-14a), Hinkel 21a (100-02a), 23b (100-04b), 223a (109-25a), Hinkle 17b (099-07b), 48b (101-17b), 144b (105-12b), 210a (109-12a), 264a (112-04a), Hire 59a (101-28a), Hirshberger 68a (102-05a), 68b (102-05b), 70a (102-07a), Hise 68b (102-05b), Hitchins 165a (107-03a), 166a (107-04a), 189b (108-13b), Hite 70b (102-07b), 201a (109-03a), Hixenbaugh 107a (103-26a), 128b (104-13b), Hixson 266a (112-06a), Hller 272b (113-06b), Hoban 111a (103-30a), 114b (103-33b), 138b (105-06b), Hobday 36a (101-05a), Hobel 255a (111-14a), Hoblitzell 63a (132-01a), 191b (108-15b), Hockman 82b (103-01b), Hodel 63a (132-01a), Hodget 148a (106-01a), Hoffman 50a (101-19a), Hogamier 199a (109-01a), Hogan 33b (101-02b), 111b (103-30b), 243a (111-02a), Hohing 138a (105-06a), 139a (105-07a), 145b (105-13b) Holder 236b (110-11b), 239a (110-14a), Holland 99a (103-18a), Holler 42b (101-11b), 44b (101-13b), 114b (103-33b), Holley 242a (111-01a), Hollingsworth 285a (113-19a), Holmer 146b (105-14b) Holmes 156b (106-09b), 257b (111-16b), Holsinger 211b (109-13b), Holt 69a (102-06a), 113a (103-32a), Holtzman 39b (101-08b), 63b (132-01b), 216b (109-18b), Holtzshue 15a (099-05a), Holzshue 12a (099-02a), Hood 98b (103-17b), Hook 209b (109-11b), Hoopengarner 10a (098-10a), Hoover 40a (101-09a), Hopbell 228b (110-03b), 236a (110-11a), 250b (111-09b), Horchler 40a (101-09a), Horick 101a (103-20a), Horton 81a (102-18a), 160b (106-13b), 277b (113-11b), Hose 110b (103-29b), Hosken 183a (108-07a), 185b (108-09b), Hoskins 188a (108-12a), 197b (108-21b), Hotchkiss 113a (103-32a), 151b (106-04b), 290b (113-24b), Hotlberger 15a (099-05a), Hotskich 219b (109-21b), Hott 173a (107-11a), 175b (107-13b), 178a (108-02a), Houck 218b(109-20b), 219a (109-21a), 276a (113-10a), Houfart 175a (107-13a), House 13b (099-03b), 20a (100-01a), 182a (108-06a), 190b (108-14b), 197a (108-21a), 244a (111-03a), 293a (113-27a), Houser 34a (101-03a), 40a (101-09a), Housworth 37b (101-06b), Hover 261b (112-01b), Hovermill 45b (101-14b), Howard 25a (100-06a), 87a (103-06a), 95a (103-14a), 258a (111-17a), Howarth 113a (103-32a), 113b (103-32b), Howell 126b (104-11b), 129a (104-13a), 173b (107-11b), 293b (113-27b), Howie 278b (113-12b), Howser 173a (107-11a), 176a (107-14a), Huber 82b (103-01b), Hubert 32b (101-01b), Hudson 66a (102-03a), 67b (102-04b), 68a (102-05a), 98a (103-17a), 265b (112-05b), Huff 12b (099-2b), 16b (099-06b), 22a (100-03a), 68b (102-05b), 69a (102-06a), 181a (108-05a), 200b (109-02b), 265a (112-05a), Huffe 28a (100-09a),Hull 1b (098-01b); Hughes 42a (101-11a), 74a (102-11a), 76b (102-13b), 78a (102-15a), 78b (102-15b), 84b (103-03b), 103b (103-22b), 114a (103-33a), 182a (108-06a), 183a (108-07a), 190a (108-14a), 205a (109-07a), 207a (109-09a), 213b (109-15b), 224b (109-26b), 227a (110-02a), Hughs 56b (101-25b), Hull 207a (109-09a), 209a (109-11a), Humberson 102a (103-21a), Humbertson 164b (107-02b), 274a (113-08a), 285a (113-19a), 285b (113-19b), Humbird 39a (101-08a), Humphrey 66b (102-03b), Humphreys 162a (106-15a), Humphry 254a (111-13a), Hunt 167b (107-05b), Hunter 154b (106-07b), 195b (108-19b), 218b(109-20b), 259a (111-18a), Hurley 164b (107-02b), Huster 172a (107-10a), Hutcheson 235b(110-10b) Hutchinson 252a (111-11a), 252b (111-11b), Hutsley 29a (100-10a), Hutson 261a (112-01a), 273a (113-07a), Hyde 117b (104-02b), 118a (104-03a), 119a (104-04a), 119b (104-04b), Hyland 88a (103-07a), Hynes 6a (098-06a),


Iiams 7b (09807b), Iman 86b (103-5b), Ime 129a (104-13a), Imes 29b (100-10b), 30a (100-11a), 30b (100-11b), 48b (101-17b), 176a (107-14a), 217a (109-19a), Imstot 147a (105-15a), Inglies 256b (111-15b), Inky 196a (108-20a), Inskeep 119a (104-04a), 122b (104-07b), 123b (104-08b), 124a (104-09a), Inskip 107a (103-26a), 109a (103-28a), 247a (111-06a), Ireland 63a (132-01a), Irons 37a (101-06a), 262a (112-02a), 262a (112-02a), Iszsop 96b (103-15b), Izat 160b (106-13b), Izzet 279a (113-13a), 285a (113-19a),


Jack 98a (103-17a), 185b (108-09b), Jackson 71b (102-08b), 95a (103-14a), 153a (106-06a), 208b (109-10b), 215a (109-17a), 223b (109-25b), 239a (110-14a), 246a (111-05a), 263a (112-03a), Jacobs 82a (103-01a), 132a (104-17a), 165a (107-03a), 239b (110-14b), 273b (113-07b), Jaenko 148a (106-01a), James 83a (103-02a), 86a (103-05a), 116a (104-01a), 142a (105-10a), 143b (105-11b), 186a (108-10a), 230a (110-05a), 232a (110-07a), 288b (113-22b), Jameson 89b (103-08b), 90a (103- 09a), 90b (103- 09b), Jamison 20b (100-01b), 24b (100-05b), Jarrett 164b (107-02b), Javinki 293a (113-27a), Jeffrey 149b (106-02b), Jeffries 49a (101-18a), 164a (107-02a), 278b (113-12b), Jeluskey 112b (103-31b), Jeness 104a (103-23a), Jenkins 28b (100-09b), 51b (101-20b), 61a (101-30a), 63a (132-01a), 163a (107-01a), 171a (107-09a), 174b (107-12b), 177a (108-01a), 193a (108-17a), 205b (109-07b), 210a (109-12a), 225a (109-27a), 268b (113-02b), 269a (113-03a), 270a (113-04a), 281a (113-15a), 288b (113-22b), Jerome 9b (098-09b), Jessip 72b (102-09b), Jewett 199b (109-01b), Jimisan 1b (098-01b), Jinkins 221a (109-23a), Joegranier 223a (109-25a), John 2a (098-02a), 138b (105-06b), Johns 172a (107-10a), 204a (109-06a), 206b (109-08b), Johnson 1a (098-01a), 28a (100-09a), 29b (100-10b), 49b (101-18b), 52b (101-21b), 61b (101-30b), 67a (102-04a), 69a (102-06a), 69b (102-06b), 70a (102-07a), 74a (102-11a), 80b (102-17b), 82b (103-01b), 85a (103-04a), 85b (103-04b), 89a (103-08a), 91a (103-10a), 103a (103-22a), 145b (105-13b) 214a (109-16a), 217a (109-19a), 217b (109-19b), 219a (109-21a), 235b(110-10b), 253b (111-12b), Johnston 112b (103-31b), 136b (105-04b), Jonasha 94b (103-13b), Jone 103b (103-22b), Jones 36a (101-05a), 43b (101-12b), 45b (101-14b), 76b (102-13b), 80b (102-17b), 86a (103-05a), 87a (103-06a), 94a (103-13a), 96b (103-15b), 97a (103-16a 99a (103-18a), 121b (104-06b), 165a (107-03a), 171a (107-09a), 178b (108-02b), 185a (108-09a), 186b (108-10b), 193a (108-17a), 203b (109-05b), 228b (110-03b), 229a (110-04a), 230a (110-05a), 233a (110-08a), 234b (110-09b) 243a (111-02a), 247a (111-06a), 255a (111-14a), 258b (111-17b), 288b (113-22b), Jonston 151a (106-04a), Jorden 47b (101-16b), Jose 84b (103-03b), Joseph 91b (103-10b), Joy 7b (09807b), 116b (104-01b),


Kabosky 32b (101-01b), Kabrick 98b (103-17b), Kadwaller 270b (113-04b), Kaefer 284a (113-18a), 288b (113-22b), 290a (113-24a), Kailer 45b (101-14b), Kalbaugh 88a (103-07a), 88b (103-07b), 89a (103-08a), 99b (103-18b), 100a (103-19a), 110b (103-29b), 111a (103-30a), 113b (103-32b), 218a (109-20a), Kallmyer 223a (109-25a), Kalmyer 74b (102-11b), Kane 191a (108-15a), 206a (109-08a), 218b(109-20b), 270a (113-04a), Kann 283a (113-17a), Karnes 263a (112-03a), Karns 263a (112-03a), KaseCamp 2b (098-02b), Kathuyen 163a (107-01a), Kaylor 13b (099-03b), Kaznur 112a (103-31a), Kead 271a (113-05a), Keating 243a (111-02a), Kearney 63b (132-01b), 105a (103-24a), 105b (103-24b), Kearny 110b (103-29b), Keefer 1a (098-01a), 1b (098-01b), 5a (098-05a), 59b (101-28b), 62b (101-31b), Keenan 280a (113-14a), Kellar 171b(107-09b), Keller 168b (107-06b), 204a (109-06a), Kelley 61b (101-30b), Kelly 11b (099-01b), 60a (101-29a), 71a (102-08a), 75a (102-12a), 83b (103-02b), 96a (103-15a), 96b (103-15b), 102a (103-21a), 123a (104-08a), 201b (109-03b), 207a (109-09a), 208b (109-10b), 213b (109-15b), 222a (109-24a), 240a (110-15a), 267a (113-01a), 273b (113-07b), 277a (113-11a), 277b (113-11b), 291b (113-25b), 294b (113-28b), Kelso 49b (101-18b), 179a (108-03a), 256a (111-15a), Kemp 63b (132-01b), 165a (107-03a), 172b (107-10b), 175b (107-13b), Kenney 57a (101-26a), 62a (101-31a), 283a (113-17a), 284b (113-18b), 285a (113-19a), Kennedy 139a (105-07a), Kenny 211a (109-13a), 218b(109-20b), 275b (113-09b), Kent 94b (103-13b), Keoch 198a (108-22a), Keogan 171b(107-09b), Keplinger 259b (11-18b), Kerewl 148a (106-01a), Kergan 175b (107-13b), Kerns 9b (098-09b), 14b (099-04b), 37b (101-06b), 42b (101-11b), 45b (101-14b), 72a (102-09a), 99b (103-18b), Kernsy 215b (109-17b), Kerr 156a (106-09a), 270b (113-04b), 291a (113-25a), Kesecker 5a (098-05a), 11b (099-01b), Kesler 2b (098-02b), Kesser 35b (101-04b), Ketting 245a (111-04a), Keye 124b (104-09b), Keyes 127b (104-12b), Keys 117a (014-02a), 118b (104-03b), 119a (104-04a), 120a (104-05a), Kiddy 80b (102-17b), 135a (105-03a), 152a (106-05a), Kidwalter 62b (101-31b), Kieling 63a (132-01a), Kifer 11a (099-01a), 16b (099-06b), 18b (099-08b), 26b (100-07b), 27a (100-08a), 27b (100-08b), Kight 41b (101-10b), 90b (103- 09b), 93b (103-12b), 94a (103-13a), 95b (103-14b), 97a (103-16a), 114b (103-33b), 124a (104-09a), Kilduff 212a (109-14a), 284a (113-18a), Kimberley 200b (109-02b), Kimmerling 35b (101-04b), Kimpel 150A (106-03A), Kiney 181a (108-05a), King 4b (098-04b), 56b (101-25b), 112b (103-31b), 214b (109-16b), 216b (109-18b), 217a (109-19a), Kinloch 152b (106-05b), Kinser 26b (100-07b), Kirby 80b (102-17b), 136b (105-04b), 163a (107-01a), 197b (108-21b), 213b (109-15b), 214a (109-16a), 268b (113-02b), Kirk 112b (103-31b), 119b (104-04b), 125a (104-10a), 231b (110-06b), Kirkpatrick 134b (105-02b), 227a (110-02a), Kirkkwood 133a (105-01a), Kitchen 43a (101-12a), Kitzmiller 203b (109-05b), Kline 95a (103-14a), Klipstine 129a (104-13a), Knapp 259b (11-18b), Knaty 248b (111-07b), 250a (111-09a), Kneiriem 58a (101-27a), Knieriem 168a (107-06a), 168b (107-06b), Knight 47b (101-16b), 67a (102-04a), Knippenberg 232b (110-07b), 262a (112-02a), Knippenburg 34a (101-03a), 239b (110-14b), 271b (113-05b), Knool 40a (101-09a), Knott 45b (101-14b), Knox 37a (101-06a), Koelker 110b (103-29b), Kohl 75b (102-12b), Kokin 145b (105-13b) Kolburg 85a (103-04a), Kontner 143b (105-11b), Kooken 35b (101-04b), 93a (103-12a), 93b (103-12b), 97a (103-16a), 100a (103-19a), Koontz 19a (099-09a), 41b (101-10b), 84a (103-03a), 129a (104-13a), 173a (107-11a), 173b (107-11b), 272b (113-06b), 285a (113-19a), 294a (113-28a), Krampf 84a (103-03a), Krapf 168b (107-06b), Kraus 210b (109-12b), Krause 196b (108-20b), Kreitzburg 197a (108-21a), Krimm 35b (101-04b), Kritzberg 196b (108-20b), Kroll 142b (105-10b), 197a (108-21a), 197b (108-21b), 234a (110-09a), 268b (113-02b), 272a (113-06a), Krose 194a (108-18a), Krouse 193a (108-17a), 194a (108-18a), 197a (108-21a), Kruaus 197a (108-21a), Kuhlman 206b (109-08b), Kuhn 102a (103-21a), Kuns 265a (112-05a), Kyle 150b (106-03b), Kyles 255b (111-14b),


Laber 272a (113-06a), Laccy 110b (103-29b), Laffey 277b (113-11b), Laing 46b (101-15b), 47a (101-16a), Lairar 137a (105-05a), Laird 237a (110-12a), 239a (110-14a), 255b (111-14b), Laisse 140b (105-08b), Laley 35b (101-04b), Lamar 1a (098-01a), Lamb 113a (103-32a), 239a (110-14a), Lammert 197a (108-21a), Lammont 163b (107-01b), Lamp 101b (103-20b), 102a (103-21a), Lampas 91b (103-10b), Lancaster 64a (102-01a), 224a (109-26a), 268a (113-02a) 269a (113-03a), 272b (113-06b), Land 145a (105-13a), Landstrest 90a (103- 09a), Lane 38b (101-07b), 86a (103-05a), Lang 37b (101-06b), 46b (101-15b), 75a (102-12a), Langan 272a (113-06a), 272b (113-06b), 279b (113-13b), 283a (113-17a), Langford 174a (107-12a), 179b (108-03b), Langham 131b (104-16b), Langly 132a (104-17a), Langon 63b (132-01b), 203b (109-05b), Lankaster 234a (110-09a), Lankester 193b (108-17b), Lapp 58b (101-27b), 192b (108-16b), 193a (108-17a), Lard 259b (11-18b), Largent 62a (101-31a), 95b (103-14b), Lark 69b (102-06b), Larkins 222a (109-24a), Lartori 276a (113-10a), Larue 98b (103-17b), Lashbaugh 116a (104-01a), 138b (105-06b), 187b (108-11b), 223a (109-25a), 244b (111-03b), Lashley 24b (100-05b), 25a (100-06a), 28b (100-09b), 54b (101-23b), 55b (101-24b), Lathan 192a (108-16a), Laubauch 106b (103-25b), Lauchner 146a (105-14a), Lauder 245b (111-04b), Lauence 33a (101-02a), Laughlin 99a (103-18a), 112a (103-31a), 112b (103-31b), Laugly 123a (104-08a), Lavell 75b (102-12b), Lavin 74b (102-11b), Lawson 159b (106-12b) Layman 177b (108-01b), 180a (108-04a), 278a (113-12a), Laymaster 278b (113-12b), Leak 80a (102-17a), Leake 77a (102-14a), 79a (102-16a), 80b (102-17b), 280a (113-14a), Leakens 68b (102-05b), Leamen 141a (105-09a), Leary 1a (098-01a), Lease 61a (101-30a), 61b (101-30b), Leasure 8a (098-08a), 17b (099-07b), 18a (099-08a), 18b (099-08b), 21b (100-02b), 29a (100-10a), 34a (101-03a), 49a (101-18a), 51a (101-20a), 52a (101-21a), 205b (109-07b), 214b (109-16b), Leatherman 287b (113-21b), Lebeck 91b (103-10b), Leblow 291a (113-25a), Lee 14b (099-04b), 21b (100-02b), 60a (101-29a), 109a (103-28a), 119a (104-04a), 153b (106-06b), 175a (107-13a), 243b (111-02b), Lees 139a (105-07a), 143a (105-11a), Leese 64a (102-01a), 67a (102-04a), 68b (102-05b), 69a (102-06a), 69b (102-06b), 72a (102-09a), 72b (102-09b), 228a (110-03a), Legeer 78a (102-15a), Lehg 212b (109-14b), Lehman 212b (109-14b), 225a (109-27a), Lehr 183b (108-07b), 188a (108-12a) 204a (109-06a), Leiberman 164a (107-02a), Leidig 43a (101-12a), Leighty 4b (098-04b), Lemmert 167b (107-05b), 168b (107-06b), 185b (108-09b), 219a (109-21a), 220b (109-22b), 221a (109-23a), 221b (109-23b), Lengle 293a (113-27a), Lennon 114b (103-33b), Lenord 124a (104-09a), Lentz 205a (109-07a) Leo 56a (101-25a), Leona 166a (107-04a), Leonard 168b (107-06b), 169a (107-07a) 207b (109-09b), 213a (109-15a), Leuman 276b (113-10b), Levin 32a (101-01a), Lewis 1b (098-01b), 43b (101-12b), 49a (101-18a), 75a (102-12a), 83a (103-02a), 93b (103-12b), 110a (103-29a), 137b (105-05b), 164b (107-02b), 171a (107-09a), 187a (108-11a), 192a (108-16a), 197a (108-21a), 213a (109-15a), 218a (109-20a), 269a (113-03a), Lhogren 100b (103-19b), Lilley 210b (109-12b), 213a (109-15a), Linaburg 4b (098-04b), Linda 132a (104-17a), Lindner 51a (101-20a), Lindsay 178b (108-02b), Lines 94a (103-13a), Lingo 122a (104-07a), Lininger 122b (104-07b), Linkswiler 102b (103-21b), Linn 227b (110-02b), Linsey 227b (110-02b), Lintz 116a (104-01a), 121a (104-06a), Lippold 54b (101-23b), 57b (101-26b), Little 57a (101-26a), 263a (112-03a), 263b (112-03b), Livengood 218a (109-20a), Livinggood 190a (108-14a), Livingstone 160b (106-13b), Llewellyn 130a (104-15a), 267b (113-01b), Llewllyn 56a (101-25a), Lloyd 152a (106-05a), 292b (113-26b), 293b (113-27b), Loar 76b (102-13b), 77a (102-14a), 79a (102-16a), 80b (102-17b), 81a (102-18a), 206a (109-08a), 273a (113-07a), 293a (113-27a), Lochner 157b (106-10b), 237a (110-12a), Lock 118b (104-03b), Logan 100a (103-19a), Logdon 262a (112-02a), Logsdon 118a (104-03a), 123b (104-08b), 127b (104-12b), 128a (104-13a), 188a (108-12a), 202a (109-04a), 203b (109-05b), 205b (109-07b), 206b (109-08b), 207a (109-09a), 207b (109-09b), 211a (109-13a), 211b (109-13b), 224a (109-26a), 233a (110-08a), Logue 273b (113-07b), Long 17a (099-07a), 20a (100-01a), 39b (101-08b), 43b (101-12b), 52b (101-21b), 62b (101-31b), 70b (102-07b), 75a (102-12a), 78b (102-15b), 261a (112-01a), 272a (113-06a), 272b (113-06b), 282b (113-16b), Longridge 116a (104-01a), 116b (104-01b), Lorenzo 52b (101-21b), Losdon 190a (108-14a), Lottig 237b (110-12b), Loughney 188a (108-12a) Lours 188a (108-12a) Louth 84b (103-03b), Love 131b (104-16b), 148a (106-01a), 150A (106-03A), 157a (106-10a), 157b (106-10b), 204a (109-06a), 230a (110-05a), Lovenstien 36a (101-05a), Lower 96b (103-15b), Lowery 63b (132-01b), 209b (109-11b), 210a (109-12a), 214a (109-16a), 216a (109-18a) 216b (109-18b), Lowndes 225a (109-27a), Loy 88a (103-07a), Loyd 45a (101-14a), Loyed 194b (108-18b), Luack 34a (101-03a), Luke 101a (103-20a), 104a (103-23a), Lukeman 91a (103-10a), Luks 33b (101-02b), Lurance 287b (113-21b), Luse 91b (103-10b), Luteman 14a (099-04a), 54a (101-23a), 62a (101-31a), Lutz 121b (104-06b), 122a (104-07a), 194a (108-18a), Lyden 124b (104-09b), 138a (105-06a), Lydinger 55b (101-24b), Lyons 63b (132-01b), 112b (103-31b), 121a (104-06a), 122a (104-07a), 124a (104-09a), 124b (104-09b), 166a (107-04a), 170a (107-08a), 188a (108-12a), 195b (108-19b), 250b (111-09b), 255b (111-14b), Lyans 212b (109-14b), Lynch 8b (098-08b), 150b (106-03b), 166b (107-04b), 213b (109-15b), 214a (109-16a), 219b (109-21b), 220a (109-22a), 220b (109-22b), 221b (109-23b), 235a (110-10a), 251a (111-10a),


Macamley 112b (103-31b), MacDelane 64a (102-01a), Machin 203b (109-05b), Macintoar 193b (108-17b), Macintosh 113b (103-32b), MacKenzie 65a (102-02a), Mackey 91a (103-10a), Mackly 197b (108-21b), Macneal 260a (111-19a), Maconaugh 65b (102-02b), MacRay 136a (105-04a), Madden 206b (109-08b), Magaun 76a (102-13a), Mager 256b (111-15b), 258b (111-17b), Magil 120a (104-05a), Magrogan 201a (109-03a), Mahan 287a (113-21a), Maher 76a (102-13a), Mahern 63b (132-01b), Mains 128b (104-13b), Major 118a (104-03a), 132a (104-17a), 146b (105-14b) Mallin 221b (109-23b), Malloy 201a (109-03a), 207a (109-09a), 211b (109-13b), 212a (109-14a), Malone 15b (099-05b), 65a (102-02a), 112b (103-31b), 263a (112-03a), Maloney 41b (101-10b), Malotte 263b (112-03b), Maloy 84a (103-03a), 84b (103-03b), Maly 158a (106-11a), Mancy 287a (113-21a), Mann 7a (098-07a), 7b (09807b), 8a (098-08a), 57a (101-26a), 154a (106-07a), Manley 278a (113-12a), 281a (113-15a), Manning 39b (101-08b), Mannon 165a (107-03a), Mansbury 105a (103-24a), Mansfield 111b (103-30b), 113b (103-32b), 146b (105-14b) 258b (111-17b), 270a (113-04a), Manspeaker 57a (101-26a), Marchall 140a (105-08a), Marebaugh 190b (108-14b), Margis 152b (106-05b), Markell 63a (132-01a), Marks 97b (103-16b), 149a (106-02a), Marrs 95b (103-14b), Marshall 139a (105-07a), 273b (113-07b), Marston 82b (103-01b), Martain 99b (103-18b), Martens 164b (107-02b), Martin 35b (101-04b), 46a (101-15a), 71a (102-08a), 73b (102-10b), 75a (102-12a), 89a (103-08a), 91b (103-10b), 100b (103-19b), 110b (103-29b), 111a (103-30a), 114a (103-33a), 119b (104-04b), 143b (105-11b), 167b (107-05b), 178b (108-02b), 199b (109-01b), 204b (109-06b), 221b (109-23b), 234a (110-09a), 237a (110-12a), 269b (113-03b), 274b (113-08b) 290b (113-24b), 291a (113-25a), Martins 292a (113-26a), Marvin 57a (101-26a), Martz 60b (101-29b), 61b (101-30b), Mason 51a (101-20a), 100b (103-19b), 153b (106-06b), 224b (109-26b), 248b (111-07b), 252b (111-11b), Masters 63a (132-01a), Mas??la 28b (100-09b), Matheny 146b (105-14b) Mathew 11a (099-01a), Mathews 33b (101-02b), 52b (101-21b), 88b (103-07b), Mathias 174a (107-12a), Matlick 109a (103-28a), Matther 158a (106-11a), Mattheson 137b (105-05b), Matthews 244a (111-03a), 250a (111-09a), 259a (111-18a), Mattingly 58a (101-27a), 61b (101-30b), 202b (109-04b), 206b (109-08b), 209b (109-11b), Maugire 260a (111-19a), Maurice 181b (108-05b), Mawson 185b (108-09b), 252a (111-11a), May 99a (103-18a), 153b (106-06b), Mayburry 210b (109-12b), Maybury 95a (103-14a), Mayer 163b (107-01b), 164a (107-02a), 193a (108-17a), Mayhue 84a (103-03a), 87a (103-06a), 103a (103-22a), Mayon 178a (108-02a), McAbee 72a (102-09a), McAleer 114a (103-33a), McAlleby 182a (108-06a), McAllester 183a (108-07a), McAllister 182b (108-06b), McAlpine 151a (106-04a), 151b (106-04b), 161a (106-14a), 246b (111-05b), 248b (111-07b), McAnally 103b (103-22b), 104a (103-23a), 215b (109-17b), McArty 65a (102-02a), McAtee 43b (101-12b), 86a (103-05a), 209a (109-11a), 209b (109-11b), 210a (109-12a), 222a (109-24a), Mcauire 193a (108-17a), McBride 138b (105-06b), McCaffry 183b (108-07b), Mccalpine 256a (111-15a), McCandlish 91a (103-10a), McCann 147a (105-15a), McCay 20a (100-01a), McClay 91a (103-10a), McClenan 70b (102-07b), McClintock 142a (105-10a), McCloud 102a (103-21a), 102b (103-21b), McCombs 99b (103-18b), 101a (103-20a), McConnall 278b (113-12b), McConnel 120b (104-05b), McConnell 63a (132-01a), 152a (106-05a), 274b (113-08b) 277b (113-11b), McConnol 137b (105-05b), McCooly 212b (109-14b), McCormac 136b (105-04b), McCormack 134a (105-02a), McCormick 117a (014-02a), 118a (104-03a), 123b (104-08b), 126a (104-11a), 156a (106-09a), McCoy 23a (100-04a), 27a (100-08a), 29a (100-10a), 29b (100-10b), 50a (101-19a), McCracken 118a (104-03a), McCrady 170a (107-08a), McCray 20b (100-01b), 21b (100-02b), 28b (100-09b), 51a (101-20a), 265a (112-05a), McCroby 112a (103-31a), McCulley 41a (101-10a), McCulla 192a (108-16a), McCulloh 109a (103-28a), McCully 34b (101-03b), 35a (101-04a), McCulty 1a (098-01a), McCune 9b (098-09b), McCurtey 105b (103-24b), McCusker 225a (109-27a), McCutchen 57a (101-26a), 143a (105-11a), McCutcheon 121a (104-06a), McCutcheson 127b (104-12b), McCuthron 118b (104-03b), McDaniel 4b (098-04b), McDayd 195a (108-19a), McDermitt 210b (109-12b), 211b (109-13b), McDermott 210a (109-12a), McDonal 4b (098-04b), McDonald 32b (101-01b), 36a (101-05a), 40a (101-09a), 41b (101-10b), 45b (101-14b), 102b (103-21b), 105a (103-24a), 112b (103-31b), 123a (104-08a), 131a (104-16a), 173b (107-11b), 175b (107-13b), 291b (113-25b), 293a (113-27a), McDonall 269b (113-03b), McDonalson 122a (104-07a), McDonnald 219a (109-21a), McDonough 141b (105-09b), 231a (110-06a), 240b (110-15b), McDougal 139a (105-07a), McElfich 63a (132-01a), McElfis 20b (100-01b), McElfish 20b (100-01b), 21a (100-02a), 24b (100-05b), 28b (100-09b), 53a (101-22a), 54b (101-23b), McFarlane 234b (110-09b) 236b (110-11b), 270b (113-04b), McFarland 82a (103-01a), 92b (103-11b), 107a (103-26a), 133a (105-01a), 137a (105-05a), 161b (106-14b), 189b (108-13b), 190b (108-14b), 282b (113-16b), Mcfarland 77b (102-14b), 281b (113-15b) 282a (113-16a), McFarlin 153a (106-06a), Mcfarline 216a (109-18a), 252b (111-11b), McGann 163a (107-01a), 192a (108-16a), 192b (108-16b), 211a (109-13a), Mcgavin 178b (108-02b), 257a (111-16a), McGeady 285b (113-19b), McGee 85b (103-04b), 152b (106-05b), 153a (106-06a), 160b (106-13b), 161a (106-14a), 241a (110-16a), 248b (111-07b), 272a (113-06a), Mcgeorge 247a (111-06a), Mcghathery 50a (101-19a), McGire 82a (103-01a), McGivers 287a (113-21a), McGirl 273a (113-07a), Mcglotholin 58a (101-27a), Mcgougle 63a (132-01a), McGovern 178a (108-02a), McGoye 268b (113-02b), McGradey 193b (108-17b), McGrady 284a (113-18a), McGreevy 120a (104-05a), 284b (113-18b), McGrevy 120b (104-05b), 278b (113-12b), Mcgrougan 221a (109-23a), McGorge 269b (113-03b), Mcgowan 242a (111-01a), McGrucha 93b (103-12b), McGruger 112a (103-31a), McGuighan 111b (103-30b), McGuinn 146b (105-14b) McGuire 272b (113-06b), 274a (113-08a), McHugh 230a (110-05a), McIndoe 144b (105-12b), 232b (110-07b), 237b (110-12b), McIntyre 123a (104-08a), 154b (106-07b), 231a (110-06a), 274b (113-08b) 278b (113-12b), McKeever 44b (101-13b), McKenna 40b (101-09b), 131a (104-16a), 169b (107-07b), 269a (113-03a), 276a (113-10a), McKensie 67b (102-04b), 71b (102-08b), 165b (107-03b), Mckenty 256a (111-15a), McKenzie 68a (102-05a), 69b (102-06b), 70a (102-07a), 70b (102-07b), 71a (102-08a), 71b (102-08b), 72a (102-09a), 72b (102-09b), 158a (106-11a), 203b (109-05b), 225a (109-27a), 229a (110-04a), 234a (110-09a), McKever 144a (105-12a), McKinnon 159b (106-12b), 166a (107-04a), 167b (107-05b), 245b (111-04b), McKinsey 61a (101-30a), 195b (108-19b), McKinsy 61b (101-30b), McKinty 149b (106-02b), McKinzey 107a (103-26a), McKinzie 63a (132-01a), McKnight 5a (098-05a), McKone 112a (103-31a), McKune 66b (102-03b), McLarhie 152a (106-05a), McLaughlin 1a (098-01a), 12b (099-2b), Mcleod 238b (110-13b), McLuckie 185b (108-09b), 187a (108-11a), McMahan 104a (103-23a), McMahon 284a (113-18a), McManu 217b (109-19b), McManus 128a (104-13a), McMaster 85b (103-04b), McMellen 93b (103-12b), 248b (111-07b), McMillan 116b (104-01b), 129b (104-14b), 132a (104-17a), 140a (105-08a), 204b (109-06b), 247b (111-06b), McMillen 246a (111-05a), 248b (111-07b), 248b (111-07b), 248b (111-07b), 255a (111-14a), 277b (113-11b), McMullen 104b (103-23b), 166b (107-04b), McMullon 191a (108-15a), McMurd?? ? 137b (105-05b), McMurdo 151a (106-04a), 283b (113-17b), McNamile 218b(109-20b), McNa??ll 209a (109-11a), McNeil 291b (113-25b), McNeery 284b (113-18b), Mcnemara 40b (101-09b), 145b (105-13b) McNulty 206b (109-08b), McPartaland 148b (106-01b) McPartland 231b (110-06b), 232a (110-07a), McQuinpey 127b (104-12b), Mcsorie 248b (111-07b), McVacher 215a (109-17a), McVeigh 269b (113-03b), McVey 279b (113-13b), McVickers 272a (113-06a), McVoy 122b (104-07b), McWeeny 284b (113-18b), Meachy 254a (111-13a), Mead 225a (109-27a), Meager 248a (111-07a), Mealess 5b (098-05b), Mealius 5b (098-05b), Mearbauch 190a (108-14a), Mearbaugh 236b (110-11b), Mears 173a (107-11a), 203b (109-05b), Mease 130b (104-15b), 142b (105-10b), Meatee 14a (099-04a), Mechtilde 166a (107-04a), Meek 126a (104-11a), 248b (111-07b), 255b (111-14b), Meeks 2a (098-02a), 32b (101-01b), 33a (101-02a), Meese 279a (113-13a), Meisel 207b (109-09b), Meister 54a (101-23a), Mellott 51b (101-20b), Mel?ud 251a (111-10a), Menahan 201a (109-03a), Menges 44a (101-13a), Mentzer 98b (103-17b), Merbaugh 245a (111-04a), Merrbach 191b (108-15b), Merritt 94a (103-13a), Mertz 105b (103-24b), Messenger 45b (101-14b), Messersmith 9b (098-09b), Metts 86b (103-5b), 126b (104-11b), 129b (104-14b), 268a (113-02a), 271b (113-05b), Mettzner 191a (108-15a), Metz 58b (101-27b), 158a (106-11a), 227a (110-02a), 227b (110-02b), 228a (110-03a), Metzger 59a (101-28a), Metzner 61a (101-30a), 74a (102-11a), Meyer 231a (110-06a), Meyers 235a (110-10a), Michael 82a (103-01a), Michaels 63b (132-01b), 94b (103-13b), 96a (103-15a), 96b (103-15b), 105b (103-24b), 126b (104-11b), 164a (107-02a), 273b (113-07b), Michels 114b (103-33b), Middleton 264a (112-04a), 266a (112-06a), Miers 16b (099-06b), Milars 187b (108-11b), Milford 258b (111-17b), Milier 257b (111-16b), Miller 7a (098-07a), 11a (099-01a), 11b (099-01b), 35a (101-04a), 38b (101-07b), 45b (101-14b), 53a (101-22a), 56a (101-25a), 57a (101-26a), 58b (101-27b), 63a (132-01a), 89b (103-08b), 96b (103-15b), 98b (103-17b), 99a (103-18a), 102a (103-21a), 105a (103-24a), 106a (103-25a), 106b (103-25b), 113b (103-32b), 117a (014-02a), 125a (104-10a), 125b (104-10b), 131a (104-16a), 133b (105-01b), 134a (105-02a), 136a (105-04a), 144a (105-12a), 144b (105-12b), 148a (106-01a), 150b (106-03b), 161b (106-14b), 174a (107-12a), 175a (107-13a), 184a (108-08a), 191b (108-15b), 197b (108-21b), 201a (109-03a), 202a (109-04a), 206a (109-08a), 212b (109-14b), 226b (110-01b), 242a (111-01a), 242b (111-01b), 244b (111-03b), 252a (111-11a), 254b (111-13b), 263b (112-03b), 267a (113-01a), 274b (113-08b) 281b (113-15b), 294a (113-28a), Milliny 259b (11-18b), Mills 79a (102-16a), 108a (103-27a), 140a (105-08a), 202b (109-04b), 227b (110-02b), 233b (110-08b), 252b (111-11b), 253a (111-12a), Milslagle 83b (103-02b), Miltenberger 62a (101-31a), 63b (132-01b), Minick 170a (107-08a), Mink 40a (101-09a), Minnick 63a (132-01a), Minshall 86a (103-05a), Mintdrop 40b (101-09b), Mirley 204b (109-06b), Mirrett 89a (103-08a), Mitchell 88b (103-07b), 262a (112-02a), Mobray 120b (104-05b), Mole 101a (103-20a), Monahan 145b (105-13b), 200b (109-02b), 202a (109-04a), 218b(109-20b), 235a (110-10a), 288a (113-22a), 289a (113-23a), Monday 60b (101-29b), Monnette 262a (112-02a), Monney 152a (106-05a), Mongomery 83b (103-02b), 102a (103-21a), Monrow 256b (111-15b), Montgomery 46b (101-15b), 272a (113-06a), Monty 33b (101-02b), Moody 73b (102-10b), 190b (108-14b), 231a (110-06a), Moomau 108a (103-27a), Moon 85a (103-04a), Mooney 63b (132-01b), 138b (105-06b), 139b (105-07b), 158b (106-11b), 159b (106-12b) Moore 33a (101-02a), 47b (101-16b), 63a (132-01a), 118b (104-03b), 129b (104-14b), 130b (104-15b), 137a (105-05a), 187b (108-11b), 226a (110-01a), 270b (113-04b), Moors 101b (103-20b), Moran 32a (101-01a), 104b (103-23b), 180b (108-04b), 207a (109-09a), 219b (109-21b), 220a (109-22a), 255a (111-14a), 258b (111-17b), Moreland 18b (099-08b), 65a (102-02a), 65b (102-02b), 66a (102-03a), 84b (103-03b), Morgan 13b (099-03b), 27a (100-08a), 27b (100-08b), 31a (100-12a), 63a (132-01a), 89b (103-08b), 102b (103-21b), 112b (103-31b), 135b (105-03b), 139b (105-07b), 142a (105-10a), 142b (105-10b), 144a (105-12a), 153b (106-06b), 154b (106-07b), 165b (107-03b), 177b (108-01b), 182b (108-06b), 204a (109-06a), 233b (110-08b), 253b (111-12b), 276a (113-10a), 280a (113-14a), 284a (113-18a), 292a (113-26a), 294a (113-28a), Morgret 38a (101-07a), Morion 134a (105-02a), Morrice 187a (108-11a), Morricy 24a (100-05a), Morris 38b (101-07b), 46b (101-15b), 208a (109-10a), 269b (113-03b), 282b (113-16b), 287a (113-21a), Morrison 102a (103-21a), 111a (103-30a), Morrow 12a (099-02a), 104a (103-23a), Morse 27b (100-08b), Morton 77b (102-14b), 244a (111-03a), 279b (113-13b), Mortzfield 49b (101-18b), Moses 102b (103-21b), 103a (103-22a), 103b (103-22b), 227a (110-02a), 235b(110-10b) Mosier 234b (110-09b) Mosley 245a (111-04a), Mosses 250b (111-09b), Mou?? 209a (109-11a), Mounts 97a (103-16a Mountz 12a (099-02a), Mowbrey 124b (104-09b), 125b (104-10b), Mowen 166a (107-04a), Mowery 215b (109-17b), Mudge 40b (101-09b), Muilooly 220a (109-22a), Muir 137a (105-05a), 142a (105-10a), 235a (110-10a), 236b (110-11b), 239a (110-14a), 280b (113-14B), Mull 42b (101-11b), Mullan 192b (108-16b), Mullaney 212a (109-14a), 212b (109-14b), 222a (109-24a), Mullen 57a (101-26a), 63a (132-01a), 88b (103-07b), 95a (103-14a), 101a (103-20a), 166b (107-04b), 169b (107-07b), 186a (108-10a), 272b (113-06b), Mullenix 204b (109-06b), Mulligan 207b (109-09b), 208a (109-10a), 211a (109-13a), Mullon 133b (105-01b), Mullooly 222b (109-24b), Munsey 277b (113-11b), 281a (113-15a), Mur ??? 84b (103-03b), Murdock 141a (105-09a), Murphey 29b (100-10b), 82a (103-01a), 245b (111-04b), Murphy 45b (101-14b), 71b (102-08b), 82a (103-01a), 84b (103-03b), 93b (103-12b), 103b (103-22b), 106b (103-25b), 110a (103-29a), 110b (103-29b), 112b (103-31b), 114a (103-33a), 143a (105-11a), 150A (106-03A), 152a (106-05a), 228b (110-03b), 240b (110-15b), 249b (111-08b), 278b (113-12b), 279a (113-13a), 281a (113-15a), 281b (113-15b), 282b (113-16b), 284a (113-18a), 285a (113-19a), 291a (113-25a), Murray 66a (102-03a), 71b (102-08b), 76a (102-13a), 230b (110-05b), 275b (113-09b), 284a (113-18a), Murry 203b (109-05b), 220b (109-22b), Musetter 175a (107-13a), Myers 108a (103-27a), 109a (103-28a), 130b (104-15b), 138b (105-06b), 143a (105-11a), 244b (111-03b), 251a (111-10a), Myres 33b (101-02b), 60b (101-29b),


Napier 111a (103-30a), Nash 228b (110-03b), 229a (110-04a), Nau 91a (103-10a), 91b (103-10b), 93a (103-12a), Naugh 84b (103-03b), Naughton 49a (101-18a), 83a (103-02a), 117a (014-02a), 117b (104-02b), 212a (109-14a), Nauhton 112a (103-31a), Nave 2b (098-02b), 53b (101-22b), Naven 112b (103-31b), Nealis 42a (101-11a), Neat 117b (104-02b), 123a (104-08a), 130b (104-15b), 239b (110-14b), Neder 201a (109-03a), Neff 65b (102-02b), 71b (102-08b), Nefflin 144a (105-12a), Neil 22a (100-03a), Neline 134b (105-02b), Nelson 21a (100-02a), 149b (106-02b), 180a (108-04a), 191a (108-15a), 276b (113-10b), 279b (113-13b), Nesbit 87b (103-06b), 93b (103-12b), Nesbitt 290b (113-24b), Nethkins 100a (103-19a), Neus 261b (112-01b), Nevill 105b (103-24b), Nevin 57a (101-26a), Newlon 110b (103-29b), Newman 116a (104-01a), 204a (109-06a), Newton 97a (103-16a Nichol 254b (111-13b), 256a (111-15a), Nicholas 248b (111-07b), Nicholes 257a (111-16a), Nicholi 57a (101-26a), Nichols 151b (106-04b), 234a (110-09a), Nichrel 254b (111-13b), Nickel 163a (107-01a), 190b (108-14b), 194b (108-18b), Nicklas 164a (107-02a), Nickol 242b (111-01b) 244a (111-03a), Nickols 242b (111-01b) Nicodemus 201a (109-03a), Nicol 226b (110-01b), 227a (110-02a), 228a (110-03a), 230b (110-05b), 238b (110-13b), Nicola 91a (103-10a), Niffennaffer 94b (103-13b), Nightingale 129b (104-14b), 235b(110-10b), 251a (111-10a), 252b (111-11b), 253b (111-12b), Nivaceldezoff 82a (103-01a), Nixon 15a (099-05a), 15b (099-05b), 18b (099-08b), Noats 121b (104-06b), Nolan 9a (098-09a), 133b (105-01b), 149b (106-02b), 240b (110-15b), 269b (113-03b), 286a (113-20a), 287b (113-21b), Noland 89b (103-08b), Nolon 138a (105-06a), Noon 112b (103-31b), Noonan 206a (109-08a), Noonen 207a (109-09a), Norman 71a (102-08a), Norris 2a (098-02a), 4a (098-04a), 6b (098-06b), 7a (098-07a), 8a (098-08a), 205a (109-07a), 205b (109-07b), 210b (109-12b), 211a (109-13a), 216a (109-18a), 294a (113-28a), Norten 57a (101-26a), North 20b (100-01b), Northcraft 2b (098-02b), 30a (100-11a), 99a (103-18a), Northorp 216b (109-18b), Norton 30b (100-11b), 203b (109-05b), Novak 293b (113-27b), Norvel 11b (099-01b), Nott 211a (109-13a), Noylen 243b (111-02b), Nugent 111b (103-30b), 166a (107-04a), Null (?) 8b (098-08b), 115a (103-34a), Nuse 1b (098-01b), 13b (099-03b), 37b (101-06b), Nutt 57a (101-26a),


Obaker 58a (101-27a), 199a (109-01a), O’Brien 210b (109-12b), 286a (113-20a), OBrine 120a (104-05a), 254b (111-13b), OConner 202b (109-04b), OConnor 208a (109-10a), 208b (109-10b), 243a (111-02a), Oddonell 80b (102-17b), Oddvalt 98a (103-17a), Odgers 183a (108-07a), 183b (108-07b), Oeff 111b (103-30b), Offaner 179b (108-03b), Offman 168b (107-06b), Ogden 96a (103-15a), Ogle 63a (132-01a), 80b (102-17b), O Hallering 133a (105-01a), O'Hearn 110b (103-29b), O'Hern 110a (103-29a), 110b (103-29b), Ohol??? 245b (111-04b), Olaughlin 114b (103-33b), Oldivine 230b (110-05b), Olga 166a (107-04a), Oliver 47b (101-16b), 241a (110-16a), Oloughter 213b (109-15b), Olphin 2b (098-02b), O’Mara 245b (111-04b), 276a (113-10a), O'Neal 32b (101-01b), 104a (103-23a), 219b (109-21b), Oneal 60a (101-29a), 62a (101-31a), Oneale 53a (101-22a), Oneil 116a (104-01a), 207a (109-09a), O Neil 122a (104-07a), Orndoff 201a (109-03a), 203a (109-05a), 204b (109-06b), 205a (109-07a), 207a (109-09a), 221b (109-23b), 224b (109-26b), Orndorff 94a (103-13a), O Rorurke 25b (100-06b), O’Rourk 274a (113-08a), O’Rourke 231a (110-06a), 273b (113-07b), 276a (113-10a), 285a (113-19a), 288a (113-22a), Orr 131b (104-16b), 137 (105-05a), 146b (105-14b) 156b (106-09b), 232a (110-07a), 236b (110-11b), Ort 171b(107-09b), 172a (107-10a), 283b (113-17b), Osborn 98a (103-17a), Osbourn 217b (109-19b), Oss 70a (102-07a), 72b (102-09b), Oster 173a (107-11a), O’Toole 279a (113-13a), Ott 82b (103-01b), Owen 98a (103-17a), Owens 94b (103-13b), 292a (113-26a),


Paganhordt 106b (103-25b), Painter 59b (101-28b), 95b (103-14b), 96a (103-15a), Park 68b (102-05b), 122a (104-07a), 154a (106-07a), Parker 42a (101-11a), 64b (102-01b), 65b (102-02b), 80a (102-17a), 282b (113-16b), Parnet 137b (105-05b), Parr 87a (103-06a), 113b (103-32b), 114a (103-33a), Parry 2b (098-02b), Parsons 89b (103-08b), 114b (103-33b), Paterson 268b (113-02b), 291a (113-25a), 292a (113-26a), Patrick 92b (103-11b), 105a (103-24a), 112a (103-31a), 247b (111-06b), 248a (111-07a), Patterson 109a (103-28a), 119b (104-04b), 123b (104-08b), 135b (105-03b), 158b (106-11b), 236a (110-11a), 250a (111-09a), Patton 98a (103-17a), 122a (104-07a), 257a (111-16a), Paul 207b (109-09b), Payne 99b (103-18b), 165a (107-03a), 166a (107-04a), 175b (107-13b), 194b (108-18b), Peacemaker 99b (103-18b), 103b (103-22b), Peacock 56a (101-25a), Pear 37b (101-06b), Pearce 117b (104-02b), 118a (104-03a), 165a (107-03a), 293a (113-27a), Pearson 229b (110-04b), 234a (110-09a), Pebbles 256a (111-15a), Peck 25b (100-06b), 63b (132-01b), 87b (103-06b), Peebels 143b (105-11b), Peebles 151a (106-04a), 250a (111-09a), Peel 160b (106-13b), 231a (110-06a), Peeles 154b (106-07b), Peer 38b (101-07b), Pegenhardt 111a (103-30a), Pegg 198a (108-22a), Pelch 33a (101-02a), Peligan 269a (113-03a), Pendalberry 207b (109-09b), Pendergrist 45b (101-14b), Pendleberry 137a (105-05a), Pennel (?)13b (099-03b), Pendlebury 238a (110-13a), Pendleton 167b (107-05b), Pennell 17a (099-07a), Pennman 116b (104-01b), 124b (104-09b), Penrod 65b (102-02b), Peowars 127b (104-12b), Percy 157b (106-10b), 165a (107-03a), Perdew 28a (100-09a), Perkins 292b (113-26b), Perrie 237b (110-12b), Perrin 21b (100-02b), 22b (100-03b), Perry 39a (101-08a), Perton 54a (101-23a), Peterman 38b (101-07b), Peters 85a (103-04a), Petingall 95b (103-14b), Petrie 135b (105-03b), Pfaff 169a (107-07a) Pfaub 46b (101-15b), Pfeiffer 194a (108-18a), 194b (108-18b), Philip 74a (102-11a), 74b (102-11b), Philips 272b (113-06b), Phillips 126b (104-11b), 129b (104-14b), 149a (106-02a), 179b (108-03b), 190b (108-14b), 250b (111-09b), 256a (111-15a), Philpot 127a (104-12a), Phiney 163a (107-01a), Picher 146a (105-14a), Pickferd 104a (103-23a), Pierce 39b (101-08b), 96a (103-15a), 211b (109-13b), Piffin 114b (103-33b), Pillips 190a (108-14a), Pineston 216a (109-18a) Pingby 93a (103-12a), Piper 16b (099-06b), 25a (100-06a), 37b (101-06b), 62b (101-31b), 73a (102-10a), 82b (103-01b), 110b (103-29b), 210b (109-12b), 212b (109-14b), 218b(109-20b), Plucker 204a (109-06a), Plumber 57a (101-26a), Plumer 177b (108-01b), Plummer 294a (113-28a), Pogut 199b (109-01b), Polan 161a (106-14a), Polancs 292b (113-26b), Poland 106a (103-25a), 130a (104-15a), 250a (111-09a), 273a (113-07a), 277b (113-11b), 290a (113-24a), Polen 210a (109-12a), Polick 248b (111-07b), Polin 218a (109-20a), Polle 181a (108-05a), Pollock 220a (109-22a), 261a (112-01a), 270b (113-04b), Poole 222a (109-24a), Poolick 221a (109-23a), Poots 112b (103-31b), Porter 61a (101-30a), 63a (132-01a), 67a (102-04a), 125b (104-10b), 131a (104-16a), 163a (107-01a), 165a (107-03a), 166b (107-04b), 172b (107-10b), 173a (107-11a), 174b (107-12b), 181a (108-05a), 189b (108-13b), 199a (109-01a), 200b (109-02b), 202a (109-04a), 203b (109-05b), 208a (109-10a), 209b (109-11b), 212b (109-14b), 215a (109-17a), 216a (109-18a) 216b (109-18b), 217b (109-19b), 218a (109-20a), 219a (109-21a), 219b (109-21b), 223a (109-25a), 224a (109-26a), 229a (110-04a), 237b (110-12b), 238a (110-13a), 240b (110-15b), 270b (113-04b), Postum 62a (101-31a), Potts 5a (098-05a), 6b (098-06b), 212b (109-14b), Powel 45b (101-14b), 105b (103-24b), 251b (111-10b), Powell 45a (101-14a), 143b (105-11b), 178a (108-02a), 189b (108-13b), 235b(110-10b), 269b (113-03b), 294a (113-28a), Powers 122b (104-07b), 189b (108-13b), 204b (109-06b), 222b (109-24b), Pownall 44b (101-13b), 199b (109-01b), Pratt 201b (109-03b), Pratten 178a (108-02a), Prebiles 148a (106-01a), Presman 193b (108-17b), 196a (108-20a), Preston 121b (104-06b), 122b (104-07b), 124a (104-09a), 130a (104-15a), 130b (104-15b), 132a (104-17a), 184a (108-08a), Price 8b (098-08b), 42b (101-11b), 46b (101-15b), 138b (105-06b), 165a (107-03a), 167a (107-05a), 186b (108-10b), 237a (110-12a), 239b (110-14b), 240b (110-15b), 247b (111-06b), Prichard 186b (108-10b), Prier 87b (103-06b), Printie 218b(109-20b), Prisman 190a (108-14a), Pritchard 110a (103-29a), Probert 150A (106-03A), Proverb 143b (105-11b),Pry 80a (102-17a), Purbaugh 207b (109-09b), Puffenbarger 2a (098-02a), 9a (098-09a), 10a (098-10a), Pugh 164b (107-02b), 175b (107-13b), Purell 193b (108-17b), Purnell 169a (107-07a) 169b (107-07b),


Quarkes 225a (109-27a), Quinn 230b (110-05b), Quintrell 218b(109-20b),


Rabinowitz 169b (107-07b), Race 167b (107-05b), 168a (107-06a), 173b (107-11b), Racid 98b (103-17b), Radcliff 75a (102-12a), 75b (102-12b), Raddigon 222a (109-24a), Rader 56a (101-25a), Rae 162a (106-15a), Rafferty 166b (107-04b), 181a (108-05a), 188a (108-12a) Rafty 188a (108-12a) Rainey 282a (113-16a), Rains 91b (103-10b), 92a (103-11a), 99a (103-18a), Rainsford 215b (109-17b), 216a (109-18a) Rairick 183a (108-07a), Ralston 146a (105-14a), 148b (106-01b), 233a (110-08a), Ramie 217a (109-19a), Rampf 204b (109-06b), Ramsay 219a (109-21a), Randal 104b (103-23b), Randolph 58a (101-27a), 175b (107-13b), Rank 149b (106-02b), 155a (106-08a), 168a (107-06a), 258a (111-17a), 259b (11-18b), Rankin 100a (103-19a), 148a (106-01a), 164b (107-02b), 170a (107-08a), 171a (107-09a), 171b(107-09b), 175b (107-13b), 246b (111-05b), Rankon 86a (103-05a), Ranney 240b (110-15b), Rarick 209b (109-11b), Raridin 83a (103-02a), Rarig 203b (109-05b), 225a (109-27a), Rase 193b (108-17b), 294a (113-28a), Rasp 47a (101-16a), Rating 195a (108-19a), Ratke 34b (101-03b), Rausch 42b (101-11b), Ravenscroft 64a (102-01a), 64b (102-01b), 87a (103-06a), 88b (103-07b), 89b (103-08b), 90a (103-09a), 107b (103-26b), 108a (103-27a), 108b (103-27b), 113b (103-32b), Rawlins 102b (103-21b), Rawlings 66b (102-03b), 71a (102-08a), Ray 7b (09807b), 243b (111-02b), Raybuld 42b (101-11b), Rayner 267b (113-01b), Read 45a (101-14a), 136b (105-04b), 137b (105-05b), 190b (108-14b), 220b (109-22b), Ready 102a (103-21a), Reagan 209a (109-11a), 215b (109-17b), Ream 209a (109-11a), Rear 180b (108-04b), Rebuck 83b (103-02b), Reckley 11a (099-01a), 13b (099-03b), 17a (099-07a), Rederick 222b (109-24b), Redman 46b (101-15b), 101b (103-20b), Reector 84a (103-03a), Reed 35a (101-04a), 164b (107-02b), 200b (109-02b), 215b (109-17b), 230a (110-05a), 246a (111-05a), 261b (112-01b), 293a (113-27a), Rees 179a (108-03a), 182a (108-06a), 184b (108-08b), Reese 177a (108-01a), 179a (108-03a), 184b (108-08b), 187b (108-11b), 216a (109-18a), 226b (110-01b), 270a (113-04a), Reeses 248a (111-07a), Reeves 105a (103-24a), Reggan 215b (109-17b), Reiber 159a (106-12a), 233a (110-08a), Reice 82b (103-01b), Reichelt 229a (110-04a), Reid 237b (110-12b), 276a (113-10a), Reidler 160a (106-13a), 189b (108-13b), 244b (111-03b), Reily 273a (113-07a), Rempel 197b (108-21b), Renalds 45a (101-14a), Rephann 261b (112-01b), Resdee 112b (103-31b), Ress 255a (111-14a), Retallick 271b (113-05b), Retzer 200b (109-02b), Rex 46a (101-15a), Reys 231a (110-06a), Riber 244a (111-03a), Rice 39b (101-08b), 41b (101-10b), 48a (101-17a), 48b (101-17b), 49a (101-18a), 52a (101-21a), 54a (101-23a), 54b (101-23b), 55a (101-24a), 59b (101-28b), 63b (132-01b), 71a (102-08a), 108b (103-27b), 63a (107-01a), 205a (109-07a) 220a (109-22a), 221a (109-23a), 261a (112-01a), 263b (112-03b), 264a (112-04a), 264b (112-04b), Richards 98b (103-17b), 140b (105-08b), 151a (106-04a), 187a (108-11a), 213b (109-15b), Richardson 100b (103-19b), 101a (103-20a), 169b (107-07b), 184a (108-08a), 188a (108-12a) 235a (110-10a), 235b(110-10b), 276b (113-10b), 277a (113-11a), Richey 128b (104-13b), 242b (111-01b) Richmond 254a (111-13a), 257b (111-16b), 258a (111-17a), Richtes 247a (111-06a), Rickenber 17a (099-07a), Ricker 253a (111-12a), Rickert 134a (105-02a), Riddington 187a (108-11a), Ridenbaugh 42b (101-11b), Ridgeway 41a (101-10a), 45b (101-14b), Ridler 71b (102-08b), Ridles 221a (109-23a), Ries 205a (109-07a) Riley 46b (101-15b), 48a (101-17a), 51b (101-20b), 171a (107-09a), 171b(107-09b), 207a (109-09a), Rilkorn 46b (101-15b), Rinehart 272b (113-06b), Ring 50a (101-19a), 52b (101-21b), Rippard 272b (113-06b), Ritchie 149b (106-02b), Ritter 63a (132-01a), 165a (107-03a), 238b (110-13b), River 258a (111-17a), Rizer 57a (101-26a), 89b (103-08b), 199b (109-01b), 201b (109-03b), 213b (109-15b), 241a (110-16a), Roach 38a (101-07a), Roadrick 91b (103-10b), Robanett 18b (099-08b), Robb 274a (113-08a), Robenet 114b (103-33b), Robert 1a (098-01a), Roberts 25a (100-06a), 30b (100-11b), 33b (101-02b), 56a (101-25a), 63a (132-01a), 104a (103-23a), 120a (104-05a), Robertson 2a (098-02a), 3a (098-03a), 3b (098-03b), 119b (104-04b), 132a (104-17a), 145a (105-13a), 148a (106-01a), 148b (106-01b), 154a (106-07a), 156a (106-09a), 160a (106-13a), 238a (110-13a), 248b (111-07b), 250b (111-09b), 271a (113-05a), 274b (113-08b), 284a (113-18a), 287a (113-21a), Robeson 180a (108-04a), Robey 101a (103-20a), Robinett 85b (103-04b), Robinette 8b (098-08b), 20a (100-01a), 21a (100-02a), 22a (100-03a), 22b (100-03b), 24a (100-05a), 24b (100-05b), 25a (100-06a), 25b (100-06b), 26a (100-07a), 27b (100-08b), 29a (100-10a), 30b (100-11b), 37a (101-06a), 56a (101-25a), 61b (101-30b), 263b (112-03b), 274b (113-08b) 276a (113-10a), Robinson 3b (098-03b), 4b (098-04b), 44a (101-13a), 48b (101-17b), 71a (102-08a), 107a (103-26a), 176a (107-14a), 233a (110-08a), 258b (111-17b), Robison 64a (102-01a), 64b (102-01b), 68a (102-05a), 69b (102-06b), 107b (103-26b), 108b (103-27b), 272b (113-06b), Robosson 22a (100-03a), 28b (100-09b), Roby 1a (098-01a), 2a (098-02a), 5a (098-05a), 11a (099-01a), 38a (101-07a), Rockwell 1b (098-01b), 41a (101-10a), Rodda 185a (108-09a), Roderick 38a (101-07a), Rodgers 133a (105-01a), 270a (113-04a), Roe 169b (107-07b), Roeder 54a (101-23a), Rogan 50a (101-19a), 63b (132-01b), 119b (104-04b), 123b (104-08b), Rogers 46a (101-15a), 98b (103-17b), 99a (103-18a), 102a (103-21a), 187a (108-11a), Roland 21a (100-02a), 161a (106-14a), 190a (108-14a), Rolf 208b (109-10b), Rollins 28a (100-09a), Roman 199a (109-01a), Roney 174b (107-12b), Rooney 57a (101-26a), 63b (132-01b), 281b (113-15b) Root 265a (112-05a), Rose 188a (108-12a) 285b (113-19b), Rosen 150A (106-03A), Rosengren 41a (101-10a), Rosfers 213a (109-15a), Ross 71b (102-08b), 75b (102-12b), 76b (102-13b), 77a (102-14a), 83a (103-02a), 88a (103-07a), 92a (103-11a), 111b (103-30b), 113a (103-32a), 125a (104-10a), 126a (104-11a), 127a (104-12a), 129b (104-14b), 130a (104-15a), 131a (104-16a), 132a (104-17a), 144b (105-12b), 228a (110-03a), 283b (113-17b), Rotting 247a (111-06a), Rotto 209b (109-11b), Rourke 248a (111-07a), Rowan 100b (103-19b), 144a (105-12a), 148b (106-01b), 233a (110-08a), 238a (110-13a), 248b (111-07b), 255b (111-14b), 258b (111-17b), Rowe 84b (103-03b), 101b (103-20b), 102a (103-21a), 171b(107-09b), 187b (108-11b), 244b (111-03b), Rowley 40b (101-09b), Ruby 16a (099-06a), 18a (099-08a), 27b (100-08b), 35b (101-04b), 45b (101-14b), Ruckman 100a (103-19a), 106a (103-25a), Rudolph 52a (101-21a), Ruhs 84a (103-03a), Rulifson 40a (101-09a), Rumif 86a (103-05a), Rummer 13a (099-03a), Rumsey 98b (103-17b), Rupert 58b (101-27b), 62a (101-31a), Rupp 193a (108-17a), Ruppenkamp 262a (112-02a), 263a (112-03a), Ruppert 47b (101-16b), 230a (110-05a), Ruser 205a (109-07a) Rushton 161a (106-14a), 161b (106-14b), 253b (111-12b), 271a (113-05a), Russel 121b (104-06b), 131b (104-16b), 159a (106-12a), Russell 40a (101-09a), 148b (106-01b) 157b (106-10b), 165b (107-03b), 274b (113-08b) Russler 44a (101-13a), 45a (101-14a), Ryan 4a (098-04a), 45b (101-14b), 48a (101-17a), 188a (108-12a), 233a (110-08a), 273a (113-07a), 275b (113-09b), 286b (113-20b), Rynolds 212b (109-14b), 213a (109-15a), 216a (109-18a) Ryser 194b (108-18b), Ryzer 214a (109-16a),


Saatleoff 282b (113-16b), Sable 99b (103-18b), Saggis 89b (103-08b), Sagis 90a (103- 09a), Sagle 71a (102-08a), Sailer 53a (101-22a), Salesky 103b (103-22b), Salisbury 120a (104-05a), Samson 14a (099-04a), Sampras 220a (109-22a), Sanders 82b (103-01b), 267a (113-01a), 267b (113-01b), Sandy 45b (101-14b), Sapiro 164b (107-02b), Sathoff 205a (109-07a) Saton 183a (108-07a), Sauermann 57a (101-26a), Saurbaugh 281a (113-15a), Savage 178a (108-02a), 246a (111-05a), 267b (113-01b), Savinski 291a (113-25a), Saxton 134b (105-02b), Sayers 180a (108-04a),Schaab 57a (101-26a), Scally 269a (113-03a), 292b (113-26b), Schaefers 153a (106-06a), Schaidt 46a (101-15a), 47a (101-16a), 250a (111-09a), 252b (111-11b), Schanly 152b (106-05b), Schantz 240b (110-15b), Scheafer 157b (106-10b), Schell 267b (113-01b), 268a (113-02a) 290b (113-24b), Schitchfield 217a (109-19a), Schlund 55a (101-24a), 55b (101-24b), Schofield 151b (106-04b), Schrader 197a (108-21a), Schramm 116b (104-01b), 118b (104-03b), 120b (104-05b), 121b (104-06b), 127b (104-12b), Schubert 132a (104-17a), Schull 218b(109-20b), Schultz 34b (101-03b), 56b (101-25b), Schulz 56a (101-25a), Schurg 205b (109-07b), Schute 147a (105-15a), Schuylar 145b (105-13b) Schuyler 232b (110-07b), Scolick 257a (111-16a), Scollick 232a (110-07a), Sconiski 280b (113-14B), 282a (113-16a), Scott 74a (102-11a), 75a (102-12a), 145a (105-13a), 147a (105-15a), 232a (110-07a), 285a (113-19a), 290a (113-24a), Screen 248a (111-07a), Scyluer 249b (111-08b), Seaber 111b (103-30b), Seabers 93a (103-12a), Seaforth 73b (102-10b), Seaggie 177a (108-01a), Sealbaugh 71a (102-08a), See 35b (101-04b), 110a (103-29a), 261a (112-01a), Seger 58b (101-27b), Seggie 156a (106-09a), 162a (106-15a), Seib 284b (113-18b), Seifarth 192b (108-16b), Seiphort 77b (102-14b), Sell 58b (101-27b), 60a (101-29a), Sellers 46b (101-15b), Sells 63b (132-01b), Senkbil 51b (101-20b), Senkfell 49b (101-18b), Sephens 187b (108-11b), Serein 145a (105-13a), Sevemaker 33b (101-02b), Shad 43a (101-12a), 44a (101-13a), Shade 56b (101-25b), Shafer 43b (101-12b), 149a (106-02a), Shaffer 47a (101-16a), 64b (102-01b), 114a (103-33a), 190a (108-14a), 191a (108-15a), 199b (109-01b), 202a (109-04a), 202b (109-04b), 203b (109-05b), 206b (109-08b), 207a (109-09a), 208a (109-10a), 209b (109-11b), 214b (109-16b), Shafferman 45b (101-14b), Shaidt 46a (101-15a), 52b (101-21b), Shank 60b (101-29b), 165a (107-03a), Shannon 144a (105-12a), Shansky 232a (110-07a), Sharetts 113b (103-32b), Shariwista 196a (108-20a), Sharky 56a (101-25a), Sharon 38b (101-07b), Sharp 79a (102-16a), 221b (109-23b), 280a (113-14a), Sharpe 114a (103-33a), 281b (113-15b) Shatzer 265b (112-05b), 266a (112-06a), Shaw 128a (104-13a), 128b (104-13b), 194b (108-18b), 207b (109-09b), 238b (110-13b), 292a (113-26a), Shea 19a (099-09a), 174b (107-12b), Shearer 123b (104-08b), 212b (109-14b), 269b (113-03b), 274a (113-08a), 275a (113-09a), Sheets 88a (103-07a), 88b (103-07b), 92a (103-11a), Sheetz 15b (099-05b), 182a (108-06a), Shepherd 66b (102-03b), Sheppard 1b (098-01b); Sherer 182b (108-06b), Sheridan 209a (109-11a), 209b (109-11b), 222b (109-24b), Sherman 75b (102-12b), Sherry 186b (108-10b), 207a (109-09a), 217a (109-19a), Sherwood 11b (099-01b), Shewbridge 37a (101-06a), Shields 4b (098-04b), 163a (107-01a), 284b (113-18b), Shilling 151a (106-04a), 152b (106-05b), Shimer 226b (110-01b), Shipawa 5b (098-05b), Shipley 10a (098-10a), 11a (099-01a), 53b (101-22b), 200a (109-02a), Shipway 5b (098-05b), Shircliff 6a (098-06a), Shiver 175b (107-13b), Shives 87b (103-06b), Shmidt 51b (101-20b), Shram 98a (103-17a), Shockey 127b (104-12b), 227b (110-02b), 228a (110-03a), 230b (110-05b), 235a (110-10a), Shoe 98b (103-17b), 259a (111-18a), Shoemaker 91b (103-10b), 100b (103-19b), Shoenadel 58a (101-27a), Shoff 204b (109-06b), Shonsky 231b (110-06b), Short 100b (103-19b), Show 194b (108-18b), Showalter 120b (104-05b), Shuck 57a (101-26a), 68a (102-05a), 70b (102-07b), Shuckhart 164b (107-02b), 170b (107-08b), Shue 144a (105-12a), 268b (113-02b), Shugars 268a (113-02a) Shuhart 127b (104-12b), Shull 92b (103-11b), Shultie 93a (103-12a), Shuter 98a (103-17a), 98b (103-17b), Showacre 14b (099-04b), Shriner 184a (108-08a), Shriver 225a (109-27a), Shryer 91b (103-10b), Shryock 12a (099-02a), 12b (099-2b), 23b (100-04b), Shumake 173a (107-11a), Shuzers 117b (104-02b), Sibert 57a (101-26a), Sidaway 58a (101-27a), Siebert 261a (112-01a), 261b (112-01b), 262a (112-02a), Siers 178a (108-02a), Sigler 82a (103-01a), 83a (103-02a), 83a (103-02a), 91a (103-10a), 92a (103-11a), 95b (103-14b), 116a (104-01a), 123a (104-08a), 132a (104-17a), 146a (105-14a), Sigmund 283b (113-17b), Sihliamann 57b (101-26b), Siler 35b (101-04b), Siller 33b (101-02b), Simons 57a (101-26a), 69b (102-06b), Simpson 100a (103-19a), 269a (113-03a), 292b (113-26b), Sine 217b (109-19b), Sipe 283b (113-17b), Sipes 5a (098-05a), 9b (098-09b), Sipson 178a (108-02a), Sisk 41a (101-10a), Sister, Mary Angelino 82a (103-01a), Mary Avellino 82a (103-01a), Mary Laura 276a (113-10a), Mary Timothy 276a (113-10a), Mary Zetta 276a (113-10a), Maurice 276a (113-10a), Thomasina 276a (113-10a), Sizer 216a (109-18a) Skelley 14a (099-04a), 69a (102-06a), Skelly 71a (102-08a), 71b (102-08b), Skidmore 166a (107-04a), 169a (107-07a) 170a (107-08a), 171a (107-09a), 171b (107-09b), 172a (107-10a), 172b (107-10b), 175b (107-13b), 229a (110-04a), Sleeman 76a (102-13a), Slider 22a (100-03a), 23a (100-04a), 27a (100-08a), 27b (100-08b), Sliger 110a (103-29a), Sligger 146b (105-14b) Sloan 77b (102-14b),Small 59a (101-28a), 62b (101-31b), 147a (105-15a), 151b (106-04b), 154a (106-07a), 171b(107-09b), 236b (110-11b), 237b (110-12b), 240a (110-15a), 247b (111-06b), 248b (111-07b), 252a (111-11a), 253a (111-12a), Slombert 272a (113-06a), Sluss 98b (103-17b), 122a (104-07a), 122b (104-07b), 169a (107-07a) Small 123a (104-08a), 132a (104-17a), Smallwood 43a (101-12a), Smelts 186b (108-10b), Smeltz 54b (101-23b), Smiley 89b (103-08b), 104b (103-23b), Smit 196a (108-20a), Smith 5b (098-05b), 8a (098-08a), 10a (098-10a), 19a (099-09a), 20b (100-01b), 21a (100-02a), 25a (100-06a), 25b (100-06b), 28a (100-09a), 29a (100-10a), 36a (101-05a), 39a (101-08a), 42b (101-11b), 45b (101-14b), 53a (101-22a), 54a (101-23a), 62a (101-31a), 62b (101-31b), 63a (132-01a), 65b (102-02b), 72a (102-09a), 75a (102-12a), 77b (102-14b), 79a (102-16a), 82b (103-01b), 84a (103-03a), 86b (103-5b), 89b (103-08b), 92b (103-11b), 97b (103-16b), 99a (103-18a), 106a (103-25a), 118a (104-03a), 118b (104-03b), 119b (104-04b), 125b (104-10b), 129a (104-13a), 134b (105-02b), 135b (105-03b), 137a (105-05a), 139a (105-07a), 140a (105-08a), 149a (106-02a), 153a (106-06a), 160b (106-13b), 179b (108-03b), 182b (108-06b), 185a (108-09a), 193b (108-17b), 200a (109-02a), 201a (109-03a), 201b (109-03b), 202a (109-04a), 210b (109-12b), 215b (109-17b), 218b(109-20b), 220a (109-22a), 222b (109-24b), 230a (110-05a), 236b (110-11b), 244b (111-03b), 250a (111-09a), 250b (111-09b), 270b (113-04b), 278a (113-12a), 281b (113-15b) 285b (113-19b), 287b (113-21b), 290b (113-24b), 292b (113-26b), Smoot 82a (103-01a), Smouse 12b (099-2b), 58a (101-27a), Snider 1b (098-01b), 43a (101-12a), 192b (108-16b), Snively 4a (098-04a), 203b (109-05b), Snyder 57a (101-26a), 69b (102-06b), 102a (103-21a), 116a (104-01a), 118a (104-03a), 118b (104-03b), 127a (104-12a), 206b (109-08b), 208a (109-10a), 224b (109-26b), 263a (112-03a), Somersville 152a (106-05a), 219a (109-21a), Somervall 152a (106-05a), Somervile 247b (111-06b), Somervill 153b (106-06b), 293b (113-27b), Somerville 131b (104-16b), 162a (106-15a), Sommercamp 44b (101-13b), Sommervill 152a (106-05a), Sommerville 147a (105-15a), Sommevall 152a (106-05a), Sonnenberg 167b (107-05b), Sourbrine 209b (109-11b), 224b (109-26b), Sourbrink 217a (109-19a), Spangler 95b (103-14b), Sparrow 113a (103-32a), Spears 143b (105-11b), 148a (106-01a), 151b (106-04b), Speer 152a (106-05a), Speice 59a (101-28a), Speise 59a (101-28a), Sperry 195a (108-19a), Spickler 98a (103-17a), Spier 43b (101-12b), 238a (110-13a), Spicer 167b (107-05b), Spiker 105a (103-24a), 234a (110-09a), 247a (111-06a), 250b (111-09b), 271b (113-05b), 293a (113-27a), 293b (113-27b), Spinder 63b (132-01b), Spindler 109a (103-28a), Spitzanas 191a (108-15a), Spitznos 172b (107-10b), 173a (107-11a), 188a (108-12a) Sprigg 69a (102-06a), Spriggs 10b (098-10b), 82a (103-01a), 83b (103-02b), 111b (103-30b), Springstead 23a (100-04a), Spurling 86a (103-05a), 92a (103-11a), 102b (103-21b), 103b (103-22b), Squires 34b (101-03b), 35a (101-04a), Squirse 96a (103-15a), Staffart 135b (105-03b), Stafford 133b (105-01b), 134b (105-02b), 137b (105-05b), 232b (110-07b), 264a (112-04a), Stagmier 53a (101-22a), Stakem 274a (113-08a), 275a (113-09a), 276b (113-10b), 281a (113-15a), 286b (113-20b), Stakeman 245a (111-04a), Stallings 44a (101-13a), 265a (112-05a), 265b (112-05b), Stanton 47a (101-16a), 192a (108-16a), 238b (110-13b), 245b (111-04b), Stapleton 75a (102-12a), 183b (108-07b), Stark 5a (098-05a), Starkey 60b (101-29b), 63b (132-01b), Starner 62b (101-31b), Starnes 110a (103-29a), Staub 270a (113-04a), Staup 242a (111-01a), Stearn 165a (107-03a), Steavens 142b (105-10b), Steckman 28b (100-09b), 45a (101-14a), Steehl 204a (109-06a), Steel 62b (101-31b), 145b (105-13b) 154a (106-07a), 174b (107-12b), 175a (107-13a), Steele 158b (106-11b), Steiding 274a (113-08a), Steiner 59b (101-28b), Steinthugh 135a (105-03a), Stelnacker 71b (102-08b), Stephen 132a (104-17a), 193a (108-17a), Stephens 181a (108-05a), 185a (108-09a), 189b (108-13b), 204b (109-06b), Stephins 186a (108-10a), Sterrey 177b (108-01b), Stevens 20b (100-01b), 96a (103-15a), 166a (107-04a), 173a (107-11a), 174a (107-12a), 174b (107-12b), 175a (107-13a), 218a (109-20a), 223a (109-25a), 274b (113-08b) 288a (113-22a), Stevenson 150A (106-03A), 154a (106-07a), 161b (106-14b), 233b (110-08b), 239a (110-14a), 240b (110-15b), 259b (11-18b), 269a (113-03a), 271b (113-05b), 272b (113-06b), 278b (113-12b), 280b (113-14b), 282b (113-16b), 283a (113-17a), 294b (113-28b), Stevins 23a (100-04a), Steward 29b (100-10b), 30b (100-11b), 187b (108-11b), 191b (108-15b), 196b (108-20b), Stewart 32a (101-01a), 98b (103-17b), 118a (104-03a), 193a (108-17a), 236b (110-11b), 250a (111-09a), 253b (111-12b), 254a (111-13a), 256a (111-15a), 257a (111-16a), Stickler 42a (101-11a), Stickley 38b (101-07b), 45b (101-14b), Stiding 108b (103-27b), Stiling 98a (103-17a), Stilings 18a (099-08a), Stimbaugh 2b (098-02b), Stine 90b (103- 09b), 91a (103-10a), 94b (103-13b), Stirt 22b (100-03b), Stoaks 196a (108-20a), Stocket 45b (101-14b), Stockman 261a (112-01a), Stoddart 173a (107-11a), Stokes 205b (109-07b), Stoller 107a (103-26a), Stomis 112a (103-31a), Stond 112a (103-31a), Storkes 158a (106-11a), Storry 144b (105-12b), Storsy 194a (108-18a), Story 234b (110-09b) 239a (110-14a), Stotlemyer 5a (098-05a), 6b (098-06b), Stotler 50a (101-19a), 50b (101-19b), 64b (102-01b), 144b (105-12b), Stott 38a (101-07a), 168b (107-06b), Stottlemyer 10a (098-10a), Stowel 103a (103-22a), Stowell 217b (109-19b), Strauls 62a (101-31a), Strauss 290a (113-24a), Streets 163a (107-01a), Strett 167b (107-05b), Strickler 97a (103-16a Strong 209b (109-11b), Struckman 22a (100-03a), 23b (100-04b), Stuart 113a (103-32a), 129a (104-13a), Stubey 82a (103-01a), 83b (103-02b), Studabaker 91a (103-10a), Studebaker 237a (110-12a), Studenwalt 199b (109-01b), Stump 13b (099-03b), 17b (099-07b), 42b (101-11b), 95b (103-14b), 110b (103-29b), 163b (107-01b), 238b (110-13b), Stuny 2a (098-02a), Sturtz 199b (109-01b), 222a (109-24a), Styles 102a (103-21a), 105b (103-24b), Sullivan 90a (103- 09a), 90b (103- 09b), 122b (104-07b), 193b (108-17b), 218a (109-20a), 240a (110-15a), Sulser 291b (113-25b), Sumervill 192a (108-16a), Summervail 151a (106-04a), Sutton 219b (109-21b), Swack 258a (111-17a), Swain 7a (098-07a), Swan 123b (104-08b), 146a (105-14a), Swanger 199b (109-01b), 201a (109-03a), Swarner 71a (102-08a), Swartz 83a (103-02a), 83b (103-02b), Swauger 7a (098-07a), Swazey 45a (101-14a), Swean 220b (109-22b), 224a (109-26a), Sween 188a (108-12a) Swist 44b (101-13b), Switzer 45a (101-14a), Swmey 156b (106-09b), Sykes 41b (101-10b), Symons 125b (104-10b), Syoms 149b (106-02b),


Tabler 99a (103-18a), Tagin 191a (108-15a), Tai --- 66a (102-03a), Taly 243b (111-02b), Tansy 215a (109-17a), Tanzer 231a (110-06a), Tanzey 207a (109-09a), Tanzy 213a (109-15a), Taper 59b (101-28b), Taschenberg 263b (112-03b), 266a (112-06a), Taylor 40b (101-09b), 94b (103-13b), 121b (104-06b), 122b (104-07b), 135a (105-03a), 135b (105-03b), 138a (105-06a), 158a (106-11a), 188a (108-12a) 191a (108-15a), 273b (113-07b), 274a (113-08a), 274b (113-08b) 287b (113-21b), 293b (113-27b), Taytor 182a (108-06a), 183a (108-07a), Tearney 63b (132-01b), Teasdale 228a (110-03a), 229a (110-04a), 229b (110-04b), Teassdale 137a (105-05a), Teddy 79a (102-16a), 84b (103-03b), Teeter 126a (104-11a), Teeters 239b (110-14b), Terant 246b (111-05b), Ternant 170a (107-08a), 239a (110-14a), Ternent 140b (105-08b), 142a (105-10a), 142b (105-10b), 150b (106-03b), 161b (106-14b), 252a (111-11a), Teter 6a (098-06a), Teters 60b (101-29b), Tewell 51a (101-20a), Tharp 108b (103-27b), 172b (107-10b), 207a (109-09a), 210b (109-12b), Theodosia (?)44b (101-13b), Thinn 251b (111-10b), Thom 204a (109-06a), Thomas 3a (098-03a), 11a (099-01a), 11b (099-01b), 13b (099-03b), 57a (101-26a), 65a (102-02a), 84b (103-03b), 100a (103-19a), 128b (104-13b), 142a (105-10a), 143a (105-11a), 143b (105-11b), 145a (105-13a), 161a (106-14a), 168b (107-06b), 172b (107-10b), 177a (108-01a), 179a (108-03a), 180b (108-04b), 184a (108-08a), 184b (108-08b), 185a (108-09a), 185b (108-09b), 186a (108-10a), 188a (108-12a), 194b (108-18b), 197b (108-21b), 198a (108-22a), 206b (109-08b), 210a (109-12a), 218a (109-20a), 219a (109-21a), 233b (110-08b), 236a (110-11a), 240b (110-15b), 241a (110-16a), 248b (111-07b), 259a (111-18a), 261a (112-01a), 273b (113-07b), 275b (113-09b), 281a (113-15a), 294a (113-28a), Thompsen 259b (11-18b), Thompson 25b (100-06b), 43b (101-12b), 63a (132-01a), 117a (014-02a), 117b (104-02b), 118b (104-03b), 148a (106-01a), 149b (106-02b), 150A (106-03A), 158a (106-11a), 160b (106-13b), 192b (108-16b), 225a (109-27a), 270b (113-04b), 271a (113-05a), 281a (113-15a), 294a (113-28a), Thomson 60b (101-29b), 139b (105-07b), 146a (105-14a), 188a (108-12a) Thorp 171b(107-09b), Thrasher 64b (102-01b), 67a (102-04a), 107a (103-26a), 274a (113-08a), 286a (113-20a), Thrett 183b (108-07b), Thrusher 66a (102-03a), Tibbetts 117b (104-02b), 118a (104-03a), Tighe 167a (107-05a), 168a (107-06a), Tigney 20a (100-01a), Tiley 179a (108-03a), Timmons 215a (109-17a), Timothy 198a (108-22a), Tinsey 126a (104-11a), Tipping 185a (108-09a), 187a (108-11a), 277a (113-11a), Tipps 174b (107-12b), Tishneery 112a (103-31a), Titus 99a (103-18a), Tobbets 110a (103-29a), Tobias 30b (100-11b), Todd 159a (106-12a), 265b (112-05b), Tolaner 82b (103-01b), Tompson 159a (106-12a), Tonery 90a (103- 09a), Tool 120a (104-05a), Toomey 260a (111-19a), Torbet 154b (106-07b), Toury 110a (103-29a), Towers 41b (101-10b), Toye 124a (104-09a), Trail 1a (098-01a), 7b (09807b), 8b (098-08b), 9a (098-09a), Trapp 276b (113-10b), Travis 157a (106-10a), 239a (110-14a), Trennum 103a (103-22a), 103b (103-22b), Trenton 96a (103-15a), Tresher 61b (101-30b), Tresize 278b (113-12b), Triaz 283b (113-17b), Tribuh 117a (014-02a), Triece 41a (101-10a), Trigg 271a (113-05a), Trimble 206b (109-08b), 216a (109-18a) 216b (109-18b), 223b (109-25b), Trout 39a (101-08a), Troutman 23a (100-04a), 25a (100-06a), 30b (100-11b), Troxel 45b (101-14b), Truax 4a (098-04a), Truley 251b (111-10b), Trumble 63b (132-01b), Trussel 267b (113-01b), Tucker 40b (101-09b), 189b (108-13b), 214b (109-16b), Tullio 276a (113-10a), Tumbleson 291b (113-25b), Turnduff 135b (105-03b), Turner 35b (101-04b), 219a (109-21a), 219b (109-21b), 246b (111-05b), 250a (111-09a), Turnor 142a (105-10a), Tusher 248b (111-07b), Tusing 88b (103-07b), 99b (103-18b), 165b (107-03b), Tutwiler 93b (103-12b), Twigg 1a (098-1a), 2a (098-02a), 11a (099-01a), 12b (099-2b), 13b (099-03b), 15a (099-05a), 16a (099-06a), 17b (099-07b), 18a (099-08a), 18b (099-08b), 19a (099-09a), 21b (100-02b), 22a (100-03a), 22b (100-03b), 23a (100-04a), 23b (100-04b), 24a (100-05a), 26a (100-07a), 26b (100-07b), 27a (100-08a), 28b (100-09b), 36a (101-05a), 41b (101-10b), 42b (101-11b), 45a (101-14a), 47b (101-16b), 48a (101-17a), 48b (101-17b), 51a (101-20a), 52a (101-21a), 52b (101-21b), 57a (101-26a), 62b (101-31b), 79b (102-16b), 263b (112-03b), 264a (112-04a), 264b (112-04b), 265a (112-05a), 265b (112-05b), Tyler 165b (107-03b), Tylock 283a (113-17a),


Udy 248a (111-07a), Uhl 86b (103-5b), 199b (109-01b), 203b (109-05b), 206a (109-08a), 208a (109-10a), 210a (109-12a), 216b (109-18b), 217a (109-19a), 218a (109-20a), 218b(109-20b), Ungerman 194a (108-18a), Unreadable 79b (102-16b), 86a (103-05a), 136b (105-04b), 139b (105-07b), 247b (111-06b), 276b (113-10b), 278b (113-12b), Utt 37b (101-06b),


Valentine 51a (101-20a), 53a (101-22a), 54a (101-23a), 55a (101-24a), 55b (101-24b), 262a (112-02a), 263a (112-03a), Valinia 223a (109-25a), Van 211b (109-13b), 217b (109-19b), Vance 87b (103-06b), 102b (103-21b), VanFelt 90a (103- 09a), Vanmeter 107a (103-26a), 107b (103-26b), Vaughn 232b (110-07b), Viney 100a (103-19a), Virts 106b (103-25b), Vogtman 194a (108-18a), Volfelt 52b (101-21b),


W??dy 238a (110-13a), Waddell 243a (111-02a), 245b (111-04b), 255b (111-14b), Wageley 44b (101-13b), Wagner 17a (099-07a), 44b (101-13b), 58a (101-27a), 110b (103-29b), 114b (103-33b), 125a (104-10a), 178b (108-02b), 191b (108-15b), 195a (108-19a), 198a (108-22a), 223b (109-25b), 245a (111-04a), 268a (113-02a), 269b (113-03b), 271a (113-05a), 282a (113-16a), Wagus 183a (108-07a), 282a (113-16a), 282b (113-16b), Walch 43a (101-12a), Waldie 144a (105-12a), Walice 112a (103-31a), Walizer 27b (100-08b), Walker 60b (101-29b), 101a (103-20a), 107b (103-26b), 109a (103-28a), 111b (103-30b), 134a (105-02a), 148b (106-01b) 258b (111-17b), 273b (113-07b), Wallace 276b (113-10b), Wallbott 186a (108-10a), Wallers 246a (111-05a), Walls 105b (103-24b), 275a (113-09a), Walsch 222b (109-24b), Walsh 140b (105-08b), 142b (105-10b), 143b (105-11b), 163b (107-01b), 175a (107-13a), Walters 29a (100-10a), 109a (103-28a), 109b (103-28b), 150b (106-03b), 160a (106-13a), 247a (111-06a), 274b (113-08b), 282a (113-16a), 285b (113-19b), 287b (113-21b), Wampe 33a (101-02a), 46a (101-15a), Ward 111a (103-30a), 177b (108-01b), 229b (110-04b), 277a (113-11a), Ware 94b (103-13b), 180b (108-04b), Warn 182a (108-06a), Warner 144b (105-12b), 201b (109-03b), Warnick 57a (101-26a), 95a (103-14a), 111a (103-30a), 119a (104-04a), 121a (104-06a), 125a (104-10a), 131b (104-16b), 237b (110-12b), Warren 203b (109-05b), 218a (109-20a), Washeton 192a (108-16a), Washingtin 250b (111-09b), Washington 82b (103-01b), 95a (103-14a), 95b (103-14b), 101a (103-20a), 101b (103-20b), 113a (103-32a), Waters 33a (101-02a), Watkins 101a (103-20a), 221b (109-23b), 222a (109-24a), Watkinson 235b(110-10b) 236a (110-11a), 253b (111-12b), Watson 8b (098-08b), 82b (103-01b), 133b (105-01b), 137b (105-05b), Watterschaidt 141b (105-09b), Watts 165a (107-03a), Waxler 161a (106-14a), Waxtler 64a (102-01a), Wchidike 112a (103-31a), Weaver 5a (098-05a), 36a (101-05a), 44a (101-13a), Weber 32a (101-01a), 152b (106-05b), 247a (111-06a), 264a (112-04a), Weddle 27b (100-08b), Weden 59a (101-28a), Weeks 79a (102-16a), Weever 67a (102-04a), Weiber 34a (101-03a), 44b (101-13b), 46b (101-15b), Weigla 259b (11-18b), Weier 202b (109-04b), Weimer 28b (100-09b), 68b (102-05b), 88a (103-07a), 88b (103-07b), 200a (109-02a), Weinburg 153a (106-06a), Weir 141a (105-09a), 204a (109-06a), Weisenthal 145a (105-13a), Weller 100b (103-19b), 199a (109-01a), Wellings 288b (113-22b), Wells 1a (098-01a), 154b (106-07b), 275b (113-09b), Welch 33a (101-02a), 251a (111-10a), 261a (112-01a), Welsh 85b (103-04b), 86a (103-05a), 117b (104-02b), 121a (104-06a), 169b (107-07b), 170b (107-08b), Weltman 40a (101-09a), Welton 43a (101-12a), Wempe 33a (101-02a), Wenk 164a (107-02a), Wentling 47b (101-16b), 49a (101-18a), 52a (101-21a), Westbrook 39b (101-08b), Wetzell 63b (132-01b), Whaler 63a (132-01a), Whalley 38b (101-07b), Whalling 183a (108-07a), Wharten 84a (103-03a), Wharton 5a (098-05a), Wheeler 262a (112-02a), Whelen 280b (113-14B), Whetstone 183b (108-07b), Whisner 278b (113-12b), Whit 84b (103-03b), Whitacre 200b (109-02b), 294a (113-28a), Whitaker 36b (101-05b), White 42b (101-11b), 51b (101-20b), 67a (102-04a), 138b (105-06b), 144a (105-12a), 218a (109-20a), 254a (111-13a), 258b (111-17b), 277a (113-11a), 282a (113-16a), 294a (113-28a), Whitefield 242b (111-01b), 251a (111-10a), Whitehair 108a (103-27a), Whitfield 7a (098-07a), 85a (103-04a), 282b (113-16b), Whitford 251b (111-10b), Whittaker 66b (102-03b), Whittman 38b (101-07b), Whittworth 90a (103- 09a), Whorrel 210a (109-12a), Wiant 46a (101-15a), Wickham 82b (103-01b), Wiegand 58a (101-27a), Wiesbrecht 163b (107-01b), Wift 37a (101-06a), Wigfield 10a (098-10a), 12a (099-02a), 57a (101-26a), 69b (102-06b), Wigger 60b (101-29b), Wighington 37b (101-06b), Wigman 203b (109-05b), Wilbur 98a (103-17a), Wilcher 39b (101-08b), Wiley 237a (110-12a), Wilger 45a (101-14a), Wilhelam 6a (098-06a), Wilhelm 199b (109-01b), Wilison 188a (108-12a) 236a (110-11a), Wilkins 196b (108-20b), Wilkinson 68b (102-05b), 79a (102-16a), Wilks 122b (104-07b), 126b (104-11b), Will (?)8b (098-08b), 203a (109-05a), Willes 209a (109-11a), Willhelm 214a (109-16a), Williams 63b (132-01b), 90a (103- 09a), 101a (103-20a), 112b (103-31b), 113a (103-32a), 116a (104-01a), 121b (104-06b), 163a (107-01a), 164b (107-02b), 165a (107-03a), 165b (107-03b), 171b(107-09b), 174b (107-12b), 175b (107-13b), 177b (108-01b), 182a (108-06a), 189b (108-13b), 191b (108-15b), 192a (108-16a), 193b (108-17b), 207a (109-09a), 216b (109-18b), 239b (110-14b), 258b (111-17b), 285b (113-19b), 286b (113-20b), 288a (113-22a), 288b (113-22b), Williamson 63a (132-01a), 157b (106-10b), 185b (108-09b), 290b (113-24b), 293b (113-27b), Willison 21b (100-02b), 22a (100-03a), 24a (100-05a), 29b (100-10b), 30b (100-11b), 48b (101-17b), 50a (101-19a), Willisson 250a (111-09a), Wills 91a (103-10a), 189b (108-13b), 201b (109-03b), 205b (109-07b), 210b (109-12b), Willson 144b (105-12b), 252b (111-11b), Wilmot 24a (100-05a), Wilmoth 40b (101-09b), Wilson 12a (099-02a), 16a (099-06a), 16b (099-06b), 20a (100-01a), 20b (100-01b), 21a (100-02a), 21b (100-02b), 23b (100-04b), 24b (100-05b), 25a (100-06a), 25b (100-06b), 26b (100-07b), 28b (100-09b), 48b (101-17b), 49b (101-18b), 50a (101-19a), 63a (132-01a), 63b (132-01b), 68b (102-05b), 83b (103-02b), 88a (103-07a), 96a (103-15a), 98b (103-17b), 101b (103-20b), 105a (103-24a), 110b (103-29b), 111a (103-30a), 113a (103-32a), 116b (104-01b), 117b (104-02b), 121b (104-06b), 123a (104-08a), 127a (104-12a), 147a (105-15a), 153b (106-06b), 154a (106-07a), 156a (106-09a), 157b (106-10b), 163a (107-01a), 177b (108-01b), 185a (108-09a), 228a (110-03a), 230a (110-05a), 231b (110-06b), 239b (110-14b), 243a (111-02a), 244a (111-03a), 249b (111-08b), 252a (111-11a), 252b (111-11b), 254b (111-13b), 255b (111-14b), 263a (112-03a), 268a (113-02a), 275a (113-09a), 276a (113-10a), 289a (113-23a), Wilt 37a (101-06a), 87b (103-06b), 89b (103-08b), 95a (103-14a), 97b (103-16b), 100b (103-19b), Winbuer 190a (108-14a), Winburg 194a (108-18a), Winebrener 214b (109-16b), 215a (109-17a), 223b (109-25b), Winebrenner 175a (107-13a), Winfield 55b (101-24b), 174a (107-12a), 200b (109-02b), Wingert 63a (132-01a), Wingfield 208b (109-10b), 216b (109-18b), Winheim 56a (101-25a), Winkler 124b (104-09b), Winklers 85a (103-04a), Winn 149a (106-02a), 161b (106-14b), Winner 163a (107-01a), 168a (107-06a), 168b (107-06b), Winter 70a (102-07a), 72b (102-09b), 77b (102-14b), Winterburg 69b (102-06b), 70a (102-07a), Winters 85a (103-04a), 164b (107-02b), 267a (113-01a), 280a (113-14a), Wisekettle 216a (109-18a) Witt 199b (109-01b), 205b (109-07b), 211b (109-13b), 213a (109-15a), 215a (109-17a), 216a (109-18a), 217b (109-19b), 218a (109-20a), 220b (109-22b), Wnitus 112b (103-31b), Wode 164a (107-02a), Wolf 53b (101-22b), 55a (101-24a), 57a (101-26a), 62b (101-31b), Wolfe 168a (107-06a), Wolford 20b (100-01b), 51a (101-20a), 54a (101-23a), 88a (103-07a), Womin 66a (102-03a), Wood 63a (132-01a), 63b (132-01b), 183a (108-07a), Woodruff 19a (099-09a), Woods 63b (132-01b), 112a (103-31a), 138b (105-06b), 141b (105-09b), 232b (110-07b), 240a (110-15a), 252a (111-11a), 253a (111-12a), 253b (111-12b), Woodson 37b (101-06b), Woodward 101a (103-20a), Workman 144b (105-12b), 176a (107-14a), 204a (109-06a), Worthington 104b (103-23b), Wortman 45a (101-14a), Wotring 43a (101-12a), Wright 34a (101-03a), 63b (132-01b), 72b (102-09b), 73a (102-10a), 87b (103-06b), 112b (103-31b), 113b (103-32b), 114a (103-33a), 138a (105-06a), 179b (108-03b), 190b (108-14b), 227a (110-02a), Wrightson 43a (101-12a), 52b (101-21b), Wymer 275b (113-09b), Wyper 162a (106-15a), Writs 89b (103-08b),


Yaider 23b (100-04b), 27b (100-08b), Yants 199b (109-01b), Yantz 212a (109-14a), 215a (109-17a), 221b (109-23b), Yaste 147a (105-15a), 238b (110-13b), 259a (111-18a), Yates 175a (107-13a), 179a (108-03a), 287b (113-21b), Yeager 38a (101-07a), Yeats 178b (108-02b), Yellars 167a (107-05a), Yesel 184a (108-08a), Yider 73a (102-10a), Yonger 222b (109-24b), Yonker 6b (098-06b), 9a (098-09a), Yorigo 112a (103-31a), Yost 38b (101-07b), 63b (132-01b), 93b (103-12b), 106b (103-25b), 213a (109-15a), 218b(109-20b), Youney 112a (103-31a), Young 2b (098-02b), 136b (105-04b), 166a (107-04a), 216a (109-18a) Younkis 112a (103-31a),


Zais 82a (103-01a), 109a (103-28a), Zaize 85b (103-04b), Zalaviski 272b (113-06b), Zantopp 59a (101-28a), Zembower 51a (101-20a), Zigler 5a (098-05a), Zillman 57b (101-26b), Zimerly 49a (101-18a), 51b (101-20b), Zimm 38a (101-07a), Zimmerly 261a (112-01a), Zimmerman 1b (098-01b), 43a (101-12a), Zink 57a (101-26a), Zollner 35a (101-04a), Zom 199a (109-01a),